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  1. My RPC's.. probably wrong forum but oh well :3


    17 year old drug addicted that has failed rehab 4 times, Has no family that she knows of and gets her money to support her expensive habit by working as a tutor at the local Library and stealing other people belongings.

    Role-playing category:
    • Romance (forbidden, taboo, sexual tension)
    • Drama
    • Humour
    • realistic
    Possible scenes
    • Cassandra/Some one trying to get her clean (Mainly romance and Humour)
    • Cassandra/Drug dealer (Role-play as the backstabbing drug dealer who framed her for murder)
    • Cassandra/Finds her long lost brother/sister (can be Incest romance, or just a Dramatic Rp)
    Samantha: (F)
    15 Year old High-school girl who has a fetish for older guys, when alone she loves to watch Hardcore and brutal porn , always day dreaming about being a fully pledged Submissive to a older male. Still a Virgin. She lives with her mother and father and younger brother.

    Role-playing category:
    • Mature
    • submissive/Dom
    • Realistic
    • School
    Possible scenes
    • Samantha/School teacher
    • Samantha/ Total stranger (Kidnaps and forces her into certain things)
    • Samantha / Older Dom who willing to teach her
    Kain: (F)
    107 year old vampire Kain is the only Female fledgling to Dominic. Lord Vampire of Tokyo. Meaning that every single vampire and paranormals alike within Tokyo is out to seek her love to gain higher up in the immortal ranking. Over ever it Kain runs away to america where she hopes for a fresh start and a american boy who would sweep her off her feet.

    Role-playing category:
    • Vampire
    • Paranormal
    • Romance (forbidden love, sexual tension)
    • Humour
    Possible scenes
    • Kain/ paranormal bounty hunter
    • Kain / Demon or Angel
    • Kain / Incubus
    If you have any other RP ideas you wish to Role-Play feel free to ask.Always open for new ideas.
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is on the wrong forum.
    But welcome anyways!

    I'm awfully curious about your Roleplayer's Resume, though. Could you pretty please fill it out for me? :3
  3. An awesome place to store character sheets is the blog section here at Iwaku, for quick and easy access all in one place : )

    Yeah, this forum is meant for your personal introduction (The player) rather than your characters, but still WELCOME FPP!

    Hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions just ask!