Doom Desire, partner search.

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  1. Welcome, if you read this it means you have desires in your life. It also means that your about to die... And that soon enough death will knock on your door.


    Those was the words etched upon the letter that you just recieved. It's probably just a lousy attempt to prank or scare you, and your unlikely to fooled by it... Right?


    Well turns out strange letters with possible death treaths are harder to ignore than anticipated.

    Not only that, but certainly some of the things in your life have seemingly turned a lot odder. Weird stray cats/dogs are stalking you home.. That weird neighbour of yours suddenly seem to be handling a lot more sharp stuff lately.

    And and a lot more people say 'goodbye' to you than a more casual 'see you later'. Well either that or your simply getting a lot more superstitious after the letter.

    It gradually only get worse, soon there's definitely things that seem to want to kill you... Random cars driving at full speed only to hit the brakes in the last second. People drop sharp objects close to you, the stray cats/dogs growl at you...

    Your starting to hear things at night, there seem to be monsters in both your closes and under your bed...

    Then... One day is the day. A sudden strange breeze hits you.. And suddenly someone reached out a hand to you. This someone Man/Woman gets you up on your feet and tells you one thing... "If you want to live, don't look behind you and listen to all I say"...

    Will you obey?...

    -Sorry for long plot-

    I'm basically looking for someone to play the role role of a character that is seemingly destined to die.

    Your Character can be male or female around teen older than 16 to a young adult.

    Have any special features you like, ears tails... Etc. But preferably not have any special or supernatural abilities that could mess the plot up.

    -I will play a character of your choice. But its likely to be a dominant demanding character that seems to both want protect and kill you at the same time.

    -What i want-

    Someone whos fine with a abusive horror love plot.

    Someone who doesn't mind public exposure or humiliation.

    Someone who don't mind talking on the side, and kinda get raped whenever my char want it. Well its only rape for as long as they don't like it.

    Etc etc, yeah it be smut and stuff. But also other things...

    Oh did I mention that as long as yo obey everything seem to work out fine... But if you don't horrible things do happen and temptations always excist.
  2. *raises hand* OO! me! me! pick me! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  3. Hmmm *looks around* Well, this was hard....

    Well how about you!? *Points at @gen101394 * Mostly Innocently looking blonde girl in a dark dress?.
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  4. If you knew why I was in the black dress, you wouldn't be calling me innocent.

    As far as my charrie's gender goes...I love MxM
  5. Oh yes, its why I sai , mostly innocent looking girl.

    That's fine with me. Expect a pm soon xD
  6. Damn, looks like I missed my shot. Well, if you're interested in doing 2 of these I'm your gal. Would you mind if it was MxF, and I play the female?... Only if you're still partner searching, of course. ♥
  7. Don't think I would mind another xD so far ^^
  8. Closed now i guess ^^
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