Double Meanings

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  1. Write down a sentence that can have two meanings depending on punctuation.


    Asmodeus helped the mod jack off a horse.

    Asmodeus helped the mod, Jack, off a horse.
  2. Eat my children.

    Eat, my children.
  3. Johnny was hard at work.

    Johnny was hard, at work.

    His name is Jack A. Potter in real life.
    His name is Jack: A potter in real life.
  4. A lady, without her man, is nothing.
    A lady: without her, man is nothing.
  5. It's raining cats and dogs!

    It's raining, cats and dogs!
  6. Lets go hang ourselves.

    Lets go hang, ourselves.
  7. Stop clubbing baby seals.
    Stop clubbing, baby seals.
  8. I like blue balls.
    I like blue, balls.
  9. No, don't stop!

    No! Don't! Stop!

    Surprised to see it wasn't here....
  10. damn i was going to use that myrn XD j/k

    why don't you sit on daddy's lap.
    why don't you sit, on daddy's lap.
  11. This place is for the chaotic stupid.

    This place is for the chaotic, stupid!
  12. You know you like it dark.

    You know you like it, Dark.
  13. Come on Tiffany.

    Come on, Tiffany.