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  1. In the countryside, past the great valley, lies a town. Desolate, an eerie silence lingered on a now permanent basis, a ghost town. Overgrown shrubbery, being one of the only give-away's that the town is no longer inhabited. The legend reads of a once prosperous town, a busy market, port, and plenty of land to harvest.
    100 years prior, a curse fell upon the village through the medium of a witch, drought for ten years being the consequence if a child was not sacrificed at the first full moon, each and every year. A mothers love became the bane of the village as she refused to give up her child instead relinquishing a fake in his place. infuriated upon finding out, the witch lay down another curse. All who dwell within this village shall forever wander the plains as a ghost.
    The young boy, protected by the strong will of his mother, survived the curse unscathed.
    Armin was a boy coming of age, being young at only 18 he had already embarked on his first adventure, his quest was to make a deal with an elf, be it whatever he could offer that the elf wanted, in exchange for helping him defeat the witch, lifting the curses from the village.

    A long road, muddy fields, hostile towns, Valleys to venture through. I've heard stories of the elves, a magical race superior to witches. Never seen one as I live too far south. Northbound in search of my villages salvation, begging for food, stealing, doing whatever I can to survive on my travels. Working with those who would allow it in exchange for a place to sleep and a meal. Many people have told me along the way, that nothing but death awaits me at the sacred forest, that isn't something I can accept, there is too much at stake.

    *He wipes his brows and in the same motion shields his eyes from the setting sun. Looking down from the top of the valley.*

    Still no sign of a forest, even in the depth of the horizon. Hills. At the foot of the valley a small farm, 2 small fields accompanying a cottage. Thatched roof and smoke emanating from the chimney.

    *Armin stretches out, arching his back.*

    Lets go see what we have down here.

    *He walks up to the door and gives a stern knock, before getting down onto one knee and bowing his head.*

    A well practiced routine, thinking up his speech as he waited. The knock was load enough to be heard behind the cottage let alone inside. Moments passed...

    *knocking once more, then assuming his position.*

    Nobody home? Its getting late, such a homely feeling as the smell of food hits my nose. My hunger gets the better of me as the second knock receives no answer.

    *Pushing the door gently with both hands, he creeps into the cottage.*

    "Hello, anyone here?"

    A tone neither loud nor quiet, not to scare anyone if they were in, but also not to alert anyone if he was unnoticed.

    *Examining the room, no one was home, He quickly grabbed some bread of the table and shoved it into his pocket, drinking water from a jug on the table.*

