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  1. So, Jane, I'm thinking that for the RP, the setting will be Steampunk London. For the plot, something along the lines of my character being an inventor (like in steamboy :P) and your's being a rival. When they get into a sort of fight, they discover these things and and discover that the mysterious murders around london have been committed by the machines. So then the two geniuses are working together to save the city and find the creator of the metal creature.

    Whaddya think?
  2. Sounds pretty good, I like it. So, will it be one girl, one boy? (If so, can I play the girl?) Or both girls or both boys? And is this in the future London, or past times with a steampunk edge to it?
  3. I was thinking past times and yeah i was hoping you'd play the girl so yay! Ill be the guy so it'll work out perfectly.
  4. Okay, so do we just start...? Or do like a character outline or something?
  5. I suppose we'll do character sheets

    Special Skills:

    Name:Dakota Gray
    Special Skills:Quick thinker, known for his improvisational skills
    Misc: Emancipated, homeless
    Inventions: Steam-powered moving camera, steam-powered motorized paraglide, grappling hook, etc.
  6. Name: Evangeline (Eve for short...she thinks her name is too long) Sophrina
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Special Skills: Is as flexible as an acrobat, and can get into even the smallest of spaces (it helps that she's really skinny too). She also has a huge brain capacity and remembers everything that ever happened to her. Another weird tidbit is that she can disassemble any sort of contraption (including bombs--without setting them off).
    Misc: Actually is very rich but refuses to use any of the money that she hasn't earned herself (it's her parents' fortune). Lives in her dual dimension cube.
    Inventions: Dual dimension cube, auto-translator headband, mind-reading chip, long-distance communication device, and other things that have to do with time, human contact, and travel...etc.

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  7. You have one new portal mail.

    Evangeline Sophrina's Portal Message and Video Correspondence Device ("portmail" for short) bleeped loudly, making the girl stir in her sleep. Without the immediate response, her portmail kept on sputtering out clamor, demanding a reply. Groaning, Eve--her name was awfully long--sat up in bed, lazily pushing the floral bedspread to the right edge of the mattress.

    You have one new portal mail.

    It bleeped again.

    "Yes, yes, you can shut up now," Eve spat, glaring at the blue, glowing device. "Huh, you chose a B-flat today? It's going to rain, isn't it."

    The portmail repeated its noise in response.

    Sighing, Eve swung her legs over the left side of the bed and picked up her egg-shaped portmail and sang aloud an A-flat. It sounded a little off, and Eve made note to practice her scales later. The egg shed itself of its gleaming exterior like an apple being peeled. The edges curled inwards, and the excess peels fell to the floor where they would disintegrate in a couple of seconds. Inside was a neatly folded note from the ever so infamous Dakota Gray. Although it didn't tell of his name, Eve knew that over-extravagant cursive anywhere. Eve's mouth gradually changed from a having scowl to a confident and smug smirk. She stood up abruptly, causing the porcelain teacup sitting on her bedside table to rattle slightly.

    "Challenge accepted!" Evangeline exclaimed vigorously to no one in particular.

    "Hey, ready for a Game?" it read.
  8. Dakota strutted along the dimly lit cobblestone as he made his way through London, carrying his tailcoat over his shoulder as he strode. It was nightfall, and Eve must have received his note by now on that blasted Portmail device. Though he wouldn't admit it to his rival's face, the thing had it's uses.
    He was in his usual attire, the black vest, tie, and black pants, his goggles wrapped around his head. In the breast pocket of the vest was his folding Revolver and a few miscellaneous gadgets. He didn't have much, however, since tonight was the night.Assuming Eve was on her way to the rooftop as well, the game was on. And he knew that she couldn't resist a match. After all, neither could he, there was no one else in all of London who could be worthy of his competition.
    And here we are.
    Dakota stood in front of the Fonthill Abbey, cool and collective as he waited for his opposition to come out from the shadows.

  9. Eve came to a halt in front of the Fonthill Abbey. It has been their meeting place for indescribably long time now. Although she felt pumped up and ready for whatever challenged Gray had in store for her, there was this certain tugging in the back of her mind that she shouldn't accept the game this time. There was still time to pull herself out of the trails that Gray had in mind. Eve never did send back a portmail telling him that she accepted, so she still may be able to wiggle herself out of this.

