Doomsday for Hire

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  1. WANTED: Assassin, mercenary, and/or general military-trained person-for-hire.

    Must be skilled in marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat. Extensive experience a must; bonus payment offered for knowledge of explosives and/or 'unique abilities'.

    Job will be incredibly dangerous, with a high risk of imprisonment for the remainder of your natural life span if you are caught (assuming you survive capture). Employer will be shady, untrustworthy, and <s>possibly</s> probably sadistic. Target will likely be violently aggressive and will be more than happy to watch you die slowly in a vat of acid if they get their hands on you. Liability waiver must be signed prior to application for job.

    Your only partners will be the unsavory go-between hired by the employer to contact you, and a professional thief and burglar of unknown identity and indeterminate gender. Your duty: aid aforementioned professional thief and burglar in the infiltration of the primary base of one of the richest, most powerful, and most dangerous men in the world, to retrieve a piece of stolen technology of mysterious origin and purpose.

    For more information, contact this number.

    We'll be waiting.
  2. >i deal with my illnesses by devaluing it constantly with humor and basically ignoring it cause i can't afford professional help tbh.

    >yes that does include depression btw. Clinical depression from seratonin inhibition issues my body just doesn't really let me be happy but no biggy

    >personally i say no harm no foul there
  3. Hell, basically every depressed person I know (including myself) dilutes it with humor. I don't think that's an inherently bad thing, unless someone who's offended asks for it to be stopped.
  4. Sounds cool! Could we get a bit more info on how effective our powers are? Also is this set in the modern day or a bit later?

    Name: Dmitri Mikhailov
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Medium height man with grey eyes and black hair. Wears dark grey fatigues with a top level bullet resistant armour vest and limbs while on a mission or else a good solid black suit, weighted knuckle fingerless gloves and a armoured helmet hooked up to his laptop.
    Skills: Wing Chun, Marksmanship, Excellent sniper and Skilled hacker.
    Powers: Telekinesis
    Equipment: Two pistols, disassembled sniper rifle, long knife, backpack of miniaturized supplies, grenades, bombproof briefcase including laptop and other equipment and many multipurpose gadgets hidden about his person.
    History: Growing up Dmitri became a talented hacker. This lead to him having to leave the country for a significant time so he joined the French Foreign Legion and then spent time as a mercenary. He underwent a experimental process designed to grant telekinetic powers. Halfway through the base was taken over and he was the only remaining trial member. The project was abandoned and Dmitri failed to mention that he had discovered how to lift pennies shortly afterwards. Since then his abilities have increased rapidly.
  5. As far as powers go, I'd like them more to be something useful then your primary method of attack- you know what I mean? Let me try and make an example... Your guy's telekinesis, for the purposes of the game, I'd like to mostly be limited to being able to lift only as much as your guy can lift himself, without aid. Like I said earlier, I'd prefer the powers not to be the main focus of the fighting or even the RP; they're just another tool to help you out.

    And thanks for asking about the setting- it's more or less modern day, though I wouldn't mind some slightly more futuristic weapons being used. After all, both the employer, and the target, are supposed to be filthy rich tycoons heavily involved in scientific development; particularly that of the military kind. Just run it by me first. ;)

    Also, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what's Wing Chun?
  6. Wing Chun(sometimes spelt Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun) is an external chinese martial art focusing primarily on speed, efficiency, stances, close combat and reflexive responses. It contains a lot of punches (generally along the center line which is generally taught to be found in the middle of the body) which are designed to be efficient and quick but also contains kicks. Trapping moves are common and taught to be flexible, reflexive and noncommittal but Wing Chun includes little elements of ground fighting as it is a striking style. It is notable for being a major influence on Bruce Lee and his fighting method and making use of those wooden dummies.
  7. Okay, T4kezo, you're approved. ^-^

    WMD... thanks for the application, but I'm not sure it'll work for the RP. o.o; I mean... what you told me about your puppet idea sounded cool, but a muppet? I like the idea of humour, but overall, this is supposed to be a serious RP, and well... having a muppet as one of the characters kinda negates from that. ^^;
  8. remember, the deranged psychic controlling the muppet?
  9. Well, yeah, but... does it have to be a /Muppet/? ^^;
  10. but that was my awesome tipsy-sleep Deprivation character, i mean all the dude had to do is leave the muppet in a suitcase in the target's vacinity, the muppet emerges, he's small enough to evade outright suspicion, he gets in the vent ducts and stuff, and then proceeds to blow up the target!

