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  1. This was an idea I thought out with the love of my life, basically, it's about two boys on a sports team, one being the leader, the other a new member.
    The leader of the sports club offers to train the new member to become a better player and well... they start falling for each other.

    Of course, they're dorky. Dorky people are cute.
  2. Were there any particular sports you had in mind?
  3. Hmm... I was thinking either baseball, basketball or soccer. I'm mostly set on baseball, though.
  4. works for me :) now, a very important question: what's your favorite rl baseball team?
  5. I don't know anything about sports, I got the inspiration from a story. xD where I live, baseball isn't a big thing either... we're more focused on soccer.
  6. oh haha I'm a big sports person. I'm warming up to baseball more the last year, but I play lacrosse, volleyball, and run track, and I like to watch football and basketball. So any sport works for me.
  7. Ah, I'd prefer if you lead, then. Do you think you can play the role of the sports team leader? The new member will be a dork at it.
  8. yeah sure, no problem. I'm not a baseball expert though :(
  9. We can skip over the training, or you can mask it as "do like this and this and this and bla bla bla." And then it works haha
  10. okay. can we do it later? i need to sleep, so I can function at school tomorrow
  11. Sure of course. I'll make the cs in my break for both of the characters.
  12. CHASE

    Name: Chase Alvino
    Ethnicity: English | Italian
    Age: 16
    Orientation: Homosexual

    Height: 5'7"
    Build: Lithe and slim
    Complexion: Fair


    Gentle | Optimistic | Shy | Kind | Understanding | Intelligent | Perceptive | Loyal

    Chase is an always kind character, but is often obstructed by his shyness. He often hides away from others because of this, and ends up coming across with this awkward demeanor. He wants to be more outgoing, and seeing as he can always sense things about people, he should be fine. He has sworn to never let people down, and once he cares about a person, he would never, ever betray them, even if they betrayed him. He believes in forgiveness, despite everything, trying to see the best side of the things that he senses. He is always good at making people feel better, and even if he is a bit awkward, he makes friends easily because of his natural sense of kindness.


    There isn't much to say about Chase. He was born in a small town outside from Rome and lived there until he was about five years old. His mother is Italian and his father is British. He had a very good relationship with his parents until both of them died in a car accident involving the three of them. Chase survived it, barely alive. He was devastated and left to live with his grandparents in Italy for two years, before returning to their old house in America. When he got there, he enrolled to High School and got his own apartment with the financial help of his grandparents. Even if they didn't like the idea of him living on his own, they'd at least try and help him to get along.

    The first time that Chase discovered his difference in sexuality was when he was ten, and he admired this boy who always won whenever they played sports. He was cool and kind and everyone loved him. In the end... so did Chase. But he figured that his feelings were wrong and did not act on them back then. Growing older, he realized what had happened and in the end, he had submitted to the fact that he was, indeed, gay, and into men. It was a big step to take, a big thing to accept, but he would have to do it. And he did it, which made him quite satisfied. He hasn't told anyone yet.

    E X T R A:

    ↳ Chase is fluent in English, French, Italian and Japanese
    ↳ His hair was inherited from his mother's side (both his parents are dark-haired).
    ↳ Eyes:
    ↠ Teal blue, like the sky.

    ↳ Scars/Tattoos/Piercings/etc:
    ✒ Tattoo of large scarlet angelic wings adorns his entire back.
    ✒ A scar on his back is visible under the tattoo, his only reminder of the car crash.
    ✒ He has a birth mark just under his collarbone, shaped like a flower.

    ↳ When Chase is angry, he refuses to speak to people and shuts in, hating himself for being angered.
    ↳ Despite the horrible, horrible events of his past, he feels that he has to be happy to make up for all of the bad things.
    ↳ Whenever he has a nightmare, his scar aches and burns as if it had reopened, but it's showed to be imagined pain.
    ↳ Chase does not currently date anyone, and he also lives alone. He doesn't have any siblings or family in the area.

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  13. (I'm not good at rping guys, but I'll try my best)
    (I'm also equally bad at character sheets)
    (I'm going to edit the fuck out of this until I'm happy with the char. may take a while)
    Work in Progress:

    Name: Parker Thibault
    Ethnicity: Native American // Russian // Irish
    Age: 17
    S/O: Bisexual

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 182
    Build: muscular but not bulky // strong // lean

    Personality: friendly // studious // hardworking // smart // hard time committing // gets bored easily // sarcastic
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  14. That's fine. I just went overboard haha. At the moment I'm trying to finish a drawing, too, so it's nice.
  15. still not done editing. I've gone into overachiever char mode and now every detail of every aspect of Parker must be worked out before I'm happy, or at the very least content. Bear with me <3
  16. OHHH dear xD
    Do you like Chase, though? xD he was made up on a whim haha xD
  17. sure do :) and I'm assuming Parker is this good-at-all-sports guy? I'm having a hard time thinking of a background for him. Maybe the cliche parents disappointed with their lives who live vicariously through him... something along those lines, anyway. I'll figure it out. And what'd you think of Alto? I feel like I need to add more detail, but what can you add about someone who's only technically been alive 3 months HOLY SHIT LIGHTBULD MOMENT: it isn't huge but it'd be fun to add to the story. They run into someone who Alto hasn't met, and when asked how old she is she says 3 months, and your char has to cut her off to save face and covers by saying three months older than your char. But yeah, I need more detail in her cs.

    (btw, that out burst is just how my imagination flows, just like my room is now sorry I'm kind of high right know on sleeping pills that don't make me sleep they just make me trip and right now everything is moving and my bed is swaying side to side like a mattress hammock and typing is ahrd because my fingers look lik they're TTACKING EACHOTHER SHIT I HIT THE CAps lock sorry ny btsin hs beend turned inti something and i cant thing straight or type right everything is sideways my blanket is fucking alive og god it isi swer)
    i need to stop typing, but i don't wanna stop talking to oyou
    sorry if imade you think im a ragin psycho[ath
    i need to brathe and calm down
    do you have skype (random i know, mi srry)
  18. Yes, Parker would be cliche like that :3 and yes that's a cute idea xD
    Valshe's all like "UH WHAT SHE MEANT WAS UHM"

    Well, my skype is caroline_byg_jensen so yeah xD
  19. Skype says you don't exist :l
  20. That's weird because that is my exact username. o: (I'm gonna start up the threads, by the way. Not going to be so long messages because my brain fails me))
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