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  1. The vibrations of a cellphone on a night stand on the right side of Alejandro's head woke him from his deep slumber. Rolling over onto his side, Alejandro placed his hand blindly on the white night stand covered with stickers in search of his phone. After not being able to find it, Alejandro sat up, and picked his phone up off the night stand. Staring at the caller ID it took Alejandro a moment to realize that it was one of his professors at the college calling. Frowning in confusion, Alejandro hit the answer button, and pressed the phone to his ear.
    "Hello?" He asked groggily into the phone, rubbing his face, and pushing back the thick tendrils of his dreadlocked hair.
    "Alejandro Manning, You didn't show up for class yesterday, and you haven't shown up yet asking about any assignments that weren't given yesterday."
    "Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, I've just been tired..." Alejandro stared down at the large bruise forming on his side.
    Flashes of the other night's incident in which his father had kicked him to the floor, and continued wailing on his side, with kicks, and punches. Alejandro groaned, and slowly stood up from his bed. After receiving his missing assignment, Alejandro said goodbye to his professor, and then hung up, tossing his phone to the bed mattress.
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  2. Zack loved his job. He was in change of helping revitalize the rough did of town. The area was mostly rundown and abandoned houses. Bring south side back to life had been is dream for years. And now he was doing just that. He walked down the street. He smiled when he saw his brother and his crew working on one of the building. This revitalization would do them both alot of good. He continued down the road to the house that was next on his list to inspect. The house on this street were all different. The next an old Victorian. He had to inspect each house and tell the city what they needed and how much he thought it would cost to get the house livable.

  3. Alejandro pulled some clothes on, and then grabbed his phone, and bag before leaving. Slipping past his father who was bumbling about in the kitchen, Alejandro exited the house to find himself in the middle of a bright sunny day. The minute he heard his father yelling for him, Alejandro ran down the steps of the house, and jumped over the small chainlink fence with ease. He bolted down the street taking a quick short cut through the space he usually always did, except this morning there were people there, so Alejandro just ignored them. Alejandro ran all the way to the college campus, slowing down when he reached the front doors.
  4. Zack looked up when he heard the rattling of the fence. He saw a young man running down the street. What the heck he though. Drug deal gone or theft gone bad he decided with a sigh. While most of the houses were empty and had been for years there were some with residents. Even more were refusages for the homeless.he had had to move more than a few homeless out of places that he was inspecting.he thought about calling the cops but decided that I'd would do no good.
  5. Alejandro huffed, and then walked into his art class. After an entire day of lectures, and learning the art of paintbrushes, Alejandro slowly returned home. This time he walked through the street , taking in his surroundings. He stared at the houses that contained equipment around them. He remembered that someone had been fixing up this run down neighbourhood. Alejandro regretted returning him, because the moment he entered the house, he found himself pulled to the floor. Grunting, Alejandro braced for whatever kind of beating his father had for him today. The beating of the day was one with a leather belt, and it came down on his back with a loud snap.
  6. Zack's radio crack and the same time as anither sound filled the air near him. A sound that he had only heard once but would never forget. He pulled his radio from his belt as he ran. "Griffin I need help a house number ten." He told his brother. Zack wasn't a fighter. He never had been but Griffin and some of the other men were. He just had to buy them time to get there. He ran towards the sound he jerked the door open. "Stop!"
  7. Alejandro didn't really fight back against his father, and she kinda laid there, eyes close forehead pressed against the floor, holding his dreadlocks out of the way. When he heard someone yelling stop, he hoped his father would stop, but he never did, another barage of smacks from his father belt rained down upon his back, and they were becoming sore quickly. It was bad enough that the bruise on his side was hurting, but now his back was throbbing with pain.
  8. Zack grabbed the older mans arm since he hasn't seemed to hear him. The man turned hate filled eyestowards him. "Run!" He shouted to the person on the floor. He couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. The person was small and thin. He or she was curled into a ball hiding anything Zack could use to identify them. Not that it made an difference to him. He would help the person no matter what sex they were.
  9. Alejandro scrambled up from the floor, and ran out the front door the way he had come in, and quickly jumped over the fence. There was were he sat down, and curled around his legs trying to calm himself down from crying. He didn't want to show anybody that he wasn't tough. Alejandro wasn't sure if the man who had saved him from his father, would come to check on him to make sure he was ok. Reaching into his bag, he fumbled for his phone, and finally pulled it out. He quickly dialed his grandmother's number, and waited for an answer, but there was none.
  10. Zack was relieved when the person scrambed out of the house. Unfortunately because he was watching the victim he didn't see the punch coming. The older man clocked him upside the head. Zack saw stars. His knees gave out. He heard sirens or thought his did. One minute the older man was pounding on him the next it stopped. Zack managed to look up to see his brother glaring angrily at him. "Next time you decide to play knigh remember your armor."
  11. Alejandro tossed her phone to the ground, and screamed in frustration. He asked what had just happened, and then looked up as a couple of ambulances pulled up. Insecurely wrapping his arms around his body, Alejandro ignored the paramedics, not wanting to show them his wounds. He just wanted to find out what happened to the man how saved him, so he peered towards the house.
  12. Zack was arguing with his brother as the paramedics loaded him onto a strether. "You has to find the kid Griffin. You have to make sure he or she is alright."

