Dota 2, The International (AkA TI)

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    For those who don't know, this is one of my favorite games that I go back to and visit over and over again. Now it is time for the International, where the top teams compete from all around the world for a massive prize pool!! Currently the prize pool is sitting at a mere $19,462,181USD. No big deal, right? Also this prize pool is made from the community making an in-game purchase that comes once a year just before the tournament. Its so big these days that ESPN has started to host the final events as of last year, and can be expected to be on for most of the event this year!

    For those of you curious about how that prize pool breaks down...


    That's a lot of money!! If you've never watched any form of Esports, this is a good event to pay attention to! You can watch it here on twitch! For all you Dota lovers out there, tell me who your favorite team is, tell me your predictions!
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  2. yay moar esports!

    i watch the big three (SC2, Dota, and LoL)

    i am waiting for overwatch to start getting into the big circuits
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  3. That would be really great!! I think it is an exciting enough game to be right up there with the rest. I think if there was a spectator mode that would allow for people to see more than a FPS perspective, it'd help a lot for the viewing aspect of it!
  4. I believe there is, because the Overwatch casts I see on youtube are sometimes done in a 3rd person view that shows multiple chars moving across the map.
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  5. So sad Navi lost. :(
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