    Of all the inventions that Evangeline had made, the Portal Message and Video Correspondence Device was the only one that she got officially patented. Eve had a feeling that her other devices may just wreak havoc in the English commercial center, and she wanted to stay out of the limelight. Attention was never her thing...unlike Dakota.

    As the portmail predicted, little droplets of cool water started to spill from the sky. Looking up, a raindrop fell smack dab on her nose, and Eve hastily wiped it off. Getting out the water-repelling umbrella, Eve decided that this time, she would not participate, but before she could, Gray called out to her; obviously recognizing the young inventor because of her dark, red hair.

    Eve swore silently.
  10. The Game between the two bright minds had always tested their intelligence, however, it was never the same person who won. Each instance required a particular skill, the risks involved, and usually involved somewhat shady activity. But tonight, of all nights, involved a bit more of everything. Dakota hated anything repetitive, any sort of recognizable sequence in his life. Perhaps that was why he never could handle relationships. After a while, it became...predictable.
    So the test of betterment tonight revolved around a certain journal which was currently on display in the University of Augustine. Heavily guarded and treasured, the journal of one of the most esteemed inventors of all time. An Italian by the name of...
    "Ms. Evangeline...And for a moment there, I thought you wouldn't come." He flashed a quick, sly grin at the young girl, who grimaced at the sound of her full name.
  11. Shaking off the disgusted look, Eve turned around slowly, facing Dakota. She curtsied slightly, holding the mechanical umbrella between her shoulder and cheek while gently grasping the damp, lacy edges of her dark skirt.

    To be honest, she didn't know what to call Dakota Gray. He wouldn't really be called her enemy. Gray's done nothing to really hurt her past a slightly dented pride or mere annoyance. Then again, he couldn't be an acquaintance (they've "known" each other for too long) or a friend--they weren't exactly on the best terms with each other. Plus, despite the fact that they've been in contact and have been doing these games for a number of years, neither knew a lot about the other. Gray was an acclaimed inventor whose artifacts were sought out by many, even those who lived beyond the borders of dreary London. People found him charming, Evangeline found him a pain in the arse. Past that light, arrogant smile that he always wore, there was something so much more secretive, much more deep. Eve did not have the curiosity or patience to figure it out. He was an enigma.

    And at that moment, Eve couldn't pass on the opportunity to wind him up.

    "Miss Dakota," she greeted with a smirk on her face, fully knowing that it would at least aggravate him a little. "I am afraid that I will have to decline your invitation for today."

    And with that, she turned away on her heels quickly, knowing that Gray may not let her go so quickly.
  12. Less than bemused and slightly shocked, Dakota maintained a look of cool composure besides a slight frown. Indeed, it was a usual antic of Eve to pursue referring to him as a girl, but for her to turn away from one of their matches? To him, it was mad.
    With minds like ours, it so easy to get...bored.
    That was the original reason they started The Game, to finally challenge themselves. Of course, Dakota didn't percieve her as much of a threat.
    Then, he smiled again. This was just a part of the game. The challenge of interesting young Eve, drawing her into the danger...well, it was just as fun.

  13. Mixed feelings of frustration and annoyance ran through Evangeline. Partially due to the fact that she was counting on Gray to chase after her. It's what he would most likely do, but for some reason, he didn't even seem to care that she turned down his invitation. It bothered Eve. Wondering why she felt this way, a sudden arose in her cheeks, causing more confusion for the poor girl. Taking a deep breath, she calmed down, and the feelings went away, leaving Eve with a clear mind.

    Part of her still wondered why she refused to take part in the games this time around. They have become more stagnant as the years went by, and whenever Gray would propose one, Eve would always jump at the chance. She could get quite bored, and this was one of the ways she could could keep that boredom at bay. But, her instincts told her not to accept, and her intuition was usually right, so Eve went along with it.

    Nonetheless, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.
  14. Charming people came easily to him when it came to getting what he needed. But here, it was nothing more than proving that even Eve was falible to his tricks.
    Dakota switched his weight to his right foot and let out a small chuckle.
    "Eve, before you go.....Do you remember a certain journal that is currently on display at Augustine's?"
    The red-haired girl stopped in her steps.
  15. Oh, you horrible little git. was one of the examples of what Eve thought in her mind as Gray spoke those words. He knew how to wrap Eve around his little finger, and she hated it.

