PROMPT Double-Edged Sword #1: Superpowers

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  1. The idea of this "challenge" is a pretty simple one. Give a character a power of some sort; it doesn't need to be an original power. Then find some way in which their power affects them negatively. This can be physical, mental, psychological, etc.

    The character sheet can be as advanced as you like, but at minimum, I'd like this:

    Negative effect:

    Here are some examples.

    Name: Selene de Soleil
    Power: Shape-shifter
    Negative effect: Never happy with herself for who she is

    Name: Aiden Rubio
    Power: Can control fire
    Negative effect: Has a constant fever
  2. Name: Yuliya Markov
    Cerebrokinesis, AKA the ability to manipulate the brain's functions thus controlling the body's functions (based on the 10% brain myth).
    Negative effect:
    The strain of using this power causes her to slowly develop brain cancer

    Name: Reeve Wilson
    The ability to see ones dreams
    Negative effect:
    He constantly sees peoples dreams wherever he goes, whether it be regular dreams, nightmares or day dreams.
  3. Name: Carl Savette
    Power: Control over temporal magic.
    Negative effect: Abuse of magic in his teen years, before he understood the ramifications, led to superaging. He is now 20 years older than he should be, and has lost relationships because of it.

    Name: Junak Asinger
    Power: Transformation into reptilian beast under immense emotional distress. (Think the Hulk, or the Avatar State.)
    Negative effect: Unable to control himself while transformed, and has hurt loved ones because of it. No memory of what he did.

    Name: Emelia Reragon
    Power: Control over Void magic, an element characterized as the essence of nothingness.
    Negative effect: Even one use of this magic damages her life force. Premature death is certain.
  4. ~Name~ "Azazel Brimming"

    ~Power~ "Ability to manipulative any fire source if readily present" (cannot materialize fire)

    ~Negative Effect~ "His entire body is wrapped to the brim in bandages, due to third-degree burns"
  5. Name: Ethan Hawke

    Self-healing ability for all injuries, even limb-devastating injuries.

    Negative effect:
    This power makes Ethan extremely fatigued. He cannot heal himself if he is too fatigued to do so, therefore leaving him in an injured condition. The more serious the injury, the more fatigued he becomes.
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  6. Name: Taylor Locke

    Power: Flight

    Negative Effect: Have you ever been hit by a bird when you're flying 60+ miles per hour?
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  7. Name: Mortimer Shelling

    Power: Sped-up mental processes. In other words, thinking unnaturally fast. This allows him to register information and react incredibly quickly, almost as if the world is in slow motion. While his comprehension ability and overall intelligence are still those of a regular person, he's able to learn faster because of his processing speed. He often tends to notice things other people don't as well: fleeting things or small details. Because he has twice as much time to think about things as others, it makes him very attentive and attuned to the world around him.

    Weakness: He thinks very quickly. But look at it from his perspective: everyone else thinks so slowly. Mortimer leads a tortured existence in which everything that happens and everyone he meets is so insufferably slow that he can no longer tolerate it. He is incredibly impatient, which leads to him having a bad temper, and a habit of doing everything his own way, because everyone else's way is so slow. He's no fool, either: he's known that he was different from everyone else for a long time, which has led to him having a major superiority complex. He looks down on those who can't think like he does as dumber, and since that's almost all of humanity, he is of the opinion that he is of some kind of 'higher race', or more advanced evolutionary level.

    Technically, his brain is adapted to his sped-up mental processes, so he suffers little mental strain by using his brain, even as fast as he does. Overall, he can think up to four times more than the average human in one day before getting tired. More than anything, it's his character which is influenced by his power.
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  8. Name: FM

    1st Power: Gateseal of Nullified Reality. Gateseals are magical sigils or runes, generally circular in design, that are branded unto the body of the user. These seals act as a link between multiple beings, and allow a sharing of power between the linked beings. In FM's case, he was linked to a powerful deity-class being that grants him a near unlimited amount of mana for spell creation and use. It also grants him a small sliver of its ability to disrupt reality.

    Negative effects to 1st power: First off, the entity FM's gateseal is linked to? Complete and utter arse, as it slowly poisons his body and corrupts his mind with each bit of mana that flows into FM's body. Not only that, but it can actually use the link to take control of FM's form and use it like a puppet. Oh, and another downside to this? If FM channels mana through the link and doesn't use it, it escapes into the air as raw mana. Which is bad, very very bad. Since raw mana caused chaotic change in whatever it touches, and it's very difficult to undo the changes caused by it.

    2nd Power: Hydra Blood. FM is infused with the blood of a powerful Hydra, which grants him several nice little perks. One, the Hydra can form from any part of his body as a single serpentine head at first. He can control it to a degree, but for the most part it governs its own actions. Two, the Hydra's blood fused into his grants him an enhanced regenerative ability, able to seal large painful wounds in mere hours. The Hydra head itself keeps the strongest trait of the regeneration though, being able to grow new heads after one is destroyed in some way not involving fire. Third, FM can channel his mana into the Hydra and use it as a sort of biological laser cannon.

