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  1. Simple question, why is it that when I write something in rich text editor like this for example:

    And copypaste it somewhere else it becomes:



    Looking into my clipboard it also states
    \r\n being the new line character in windows(using windows 7 64bit ), as one can see, it does the \r\n\ thing twice! But why :<? Am I the only one with this 'problem'?
  2. What are you pasting it into? I just tried pasting it into Notepad and then Microsoft Word. I could only replicate the results in Word. Word has a default set to add a line after a paragraph.
  3. Skype(Version, which is very, very old), Notepad, Notepad++. Also tried google docs just now because I have it open but the result there is without problems.
  4. Okay, running really old versions of skype....not a good idea. It's odd that you're getting it with Notepad and Notepad ++. Unfortunately I can't help much more. I tried to replicate it. What browser are you using?
  5. To be fair, new Skype is so garbage. I've tried to revert back to 6.2 with zero success so far, but if I could, I would. Security deficiencies and all.

    To answer the question, though, I'm not sure what might be causing this. I tried replicating it and haven't had any problems anywhere I paste into. What browser are you using?
  6. I am using Firefox 37.0.2.
  7. @fatalrendezvous: I am keeping a WinSkype 6.21 offline installer around for rollbacking if it gets through my guard and updates (I should just disable the update fetching/notifications, but I haven't bothered)/installing on new devices with Windows. Luckily, Non-Win Skypes (I rarely venture onto Windows) haven't been updated with the annoying "new and fancy" look.
    If you don't fear accepting files from strangers, I could probably try sending it to you over some medium.

    As for the double newlines - take a look at your text editors' settings. I know both Word and Wordpad *love* to add completely unwanted extra newlines. Notepad/++ shouldn't, but I wouldn't count on the new variants not doing it. (If they do, then Tinysoft, what on Earth are you doing this time!? Plain text editors must not autoformat.)
    Firefox definitely shouldn't do it, unless the rich text editor on Iwaku itself has some atypical behaviour (e.g. "visible" and to-be-parsed invisible newlines) - note that Firefox copies all formatting present (Chrome, in return, does not, to my recollection).
  8. @Shienvien
    Regarding the Skype thing, I stayed at 6.2 for a long time but a few weeks ago on one of Microsoft's infamous patch Tuesdays, they rolled in the Skype update and forced me to upgrade. I tried uninstalling and using my old 6.2 install, but it needed to authenticate with a server, I think, and couldn't, so it failed. I've been stuck on this new terrible clunky Skype ever since.

    Also, I recognize this is getting off topic so any further conversation about Skype should probably occur in PM so we don't clutter the thread with stuff about line breaks xD

    REGARDING the line breaks thing:

    I just tested this out in Firefox, and I do have the same issue. It looks like it's because when you just press Enter, Firefox registers it as a paragraph break rather than a line break (yes, they're different). You can tell because if you press Shift+Enter (the traditional command for a line break rather than a paragraph break), it looks the same in the Rich Text Editor, but will copy differently into Notepad, Skype, or Word.

    Try doing that in the text editor, then copy/pasting it into word. Turn on Formatting Display (the button that looks like a paragraph mark), and you'll see what I mean:

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is a simple fix for this unless you decide to only ever use Shift+Enter when you line break, but that seems like a pain in the ass.

    It's probably just gonna have to be something you deal with if you want to keep using Firefox, or you could switch to Chrome.

    Chrome still paragraph breaks when pasting into Word, but into Notepad or Skype, it works out fine.
  9. Well, that explains it... It is an Iwaku rich text editor thing, not Firefox thing per se, though. (Note that while Firefox copies formatting and Chrome doesn't, the formatting has to be present first to be copied.)
    - Also note that it only applies to the rich text editor. Text from the plaintext (BBCode) editor copies over unaltered, at least for me.

    (But yeah ... Word just doesn't give a damn and autoformats stuff you don't want to. Even more reason for me to not use rich text editors of that type.)
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