    "I don't have to do anything but make sure you get taking care of." His brother growled.

    "I'm fine. Send one of the men with you if it makes you feel better. But you have to find the kid. You know what he's going through."

    Griffin sighed. He signaled for one of his men. "Ralf go with my heroic brother while I search for a lost victim."
  13. Alejandro stayed leaned against the fence, watching everything before him, he eventually got up, and moved towards the ambulance his knight in shining armour was in. "I-I"ll go" He stammered looking at the man on the stretcher. He wanted to know why the man had saved him. He stared at the man, his face going red as he did.
  14. Zack beamed. He struggled to sit up. His brother turned and glared at the younger man. "Griffin." He warned. His brother turned his angry glare towards him. Zack looked at his brother calmly. Griffin stormed off without a word. He wasn't worried though. He knew his brother would be at the hospital long before he arrive. "Thank you for coming back." Zack told the he decided. It was still hard to tell but he was leaning towards the victim being male. The EMT loaded him into the ambulance.
  15. Alejandro climbed into the ambulance, and then looked at the man. "Why did you save me?" He asked studying that man. Alejandro didn't want to admit that the man was good looking, but that's not why he was there. He could see slight confusion within the man's eyes. "If your wondering I am male... I had a sex change about a year ago..."
  16. "Sorry. I didn't mean to stare. I've never been good with telling men and woman apart. Unless they are blatantly one or another. But it has to be VERY obvious. I didn't mean anything by it." Zack apologized. "As for why I saved you. It alittle harder to explain. You see my brother was kidnapped when we were seven. He was head for almost three years. I only got him back because someone heard him crying in the house where he was being held. Since then I always keep an ear out for anyone who might need rescuing."
  17. Alejandro nodded slowly, and then shifted into a more comfortable sitting position. "Um... You know... You're really good looking." Alejandro looked away from the man, and pushed his dreads back behind his shoulders. He slowly began playing with his tongue ring placing it between his teeth, and twirling it around.
  18. Zack blushed. "I doubt that I look very good right now. But thank you." No one had ever complimented him like that. Oh he knew he was attractive. A lot of people both male and female hit on him over the years. But no one had ever came right out an said that they found him attractive. It made him feel self cautious. "I am glad that I was there to help you. Im even gladder to see that your alright. Thank you for riding with me. Griffin wouldn't wanted me to go alone but he doesn't do well in small paces."
  19. Alejandro nodded, and then looked about the ambulance. "You know... it's not just my father who abuses me. It's even my mother, but she does so in a different way just because I've had the sex change. But both of them are divorced, so I only see one at a time, and the only one I can trust is my grandmother, but that's because she supported my sex change. She even paid for some of it."
  20. "Why do you stay with them if they treat you like that?" Zack asked. He couldn't understand someone living through that. Griffin had had no choice. But as far as he could tell Alejandro had a choice. He didn't ask how the other man's mother abused him. If it wasn't was physical that left emotional and sexual. If Alexjandro wanted to tell him he would listen, but he would never ask. He knew how hard it could be to talk about something like that.
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