    "...What about it?" Eve replied, not turning around. What Dakota talked about seemed to be slightly interesting to catch her attention, but he would have to work really hard to keep it.

    She vaguely wondered why he didn't mind getting pelted by little daggers of water. She knew perfectly well that the journal belonged to the well-known Leodardo Da Vinci. Even though Evangeline really looked up to the man, she used her Ten-Times Pocket Traveling Watch to go observe and befriend him. It was her first trip to the past, and she was a little unprepared, but she managed to be on relatively good terms with the genius. Although, their personalities sort of clashed, and it left Eve with not the best impression of him. Nonetheless, she still thought him to be one of the most intelligent people she's ever met. Then again, Eve still held the impression that people thought too highly of him. He could be a real handful at times.

    Whatever the journal held, Eve was sure to know what's in it. Especially since she stole it a number of times when visiting the man in the 1500s.
  16. Dakota knew he had her attention but now he he had to make her acquiesce, and he took one confident stride towards her.
    "Well, I figure it might be something to see who can.... acquire it unconventionally. Same rules of course, one gadget, winner is whoever gets it out without being caught, but..."
    He paused, watching Eve for the slightest sign of succumbing.
    "The Prime minister himself is going to be there as well for the viewing, which means security has been tightened threefold."
    He turned away, and took a step in the opposite direction, "Of course, I can always get it myself and read the morning news about a genius robbery while I drink my morning tea."
  17. Upon hearing this, Evangeline's curious expression turned smug, and she turned her head to look back at her rival.

    "Oh, I accept, but you know, getting attention really isn't my thing, Gray, you should know that," she said lightly, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "But, I do say, you will be in for quite a surprise."

    And with that, she walked away, extremely excited to try out her newly-made invention. Once she knew she was out of Gray's sight, Eve used her Human Warping Transport System to get back to her dual dimension cube. Eve found it in its usual place, up high in an oak tree in the gardens of a vast mansion that she once called home. Opening the little slit, Eve let the cube read her fingerprints, and was allowed entrance. Climbing inside, she got out her portmail, pressed the record button and spoke into the messaging system.

    Sister dearest, I believe that a meeting between estranged siblings is in order. Will you please meet me by father's rosebush? The one that you so unfortunately fell on all those years ago. There are so many things that I want to tell you, but do not tell our lovely father. He will be quite displeased, and you know what happens when gets angry. I will be waiting there at midnight.


    Your Big Sister, Eve Sophrina
  18. Dakota watched as she scurried away down the corner, an unfamiliar sense of unease creeping over him. His gaze began to linger where Eve's shadow had been previous.
    He ignored it, and returned to the task at hand. He would need to go back to Baker St., and prepare for the latest heist. Ha, prepare. As if he weren't already predicting how this night would turn out.
    Dakota had a sense of sight which enabled him to interpret what others could not, yet this gift also made normal life the bane of his existence. Thank god he had the Game to look forward to.
  19. "Sorry Elin, dear sister," Evangeline muttered under her breath while concealing her sister underneath the hedges in their family's mansion. Eve slipped the Identity Borrowing Compact into her pocket. It felt weird being shorter than she usually was. Her hair was now a golden color instead of the unusual red that the family shares. Being a ginger was not really the best, plus it made one stand out a lot more, so her sister dyed it along with the rest of the household. Personally, Eve disapproved, but she no longer lived with them, so it did not matter.
    Eve made her way to the university where her father--the prime minister--would be awaiting his younger daughter to attend.
  20. He pulled on his tailcoat, appearing trimmed and proper as he gazed at his reflection at his home. Dakota tightened his bowtie and tucked the goggles away in the pocket where his recently aqquired invitation lay. A certain... colleague of his owed him a favor and he would just love to watch Eve's face as he walked right through the front door of Augustine's.
    The real DaVinci journal wouldn't be on display, the people who were in charge were at least that intelligent. All Dakota had to do was waltz right in and right back out.