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  1. Jesus that soundtrack is metal as fuck. I would love to play, but, I don't have the money to spare for it right now, so, I'll just have to wait. Such is life.
  2. I've never been a huge fan of DOOM, but the new game looks hype as fuck.
  3. From what I've seen, the single-player looks genuinely fun, but the multiplayer is ass and I'm not a fan of SnapMap, so I'll wait for a Steam Sale.
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  4. I bought it in March from Green Man for US$35. Best 35 bucks for a AAA release I've spent since Quake came out in 1996.

    I was a tad turned off by the reviews that came out of their open beta, but didn't let it change my decision to buy it. It's an amazing game. It's the most immersive FPS I've ever played. There's a lot of run-and-gun action with little to no cover to hide behind, most of the time. When you're not busy clearing a lockdown area of demons, there's a lot of exploration to do. So many secrets, you'd think you just stumbled upon the Illuminati's headquarters.


    A whole new world! (open)


    Did I say secrets?

    Secrets! (open)


    There are also fun little easter eggs...

    Get your easter baskets! (open)


    ...and even Classic Doom levels remade and put into our modern Doom

    Yo dawg... I heard you like Doom... (open)


    So really, this isn't just a one and done feel-good trip back to the early 90s for me.. This is probably the best single player shooter I've played since Quake II. I am npt disappointed.
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  5. The whole premise is metal as fuck: space marine on mars fighting zombies and demons from hell.
    This is the first Doom game I've gotten and I enjoy it greatly.
    Incredibly. I don't care for multiplayer so I'm probably gonna touch that once (if ever) before deciding I don't like it.
    I was tickled by the Commander Keen easter eggs. Ahhh, nostalgia....
  6. I split it with one of my friends, glad I spent the money to get it. I'm loving it.

    Favorite glory kill? I love the one on the smaller enemies where you look down, sweep the leg, and smash their face in.

    EDIT: The Fallout and Skyrim Easter Eggs were pretty awesome too.
  7. There was one time I ended up glory-killing a possessed marine where I broke his leg, then bent it up and smashed his face with it. Dunno how I did it and I probably won't get it again, but I was surprised when it happened.
  8. Glad to see its actually pretty decent. Not sure how I feel about (from what I've seen so far) the constant stream of executions that one can pull off. Can anyone comment on that?

    Otherwise it's Brutal Doom for my shooter fix until it drops in price by at the very least half. 60s a bit steep at the moment.
  9. The glory kills are fun and sometimes amusing to pull off, but are not necessary. You can keep shooting, if that's what you want to do. It's what I usually do when I'm faced with a horde of demons or the ones I was targeting are just too far away.
  10. (silently whispers "FOR THE EMPRAH" when executing larger enemies)

    Fuck. Fuck. I'm so happy that it turned out this way, after the Dead Space First Person version of Doom 3 we got. I remember coming home as a wee little babby, being confused by the levels in DOOM 1 and not understanding how to shoot teh gunz. Fast forward a few years or so when I rediscover DOOM through DOOM 2, wherein the probably shittiest part of my life is made better by RIP AND TEAR and LUDICROUS GIBS. I'm so overwhelmingly ecstatic that DOOM turned out this way, I mean. Fuck. I can't describe it.

    Sadly, I don't have the cash to put forward for a console or platform to play the game on, so I have to use a friend's console to play it-- but if anything has brought me closer to a friend, it's been ripping bitches in half.

    Also, as a metal head, the soundtrack is the reason I'm a pirate-- totally buying it if it comes out.


  11. Alsø wik:
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  12. I bought the game and I don't regret it. It is fun! I don't know why people don't like the Multiplayer, it is fun to enjoy and just play. Nothing complicated about any of it. Just mindless fun.
  13. Fun is a word i'd use to describe the latest Doom because if you don't engage your inner bad ass, you simply cannot progress through the game. It's been a while since i've played a First Person Shooter that demands I have fun. The latest Wolfenstein titles were great, but they had the obligatory dark story as the running motif. Doom won't let me progress unless I use my imagination.

    I remember seeing this ledge which was a steep drop and I spent twenty minutes looking for a path. I didn't think I could survive the drop. Out of frustration, I just threw myself off the ledge and landed totally unscathed. Then I ran and did this impossible long jump. It's SO MUCH fun. Sadly, the multiplayer is underwhelming.

    The chainsaw kicks some serious ass!
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  14. This is what being a god of carnage feels like. 100 percent adrenaline.

  15. The biggest complaints I have about Multiplayer:

    • Multiplayer feels like Halo, not anything id Software ever put out. There's a reason for that, of course. A good number of developers are from the Halo development team.
    • Classic DOOM also had Co-op play, and I don't mean team deathmatch, either. Four of us would get together, when I was a kid, and just run through levels. It was fun to kill demons in single player, sure, but it was also quite fun to kill them with friends. Not everyone cares about deathmatches, much to the chagrin of Bethesda/id Software. As yet, there appears to be no plans to implement such a feature, and that's a damn shame.
    • A $40 season pass. Seriously, if this thing is gonna cost 40 bucks, it had damn well better have something of merit. New weapons for multiplayer? New armor... for multiplayer? New maps ...wait for it... for multiplayer? $40 for a bunch of multiplayer stuff isn't worth it. That season pass might be worth $15 tops. Unless Bethesda/id Software adds something more to this season pass -- whether it be co-op functionality, or more single player content (also currently not planned). A bunch of multiplayer flair isn't worth the full price of a game.
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  16. finished downloading it

    Discovered my specs are too weak to handle it, even with graphics as low as they can go getting about 14 fps

    have real motivation to get a job now >_<
  17. Maybe I'm a little slow, but I finished the campaign today. It was extremely fun. I plan on ramping up the difficulty and playing through it again.
  18. Relevant. Also Spoilers (if you actually care about the story beyond 'Kill the Demons').

    Actual video starts at 1:37
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