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  1. When you hear the name Zayn Malik, you would instantly think of a boy, the difference is, this isn't just a boy's name. Zayn Malik is in fact a girl. Zayn is a very pretty girl with dark long black hair, these gorgeous brown eyes and a tan to her skin, due to the half Pakistani she has in her. She is 17 years old and is from Bradford. She has three other sister's and is the quiet one.

    She is normally at the back of the class and doodling on paper or her jeans, she loves art and is always drawing or doodling something, she also loves English and reading books, her favourite serious of books being Harry Potter. She attends high school and isn't known very much at all because she keeps to herself, sure she has a few friends but not many at all.

    Another thing about Zayn, she is a lesbian and does like girls, she hasn't told anyone that though because she is honestly scared that she will start to be picked on and she would rather be ignored and things, than be picked on, so she keeps that secret to herself and also the fact that she has a crush on a girl that is the head cheerleader- Niall Horan

    Right now Zayn was in a boring lesson and right at the back of the class and was using her pen and doodling her and Niall's name on her jeans and making it in a fancy writing, of course putting it somewhere where no one could see it if she was caught and Niall also sounded like a guys name but then she doubt most people knew she was a girl when the name Zayn was called out. She stayed concentrated on the doodle she was doig and was smiling.
  2. Harry Styles plopped down in the chair next to Zayn and grinned. "Hey Zee - whatcha doing?" They had been best friends since first year, and were going to apply to the same university so they could still be together.

    Harry 'Hazza' Styles had initially bonded with Zayn over their traditionally male names, but they had grown to be close because Harry was similar to Zayn. She was not quite as painfully shy as Zayn, but she was music-mad and always had her earphones in, listening to some new song she had found or written herself.

    She glanced at her friend's hand. "Hey, why are you doodling Niall Horan's name? Damn, that girl is seriously gorgeous. I'd do her, if she swung that way." Hazza was unaware that her best friend was gay, but she had never hidden the fact that she herself was intensely attracted to women - more specifically the sexy Miss Grimshaw, their science teacher.
  3. Zayn jumped in her seat as her best friend sat next to her and she put a hand on her heart. "Don't do that to me Harry" she said to her and shook her head. "I'm not doing anything at all, just sitting here like anyone else" she said and played with some of her long black hair in her hands. She loved her best friend Harry, she was one of her only friends and they had been friends for a long time and she felt comfortable and opened up more to Harry, not about everything at all because she was scared but then didn't know why because she knew that Harry was a lesbian as well.

    She cleared her throat and pulled her jumper over her hand that had her name and Niall's name on there. "No reason, just you know, doing a random doodle like always" she said with a shrug. "Oh i so know you want Miss Grimshaw" she whispered to her and playing with her jumper that was over her hand and being her shy self like normal. "We have science after this"
  4. "My favourite lesson." Harry grinned, and sat back in her seat. "By the way, you coming to the music jam tonight at seven? I've written some new songs that I'm hoping to play tonight."

    Niall Horan strolled into the classroom then, and just shrugged off her teacher's complaints about being late as she took her seat by the window, brushing her long blonde hair behind her shoulders.

    She glanced back at the back of the classroom and spotted those two quiet girls whom she never knew the names to. Maybe she could sort of adopt them and take them under her wing, making them more confident and popular.

    She caught the eye of the dark-haired one - who was actually really pretty - and smiled, waving a little before she turned back to the front.
  5. Zayn gave Harry a smile. "yes of course it is your favourite lesson, just because your favourite teacher teaches it, I see you looking at her cleavage and things" she said to her before nodding. "Mmmm I will be there for you haz, how could I not be there for my best friend" she said and loved to sing herself, she was just too shy to sing to people.

    She looked up when she heard someone come in and her heart started to race as it was her crush and the girl she was falling for and swallowed a little when she had flicked her hair over her shoulder and blushed madly when Niall has waved abd she quickly looked down at her book on her table and trying to calm herself down, touching her nose ring she had in.
  6. Harry noticed her friend's blush, and raised an eyebrow. "Zee, you look like a tomato - what's up?"

    She glanced up at Niall, and back at Zayn, and her grin spread. "No way!! You're....into girls too?" She whispered.
  7. Zayn shook her head as Harry caught her blushing. "Nothing, I'm not blushing at anything, just a bit hot" she abd fanned herself to make it seem like she was hot.

