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  1. The last class of the school day was finally here, and Tristan immediately grabbed his things and went to find Drake at his locker. He and Tristan had the same class together, along with Diana. The three of them always made the most of that class, even when others would view the class as boring. Tristan would nearly always crack at least one joke during the class, and so help the class if it was a Wednesday.

    Tristan finally arrived at Drake's locker. "Drake, ready for the computer class?" he asked with a grin.
  2. Drake smiled. "Of course! Oh..and I have a friend who wants to meet you..." he looked around. "Jae?! where did you go?" He asked loudly.

    Jae stepped over from behind him, smiling brightly. "HI! I am Jae! You're Tristan, correct?" She held a book in her hand and a pencil was tucked in her ear.

    Drake smiled softly, shy. "Yeah...this is Jae."

    'Jae Cole's my name, reader, writer, music, that's me!" she giggled a little.
  3. Tristan looked to Jae and watched as she introduced herself. He grinned and put out his hand for a handshake. "My name's Tristan. Soccer star, pro shuffler, and announcer of Hump Day Wednesday!" he said as he laughed.

    He didn't realize that Diana was behind him, and ended up receiving a light pop on the head.

    "You shouldn't be talking to people about Hump Day the first day you meet someone, Tristan." the girl in the scarf said. She then turned to Jae and grinned a bit. "Don't worry about him, every Wednesday he stands up in every class and announces that its Hump Day, and talks in the Geico Camel's voice for the whole day."

    Tristan shot a glare at Diana, "I do not. Only during the last class of the day!" he said back, but Diana only chuckled.
  4. Jae giggled and shook his hand. She thought it was funny. She looked at Diana. "Hi, I'm Jae, you are?" she asked curiously, glancing at Tristan with a smile.

    Drake smiled faintly at Diana before dropping his gaze, closing his locker and leaning casually against it, watching the floor. He smiled and looked at Tristan. "I wish." he chuckled, agreeing with Diana.
  5. "My name is Diana. Nice to meet you, Jae!" Diana said with a smile.

    Tristan rolled his eyes at Diana and Drake with a chuckle, and then looked to Jae. "You wouldn't happen to have Career App, would you~?"
  6. Jae giggled. "Nice to meet you too, Diana." She looked at Tristan. "Actually, yes, I do." she smiled brightly.

    Drake ignored Tristan and stood straight, books in hand. "We should probably start to class, Ladies, Gentleman." He smiled faintly, brushing a strand of brown hair from his face.

    Jae giggled and walked over to stand beside Tristan, looking intensely at his eyes. "You have pretty eyes!" she exclaimed, taking a step back.

    Drake chuckled. "Oh..yeah..she does that."
  7. Diana giggled a bit and then went to stand near Drake. She then saw Jae compliment Tristan's eyes and chuckled a bit, a little bit caught off guard from the randomness of the comment.

    But Tristan was taken aback the most. He didn't think that she would say that, and he only stared back at Jae. After a few seconds, the word that ran through his mind was an excited Yeeeeeeeessss! Tristan grinned at Jae and winked at her. "Why thank you! Yours are pretty too."
  8. Drake looked at Diana and smiled a little. "Ready to..go to class?" he asked quietly.

    Jae giggled. "Thank you, and you are welcome..Tristan!" it took her a moment to remember his name. "I'll get it by the end of today..It always takes me a bit to remember names!" she giggled and swayed a little. "To class then?"
  9. Diana smiled back and nodded. "Ready when you are!" she replied. Diana had always wanted to give Drake the biggest hug, simply for the fact that he acted so sweet all the time. But she wouldn't surprise him with a random hug...yet. Maybe later.

    Tristan nodded. "All right! Sure!" he said. "Well what are we waiting for guys? The bell will ring soon!" Tristan then said, turning to Diana and Drake and then started to run off to the class with Jae.
  10. Jae laughed a little and followed beside him, fast enough to keep pace, giggling the entire time.

    Drake smiled softly. "I'm ready..let's go." But he didn't run, just walked, watching Tristan and Jae disappear. "I think they'd go nice together." he tilted his head slightly, a knowing smile on his face as a small chuckle sounded from him.
  11. Tristan slid into the room and into his seat. He slapped his hand onto the nearby empty desk. "Sit here!" he said.

    Diana was walking with Drake, and giggled when he mentioned that Tristan and Jae could be a couple. "Pff~ If not, the best of the best of friends! But I'm pretty sure Jae will be first choice to ask to Homecoming this year."
  12. Jae giggled and sat down in the desk he slapped, setting her bag under it and sitting on one knee, her other leg dangling, barely touching to floor. She giggled at Tristan. "You're really cool." she smiled.

