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  1. I mentioned this idea briefly in my last thread, but I think it's got some real potential, so here's a thread for just it. This is all based on a tabletop RPG that I think is pretty cool.

    A virus called Renegade has been released onto mankind, mutating human beings from the inside and granting them incredible powers that break the laws of nature. However, this power comes at the price of one's own humanity, and many have succumbed to the virus and gone on a rampage. There is a group of people who stand between the human and superhuman, and both man and monster refer to them as Double Crossers.

    The world is very similar to our world: people work hard, go about their daily lives, and spend time with their loved ones. The Renegade Virus and its power to turn people into superhuman "Overed" is kept secret from the world. With power, comes a price, and for Overed, that price is their humanity. When an Overed uses his powers, he runs the risk of losing control and will eventually cease to be human. As Overed who know the truth, your characters would sacrifice their sanity to fight to protect the world.

    Most Overed work for one of two organizations: The Universal Guardian Network (UGN), and False Hearts (FH). The UGN is an international body attached to the UN which has primary goals of training Overed to use their powers, keeping the Renegade virus and Overed secret, and protecting the world from superhuman criminals. False Hearts, on the other hand, is an international terrorist organization of Overed who have no interest in keeping the Renegade virus hidden. They see the UGN as an enemy, as it is the only thing capable of stopping them.

    Overed develop a variety of powers which are categorized into Syndromes of linked and similar powers. I could go into detail here, but I think I'll save some things for later, at least. No need to put all the cards on the table right now. I will say that with the ability to have more than one Syndrome, characters can have very varied or unique sets of powers. All Overed are extremely resilient, able to recover from injuries that would easily kill a normal person incredibly quickly, and they can disperse a field of Renegade particles which cause normal humans to pass out, avoid the area, or otherwise become inconsequential. Very handy for keeping thins secret or finding out who else is superhuman.

    The Renegade Virus is also so weird, it can create Renegade Beings, who are the results of the virus affecting something nonhuman and becoming self-aware. Renegade Beings function pretty much the same as normal Overed, although they are often quite curious about humans and wish to learn more about them.

    The way I think I'd run the game is, I'll create a city for the setting, and then, it'll depend on what I have for players. I'll allow people to side with either the UGN or FH, and I'd work with both sides to shake things up from daily life and create some plots. Of course, anyone who wants to take the lead when playing the villain is encouraged to do so. And if I have to do that myself, I'm fine with doing just that.
  2. This is sounds super interesting! I like the different faction ideas as well. I'd be interested.
  3. Can I just submit an actual Double Cross character sheet for mine?
  4. You could, although a lot of the gritty details probably won't matter too much in the long run. I probably won't try to run the system in the forum, even if we have dice. Mostly, it's because of the exploding dice. If it's one roll per post, that might be trouble. Also, the game can get very crunchy and I don't want to make it so everyone would need to read the rulebook before they could play. I do actually think it's a good fit overall for online play, as the system uses a very abstract way to measure character positioning that doesn't need a map or grid.
  5. Huh. Interesting idea, though I have no background into it. I'd do it, though.
  6. I would like to be a False Heart. Will there be a list of powers to choose from, or should we get creative?
  7. There will be a list of powers. Or at least Syndromes. The actual RPG rules get very crunchy with powers, in which there are a lot of them in each Syndrome to do specific things (and they can be combined together for even more spectacular effects, and so-on). However, that's a lot more information than I want everyone to have to absorb, so I'll probably let you be creative within your syndromes, which tend to be fairly large umbrellas, like gravity control or the ability to transform your body into various beastly forms.
  8. Double Cross could be cool, though I'm not sure how much I like the idea of PCs on opposite sides.
  9. While PCs on opposite sides can be trouble, it's one of the things that this sort of environment can do fairly well, so I figured it's worth giving it a shot.
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