    The idea of stealing wasn't favourable, and in normal circumstances he himself would frown upon it, but frowning does not stop your stomach hurting, and it doesn't drive you over the next valley.
  2. "What do you think you're doing?" A young girl asked. She looked no more than seventeen years old. She was aiming a bow and arrow at him. Her clothes looked like those of a traveler. She obviously didn't live in the house. The owners of the home had been gone for quite some time though the girl was using the house. Something was different about her though. She had pointed ears and purple eyes, two features no human had. She kept her bow nocked, ready to kill him in a second.
  3. *Turns abruptly towards the new voice, falling over in the meantime, choking on the water he was drinking.*
    I didn't hear a thing, when did she? She has come back to her house to find me eating and drinking her food and water, so I cant say this is unreasonable, but I would like to leave here alive.
    *Coughing into his hand, he shuffle backwards until hitting a wall.*
    "I-I was just, I knocked but, I was thirsty. I am so sorry."
    *Bowing down in a similar fashion to the door.*
    Upon further inspection this lady was dressed similarly to me, she looked a lot cleaner and well kept, and her clothes weren't torn, fitting her well. Her face was different, never seen anything like it. Gleaming eyes of purple, the tips of her long slender ears pointing through her long black hair. Is this the person who will take my life?
  4. The girl stared at him for a moment before sighing. She lowered her bow and put the arrow back in its quiver. "You've been travelling for a long time, haven't you? Why don't you get some rest for the night, then you can leave in the morning." She walked over to a cabinet, pulling out some bread and cutting a slice with a knife. She ate it, still watching him.
  5. A strange reaction, kindness? A trick of some sort maybe, but for what gain? Don't over think it, keep a cool head. Clarity is what will keep you alive.
    *Looking up at the mysterious woman.*
    No longer in the heat of the moment, I was able to process her appearance, a beautiful girl, remaining elegant even in traveling clothes.
    *Looks down and examines himself.*
    I wonder what the secret is?
    *He laughs briefly to himself.*
    A place to stay for the night sounded appealing, but this girl is terrifying, the look in her eye as she scowled at me with bow in hand, was that of a hawk to a mouse.
    "S-sorry for my intrusion. I come from far south, beyond the great valley."
    *He raises to his feet cautiously, before walking up to the table and placing the bread from his pocket upon it and returning to the wall to sit. Hanging his head in shame.*
    The warmth of the fire, a judgmental reminder of what he was doing in this woman's house to begin with.
  6. "I see. You've traveled quite a ways then. What made you travel so far from home?" The girl asked. She cut another slice of bread and handed it to him. Why was he so far away from home? She wondered. Was he looking for something or someone? Maybe he was just looking for adventure. She shook her head slightly as she ate her bread.
  7. She didn't seem like a threat any longer, perhaps fate had thrown him a bone for once, a genuinely nice person. Do not drop your guard, but relaxing a bit should be alright.
    "Traveling North to find the Sacred Forest. I must make acquaintance with an elf. I hear they have great magical prowess."
    *He face drops as the concept of home is brought up. His eyes turn vacant and he tucks his arms around his knees. before looking up and smiling.*
    "I'm just trying to help someone get their home back. No-one wants to be alone really do they ? Thank you for the bread."
  8. The girl froze. "An elf...? They don't like humans that much. They'll try to kill you if you come too close." She said, drinking a bit of water. She pulled out a few fruits she had picked and offered one to him. She wondered why he hadn't noticed her pointed ears and purple eyes, clearly showing that she was what he was looking for.
  9. "So i hear, but I must do it, or my friend will never see his mother or his home again. My life would be a small price to pay."
    *He gestures towards the table and takes a seat. taking the fruits given to him.*
    "You are too kind, do you treat all thieves this way ?"
    Up close her skin complexion is slightly different as well. There is something different about people up north, their features are strange.
    *He looks back at the ears and eyes, trying not to stare too much.*
  10. "I am a thief myself." The girl said. "The owners of this house have not been here for years." She continued to eat, noticing his stares. She smiled, chuckling. "You're curious about my eyes and ears, aren't you?" She touched her elongated ears, almost hesitant.
  11. *His facial expression changes from inquisitive, to puzzled.*
    "A thief? Surely you jest?"
    Why would she threaten me if it wasn't her house, it must be some kind of trick to see how I react.
    *He Looks down embarrassed.*
    "Oh those? I hadn't noticed.. Since you mention it? Whats the deal ? Your eyes are Beautiful, In all my travels I have never seen someone with purple eyes."
    Not a convincing lie, but the embarrassment upon being caught gazing left me with no option but to deny.
  12. "I was given permission to stay here for until they came back. They were to come back three months ago." The girl said. "My eyes are quite common where I am from." She looked him over. His hair was a shocking white, the complete opposite of hers. She was attracted to it, wanting to touch it to see if it was as soft as it looked.
  13. *He looked at her once again.*
    "So you really do not live here? Then where are you from ? Do you know of anywhere I can meet an Elf?"
    *He looked away, realizing he was being studied his head sank into his shoulders.*
    It must be my hair, who was i to mention her eyes. Everywhere I go people call me a freak because of my hair. She probably thinks it weird.
    "W-what is it? Does my hair offend you ?"
    *Speaking in a sad tone.*
  14. "Why would it offend me. It's quite pretty." The girl said with a smile. "And I am from the place you are looking for." She smiled. He was a bit oblivious, but that made him cute. She took a bite of bread, intrigued by this human.
  15. *He choked on his bread. Before blushing, and looking down.*
    "T-thank you, no one has ever said my hair was pretty before. You come from the sacred forest ! Do you know of an elf? How did you make it out alive? You must tell me, i beg of you."
    *He stands, hands flat on the table leaning in close with a look of eagerness on his face.*
    Is she telling the truth? Maybe she mocks my story. If she is telling the truth then there is hope for me yet. Perhaps she knows a way to make a deal with an elf, something they desire? Or need?
  16. "You know, only elves live in the Sacred Forest." The girl said, chuckling at all of his questions. He certainly was quite the person. She wanted to know more about him, find out why he needed the elves and everything about him.
  17. "I know that ! So how did yo... how did you come from there...."
    Whats the secret to this, Could she be a witch ? Her ears and eyes are different, and she is certainly enticing.
    *He eyes the door nervously.*
    "So how did you get in and out ? Elves are not friendly towards our kind, or at least the legends say...."
  18. The girl started to laugh. "You-you really don't get it, do you?" She laughed. "I'm an elf!" She said since the boy wasn't getting her hints. "Though, my family wouldn't appreciate me conversing with a human such as yourself." She moved her hair back to reveal her long ears as she tried to get him to realize that he was talking to an elf.
  19. *His face fell still, starting to laugh but stopping before any noise.*
    "An elf. You take me for a fool ? Elves are...."
    Come to think of it, he doesn't know what an elf actually looks like, only stories are told about their way of life, and hate for humans.
    "Elves are....Wait elves hate humans, you cant be an elf, you wouldn't have been this kind."
    *He stood up from the table, a terrified look on his face.*
    It must be a trap, are my senses dulled? A witches work ?
    "Are you a witch ? Don't think i have fallen for your trap, your Beautiful Purple eyes, your caring persona. I am no fool."
    *He falls backwards, cowering.*
    "Cant you witches leave me alone !"
  20. "A witch would not have such pointed ears. Only an elf can have ears like mine." The girl said. "I assure you, I am no witch. I am a bit of a different elf though. My family is quite ashamed of my like of humans. I find you all intriguing." She walked over to him and offered a hand. She meant him no harm and hoped her tone showed that.
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