    She put a hand to Harry's mouth with what she whispered. "shhh!" she said to her "I'm not talking about my sexuality" she whispered back to her and took her tanned hand away from Harry's mouth and played with her long black her and now her best friend knew she liked girls and this made her a bit more shy.
  8. "I'm not going to tell anyone you know. I'm not like that. Besides, who am I going to tell anyway? Nobody else except you wants to be friends with the girl who always has headphones on." Harry shrugged. "Besides, Niall's gorgeous, and she's not like the rest of the stuck-up cheerleaders."
  9. Zayn didn't look at harry, afraid of what she might say to her and stayed looking down and playing with her hair. "scared you are just going to shout it out, tell the whole school I'm a lesbian and like Niall or have a crush on her" she whispered really quietly. "yes but you should be friends with popular kids, I don't know how you aren't, you voice is amazing when you sing, you're great at sing writting" she said to her and shrugged. "she is gorgeous and different to stick up cheerleades but it doesn't matter, she would never like girls in that way, I mean just look at her" she whispered to Harry and looked at Niall in her seat.
  10. "Zee, you're beautiful - like model-gorgeous, and she isn't into girls, but who cares? You'll find someone amazing who loves you for you." Harry smiled, and slid her hand down, lacing her hand with her best friend's.

    "After the jam tonight, want to come back to mine and sleep over?"
  11. Zayn raised her eyebrow. "I wish I was model gorgeous" she said and moved her long black hair onto one of her shoulders and pursed her lips, smiling at what Harry said. "I sure do hope I find the perfect girl that likes me for me" she said and laced her fingers back with Harry's and held onto her hand. "you are beautiful as well, green eyes and brown curly hair" she said and nodded. "I'd love to have a sleepover Harry, it will be fun"
  12. The bell rang, and Harry hooked her headphones around her neck again as she stood up. "C'mon, babe. Lets get to science." She gestured to the door.

    Niall got up, and she headed over to the girls. "Hey there, I'm Niall. You both going to the music jam tonight? If so, I hope to see you there." She smiled warmly and then headed out of the classroom, her cheer uniform's skirt swishing around her butt.
  13. Zayn put her bag on her shoulder and held onto her art folder as well as she got up. "I'm coming" she said to her and looked up when she heard the angelic voice of Niall and her lips pursed and she wasn't able to say a thing and just nodded her head and her eyes instantly checking out her bum as she walked off.
  14. Harry gaped, but then grinned. "You're so into her." She playfully bumped her best friend's hip. "C'mon, just get going. I wanna see my Grimmy." She winked.


    That evening, Harry picked Zayn up from her house, and she had changed out of her normal school clothes into a knee-length varsity dress, with a black ribbbon around the waist, emphasizing the Cheshire girl's curves.

    She bounced up to the door and knocked, hoping that Zayn would answer. While she waited, Harry pulled up her headphones and was absorbed in her new favourite indie tune.
  15. Zayn blushed once Harry had noticed and she have Harry a small hit. "no I'm not" she mumbled and started walking towards science.

    Zayn had had a shower once home and packed a bag for the night, seeing as she was staying with Harry. She was wearing a crop top and skirt that had cartoon words on like 'zap' 'Boom' and others. The crop top abd skirt where tight against her chest and other places, skin on her stomach also showing and had a black leather jacket. Her hair was curled and make up was done as well abd she had her nose ring abd studs in. She went to the door and smiled as she opened it. "Hey haz, ready to go"

    (did you want to make it teacher/student as well with Harry and miss grimshaw?)
  16. "Hey Zee - yeah, I'm ready-" Harry's mouth dropped. "You look absolutely gorgeous, Z." She beamed, checking out her best mate. "Like, drop dead sexy." Actually, Harry was only now noticing her friend's curves, and cleavage. She blinked and smiled. "Lets get going."

    (how about some initial Zarry to start off with? Then Niall falls for Zayn, and Zayn breaks Harry's heart to be with Ni?)
  17. [Yeah alright :)]

    Zayn looked at Harry and blushed at what Harry said. "I could say the same for you, hey, you got my varsity jacket dress" she said with a giggle. "You can keep it, it looks better on you than me" she said smiling and checked Harry out herself and didn't realise she was going it until Harry spoke and she looked at her and cleared her throat. "Yeah let's go and by the way, nice ass" she said to her with a smile and gave it a tap and kissed Harry's cheek with a smile.
  18. Harry grinned and gave a twirl. "I accessorised it with this ribbon - see how it cinches in my waist?" She smiled and got into the driver's seat of her Impala, a gift from her step-dad for her seventeenth.

    "You looking forward to seeing your girl there tonight?"She glanced at her best friend mischievously.
  19. Zayn smiled with a smile. "You look gorgeous" she said smiling and got into the passenger's side of the car and put her seat belt on and blushed. "She's not my girl" she mumbled to her and pulled her sketch pad out and carried on doing her art work for the drive and had to get this drawing done anyway. "So what are your new song's called?" she asked her.
  20. "It's called Perfect, and I actually wrote it about you, Zee. You're so amazingly cool, and I just wanted to show that. Don't worry, I don't mention you directly in the song, but I just thought you should know who I wrote it about. It's an acoustic ballad, and I hope you like it." Harry smiled and as she started the car again, she took her best friend's hand with her free hand. This hand-holding wasn't unusual for the two girls - they always did it - but Harry felt something different when they did it lately.
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