    Negative effects to 2nd power: Problem with this is that the Hydra is sentient, and driven to wipe out all forms of life other than itself. The fact that its bound to FM, and can't kill him without wiping out its own existence, really annoys it. To make up for this it usually rebels against FM's directions, and occasionally insults him and the people around him. Usually people nearby think FM said the insults, and react negatively. Which isn't so good for the dude (To say the least, he has issues).
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  9. Name: Luna

    Soul Self

    Has many minor, and some major abilities but basically what it does is you can become like a spirit, can heal yourself and others, can read others emotions, teleport in the shape your soul self's animal would be, lift objects in your soul self aura, (For example black), and levitation.

    Negative effect:
    When emotions aren't in check and your not clam. Things can randomly blow up, fly around, crash, ect... (usually results badly) When an object is surronded in your aura it becomes apart of you. When you heal others you feel there pain and what pain they would have been in if you didn't. Teleporting takes a lot out of your energy, especially if you teleport friends with you. When levitating yes you are flying but you have to stay focused or you'll crash (possible into a wall), when reading others emotions it's not just there happiness but sadness and other darker emotions as well, also your soul self might wish to feed on these emotions as well, when a spirit form yes you can still be seen and yes being hit can still hurt, also if there is a weapon pacifically made for your soul self abilities and hits you you won't just feel the pain physically but mentally as well and the pain will last longer and is much harder to heal.
  10. Name: Amily Rose
    Magnifying eyesight. She can 'zoom' in like binoculars and see things very clearly even from a mile away.
    Negative effect:
    As a result this deteriorates her eyesight when she isn't using her vision to see things from far away and has to use glasses to see normally. Eventually she will go blind from the use.
  11. Name: Martine Kryger
    He holds the limitless ability to destroy.
    Negative effect:
    He wishes to create, and often cries about what he's done whilst he's trying to rebuild whatever he's devastated. For within his innermost self, he wishes only to be a humble architect, not an all powerful destroyer.
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  12. Name: Jade Soto

    Power: Reaper's Eyes- It's said they are able to not only see how long a person has left to live but takes the years away from them. If she willed it she could take all the time you have left and end your life and very existence, and all the years she takes goes back to her which is why she looks so young.

    Negative effect:
    To avoid hurting everyone she meets, she has to cover her eyes. So, she's pretty much blind.
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  13. Name: Artemis

    Power: The ability to control monsters using powers given from her father

    Negative effects: Because she most often enjoys the company of beasts who live to do her bidding, she's sort of a spoiled thing, often looking down on everyone and keeping away from the people she knows are not like her. Plus the power to control monsters sort of pushes people away from her, pushing her into a sorry state of seclusion most her life.
  14. Name: Cian Doyle
    Superpower: Without exception, any punch he throws hits mach 2.
    Negative: He can't control the speed and Newton's Third Law of Motion is a real bitch to arms.
  15. Name: Davis

    Power: Super Speed

    Negative effect: He cannot slow down. At all. Each time he goes faster, he is stuck in that speed. Eventually his legs will break and he will become handicapped, if he wont die from crashing into something he cannot run over. Another unfortunate fact is that he is the type of person who prefers to take things slow.
  16. Name: Hikaru W. Doku
    Power: Absolute control and extremely fast learning over any and all types of magic. He only has to see it once to be able to stop it and cancel it out, cast it himself, and so forth.
    Weakness: This puts extreme mental strain on his brain at all times due to how much information he has learned about spells, makes his body extremely fragile over the years as he no longer has use for his physical body, as all of his problems can be solved with magic, society begins to hate him in it's entirety due to how dangerous he can be deemed, which hits him extremely hard as he is a very social person, and finally: if he learns too many spells, his brain would no longer function and give up, thereby killing him.
  17. Name: Myro Sett
    Power: Can tap into the universe's memory, experiencing anything that has ever been experienced.
    Negative effect: Life can be dark.
  18. Orion Chase.

    Power: manipulation of Pocket Dimensions, basically he can warp between dimensions or deposit/withdraw something into/from one.

    Drawback: in order to create said pocket dimension, he must deposit a sort of emotional memory in order to trigger the psychokinetic link from his mind to the random pocket universe, after ten years of doing so, he has almost no idea of his past.
  19. Name: Cassidy O'Milan
    Thought influence
    Negative effect:
    She knows she doesn't really have friends - all of the people who claim to be so are affected passively by her powers.

    Name: Rose of Niflheim
    Control over Death - causing or preventing it.
    Negative effect:
    She cannot die a peaceful death - for she will be either immortal or suicidal.
  20. Name: Boom

    Real Name: Marlon Moot

    Powers: Super speed; able to run fast enough to break the sound barrier, thus creating a sonic boom

    Negative Effects: Extreme motion sickness. The faster he runs, the shorter distance he can travel before becoming sick to his stomach. Because of this, he can only run in short bursts and only in a straight line or else he will inevitably trip and fall.

    History: Marlon is just like every other kid in his school except that he doesn't have any after-school activities... or hobbies... or friends. In fact, Marlon's life seems to be a compilation of embarrassing moments that saw him wishing he could just get out of dodge fast and hide his face from the world. With his amazing new power, he can almost do that.