don't you hate it when you have an idea, and you can't say it.

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  1. I have this roleplay idea (well several including some new pairings) that I really really want to do, but I can't think of what they are. IT'S SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT!

    have you ever gone through a phase, where you can't write at all!
  2. Yes, all the time >.< I find going out of the box helps

    • Freewrite. Whatever you have in your head about the idea, write it down. Even if it's super abstract, even if it's just a single area of the setting or object in the world, write about it, explore from it.
    • Draw! Do you think in visuals? Most people do! Doodle and draw and get it in front of you to explore that concept!
    • If it's a pairing idea that you lack plot for, there's a new and handy resource in Roleplay Help for that! ;3
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  3. Do you mean having an idea but not knowing what the idea is?
    Only in a tip of the tongue manner, I had it, a I forgot it, and am now scrambling to remember it.

    Or do you mean in a knowing it but not being able to word it manner?
    Cause that happens to be a good amount, and it really bite's whenever I'm DM'ing a tabletop, because I don't even got the luxury of sitting behind a screen and focusing until it comes back again. That and I'm not so good at wording stuff in general, got into more than a few miss-communications over that before.

    Off Topic Examples

    One time on TS I was talking about the false 'guy kills himself over black lead in star wars' story, and was saying how stupid killing yourself over such a thing is... People misheard it as me saying having a black lead was stupid.

    Another time when me and some friends were doing that "Teens/Young Adults trick-or-treat briefly" deal, and Mom was pulling the whole "It's only for children!" I was somehow misheard as comparing age limits to slavery.
  4. I'm having that problem right now and I hate to make people wait.
    Words, how do I use them?
  5. Minibit as always has good suggestions.

    What I like to do is use notepad (or sublimetext for those who like tabs and autosave) and just... write ANYTHING I have at all. Even if it doesn't make sense. Also, try looking at TV Tropes to see if you can figure it out through that, or use Seventh Sanctum, Chaotic Shiny, or Feath's Bookcase. Any of those three offer random generators that might make the idea click into words.