    *goes off into the corner to cry*
  11. *pats* Sorry, WMD. Awesome as it would be... A muppet just wouldn't work. ^^; I have difficultly believing any of the other mercenary characters would be able to take him seriously.
  12. tis okay. sorreh for being a pain in the arse.
  13. Awwww! You're not a pain in the arse! *grabs WMD and cuddles him*
  14. Okay Im in..
    Character Sheet Template

    Name: Xandra Voltavia

    Age: 31
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Skills: Xandra can hold her own in a fist fight since she grew up with five brothers. She's small and fast. Everyone under estimests her physical strenght. She knows how to handle a .38 very well. She likes weapons and explosives mostly. C2 and other munitions. Trained by her oldest brother in Ju Jit Su. She's also trained in other defences she refues to talk about, but will use to save her life.
    Powers: Xandra's power is more of a an ability than a power really. Its rather unusual nontheless. She can hear extreamly well and there fore she gets a jump on her target. She can hear movemen and breathing. She tends to read body language very well too. Her skills can be called powers but they are more light extreamly sensitive senses.

    Equipment: .38 and a military issued dagger strapped to her left leg. Its usually hidden by her boots or pants. She is much better at hand to hand combat. She can use her .45 but she wont always have that on her. She can use a sniper rifle is the job calls for it.
    History: Xandra was the last child to a KGB officer before everything changed in the mid 1990's. She was the only girl of the family since her mother died from complications of her birth. Her father never forgave her for killing her mother. It was something that couldnt be helped. Her older brothers raised her more like them, than a girl.

    Her oldest brother Meyklye was the only that took care of her the most and helped her become a strong fighter. Alwasy wanting to gain her fathers love and attention her life was consumed of training long and hard. Condition they called it. Xandra's name is Greek and means Defending Men. It is something she learned in school and will never forget. Her father might be a jerk but she will fight and die to protect him and her brothers. She had taken odd jobs to pay the pills and remains out of sight most of the time. She is illusive in nature and quite. Her mind set is always be ready to fight.
  15. This is a Defib post.


    *Defibs the thread.*
  16. As requested by Psy...

    Name:The Colonel



    Skills: A former battlefield commander, The Colonel is skilled at inspiring soldiers under his command. He was well known in the Special Forces Community for his skills in winning the hearts and minds of people. After an honorable discharge he put his skills to the criminal underworld, loaning his army to whoever needs military muscle. The Colonel has been shown to be proficient with knives, pistols, and sniper rifles.

    Powers: The Colonel is a very charismatic individual, using his words and his charm to bring people under his influence. He doesn't use fear, he doesn't use drugs. He tells them what he plans and offers the goals as the spoils of war to his men.

    Equipment:Bowie Knife, numerous throwing knives, a Mk 23 Mod 0 SOCOM, and his words.

    History: An Apex Soldier of the United States Army Green Berets, the Colonel received an honorable discharge after serving for twenty five years. However he had become disillusioned with the mission of the United States Armed Forces, having seen the ineptitude of brass hat fucks from the Pentagon first hand. He contacted old soldiers he had served with and contracted third world renegades, Russian mercenaries, and other such scum of the Earth to serve in his army, the Army Without Borders. His masterpiece was the forced acquisition of a device that, on it's own, poses no real threat, however it is still inherently dangerous in the wrong hands and with the right technological knowhow.
  17. Heheh. ^^;

    Okay, yeah, as Ryker's probably made clear by now, I'm trying to get this active again now that I'm no longer being devoured alive by schoolwork.

    Confirmed active members:
    Inky Poet
    Asmodeus (amazingly enough)
    and Ryker.

    I contacted T4kezo via PM, but he hasn't yet responded to me, and it appears that he hasn't been on Iwaku in over a week. Since I still need to find someone to play the go-between, I'll leave him on the character list for now until we have the go-between and possibly another player to replace him, or until he comes back and gives me a reply, whichever comes first.

    Oh, and before I forget, here's the character sheet Asmodeus sent me via PM.

  18. Alright, there we go. The Colonel is ready to kick this shit into high gear.
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