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  1. SO. We have made it a household tradition that we purchase a UNIQUE calendar for the year. Ever since Gibs told me that I wasn't allowed to buy any more cute kitten calendars. >:[

    One year we got a Space calendar with really awesome photographs of celestial formations. Last year we got a "Pride and Prejudice Zombies" calendar.

    THIS year, our theme is DOOMSDAY. XD Since 2012 is supposed to be the end of earth, our calendar is going to be apocalyptic scenes. We haven't picked out a specific one yet, but I usually browse through Amazon for cool stuffs.

    Do you buy calendars for the year? Do you just get "whatever" or do you like to pick up special themes for your calendar?

    And now that you have the idea, will you start buying unique calendars NOW? XD
  2. I don't buy calendars for myself, but it's somewhat of a tradition for me that I always get my mom a cute kitten or puppy calendar for the next year at Christmas.
  3. Why would I want a calender? Theres one on my phone I never use already.
  4. Every year, my mom buys me a Happy Bunny calendar. One way or another, I can expect a calendar from her every winter holiday. I do use it, too. Good for helping me keep track of birthdays and stuff.
  5. There's days of the week that I'm supposed to be paying attention too?
  6. I'll probably get my cult hood and practice drawing pentagrams a lot, but my aunt always gives me some calendars from her job.
  7. When I was still living with my mum, my step-dad got a Green Bay Packers Calendar every Christmas...
    Now, I just occasionally try to remember when people's birthdays are. >> <<
  8. I don't get calanders. If I need to look up the date, day, or something to that effect I check my computer.
  9. I used to just get calendars from school, and then forget them in my backpack. Maybe I'll do something different with calendars some time.
  10. Kehv and I get a places calender from his insurance company, I always look at new calenders but I hardly ever get one since we always get one for free. I'm pretty attached to my calender, I use it to keep track of birthdays and dentist/doctor appointments and to orientate my life.
    Yes. I would like to have a shinier one though, if I could have any calender I wanted I'd like The Werewolf Calender.
  11. Back when I used paper calenders, I would rock different artists. I had a Thomas Kinkade calendar one year, and a H.R. Giger another.

    Now I use the one on my phone, or comp. Mostly cause I became too lazy to change the page every month.
  12. I use my phone for most dates kept..
    Since getting cozy in my college dorm, I put up different neon colored post-its in front of me on the desk like station thingy for each day of the current week. :3
  13. I use Google Calender to keep track of important dates and appointments. The cool part is that I have it synced with my BlackBerry. /Geekout

    I've tried buying calenders in the past, but I'd always end up forgetting about them. GCal+BB is just so much more convenient.
  14. You ever get any weird looks about having H. R. Giger on your wall?
  15. lol, I'm not sure, but it really wouldn't bother me. I have a lot of "weird" stuff on my walls. I mean the kind of stuff some people might think is weird, usually those types of people aren't in my house though.
  16. Every year I get my mom this glow in the dark moon calander that has the phases for each day and a beautiful sun picture for each month.
  17. I already get enough corporate calendars from my parents. Probably the most unique one I got this year is a photography calendar.

    I wouldn't really be arsed to use another one every New Year's.
  18. Whatever happened to that Iwaku Calendar we were supposed to be getting?
  19. It got shelved because no one submitted any artwork. D: We'll have to try the project again another time!
  20. I've gotten the "Nuns Having Fun" Calendar since 2008. I'm not sure why but I've always found nuns amusing.