    Drake nodded. "Yes, very much so agreed." he said softly. When they finally reached the classroom, he paused by the door, thinking a moment. Should I ask her?...not yet.. He opened the door, bowing slightly. "Ladies first." he said with a smile.
  13. Tristan grinned and slicked his hair back dramatically. "Oh I try," he said jokingly. Tristan then leaned forward to talk to Jae more once more people were coming in. "So how come I haven't seen you before yet? Are you new here or did we just finally get a class together?" Tristan asked.

    Diana smiled and suppressed an aww~ from coming out. "Thank you, kindly," she said as she walked into the room, sitting at a seat a row down from Tristan and Jae.
  14. Jae laughed a little. "Niiice." she said, giggling. "And I am new. I live down the street from Drake..I've just been transferred here...Drake talks about you a lot..I wanted to meet you!" she said, beaming.

    Drake smiled softly and sat beside Diana, glancing at Jae and Tristan. He chuckled and turned to face the front, pulling out a notebook and starting to write a story for the pure reason of writing a story, the entire time his gaze was intense on the paper, his mouth half-smiling, his tounge pushing against his cheek- his thoughtful face. He swiped brown hair from his eyes as he continued to write.

    Jae pulled her hair back, in the process knocking her pencil to the floor. "shoot.." she frowned a little, making her look like a young child who just lost a penny, and she reached over the desk to try and retrieve it..
  15. Tristan knew he would have to thank Drake later on and treat him to some ice cream or something. In fact, he was quite willing to invite Jae along to the ice cream shop as well. "Heh, I see. So then you live in the neighborhood across from me!"

    He then noticed the pencil and went for the pencil as well......Only to end up hitting his forehead on her back. "Ah--!" Tristan raised up and rubbed his forehead. "Ohhh man, that failed...ahahah!"

    Diana looked to see Drake writing, and smiled. Her smile then turned to bit of a grin, and then he scooted over to lean on Drake's desk and watch him write, ready to jump back to her own seat in case he got startled.
  16. Jae nodded, smiling slightly. She just got her pencil in her fingers when he bumped her. She shot up quickly, careful not to hit him again. "Are you okay?" she said quickly, looking really scared, her smile gone, her eyes searching for sign of bad injury.

    Drake continued to write, smiling a little as Diana leaned over on his desk. He was tempted to wrap his arm around her, to pull her close..but he couldn't do that. She was his friend, nothing more.. He tried to convince himself.
  17. "Pff, nah I'm fine!" Tristan said as he rubbed his head. "Just a little bump, nothing critical!" the boy then got a good look at Jae, noticing that she looked genuinely afraid, and then he put his hand up. "Really, Jae, I'm fine!" he said with a reassuring grin.

    Diana continued to watch as Drake wrote. She always liked his expression when he wrote, it looked like he was truly into what he was doing. She was about to ask what his story would be about, but Diana got sidetracked watching as the pencil glided across Drake's notebook. Over some time, she did not realize she was leaning back. Soon, Diana let out a yelp as she fell backwards, hitting her head on the desk behind her. "OW!"

    Tristan looked back, shocked. "Oh, but THAT'S an injury!" He then leaned forward. "You OK Diana?"
  18. Jae sighed in relief. "You scared me there.." she said, her smile returning. "Good!" she giggled a little.

    Drake was on his feet the instant Diana fell. He moved to her side, kneeling beside her. "Are you okay?" He asked softly, taking her in his arms.

    Jae stared, a little surprised. "Ouch.." she said.

    Drake looked worriedly in her face.
  19. "A-Agh...Yeah...I'm fine guys. Just wasn't paying attention...Ow..." Diana rubbed the back of her head. "It's a bit of a sting but...No matter! I've been a klutz a few times before!" she said with a bit of a pained grin. It did sting, but Diana judged it as something that would go away in five minutes. Diana looked down, and saw Drake's arms around her. She then looked up at Drake and frowned a bit at his expression. "But yeah, I'm fine...Thank you though," Diana said with a smile. "You guys too!" she added, addressing Jae and Tristan.
  20. Drake nodded softly, his worry turning to a small smile as he pulled her to her feet. "You scared me.." he blushed slightly as he turned away, returning to his seat.

    Jae nodded, standing and fixing Diana's chair for her, then sitting her in it, smiling brightly again. "Hey, it's okay, we all make mistakes." She giggled a little and sat down, looking at Tristan with a smile.

    Drake glanced at Diana and lowered his voice, his tone soft and caring. "Are you sure you're okay? If it hurts..I can help you to the nurse's's no problem." he smiled lightly.
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