Don't trust me

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  1. The college campus was busteling. It was monday afternoon. People were going to classes, coming from classes, or just killing time until their next class. In the middle of the court yard, under the shade of an old oak tree, was the new girl to the town. The young girl had a calculous book in her lap, and was doing work off to the side. She had already been there for a few weeks, and had a reputation of being smart, but also a partier. She never missed any social gatherings, and was almost always at a party. Though, no one ever saw her actually take more then a couple shots. The pale girls long black hair fell around her face as she studied. Her green eyes concentrated on the book. Sayomi already knew the contents of the book inside and out. And the same with the physics book that was under it. This was not her first time going to a community college. And though it would be awhile after she left here that she would go to another, it would not be her last. As the girl finished up the question, she bit the left side of her lip, a slightly large canine showing. She pressed her head against the tree, and looked over her work. Her hand writing looking more like something from long ago. More like caligraphy then actual normal every day writing. She smiled as she made sure everything was right.

    She stayed sitting under the shade of the tree, watching the people walk around in the warm sun. Almost all the girls looked the same, and the guys veried a little to her, but not much. Everyone was too much a like for her taste. No one was different from eachother. She felt like she stood out like a sore thumb. She had long black hair, unlike all the unnatural red heads, or the bleach blondes that walked the campus. She wore black leggings, with a form fitting, off the shoulder long sleeve shirt, with black and silver heels. All the other girls walking around the campus wore short shorts, and tank tops, too much make up, and too much perfume. Though the girl was different, she knew that most guys and even some of the girls were attracted to her beauty. It came with being a vampire, but also made her hunt much easier.
  2. The afternoon was just like any other summer afternoon, the sun blistering down, heating up anything that came into its light. As people left their class you could already see on their faces how the sunlight was starting to heat them up causing them to rush past people to get to their next class or to beat others to the few spots of shade around.
    As Darryl left the his class he stopped and looked slightly up at the sun taking in a deep breath of air, although he was wearing converse, jeans and a shirt, he loved to just stand under the sun he hated any weather that meant him getting cold or wet or even worse both. Also to his liking of the sun he liked to sit in some shade as he waited for his next class which was an hour from now, he headed over towards the Oak tree in the center of the courtyard, not realizing just yet that someone was already there until he reached it. He smiled as he saw the girl, a very attractive girl at that as most of the girls in the college looked like plastic dolls. "Looks like I'm beaten" Darryl said with a calm tone and a smile trying not to jump the girl.