Don't Touch

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  1. Marcus drove down the street silently listening to his music. As the heavy base pumped from his speakers he thought about what his boss had told him. He wasn't allowed back into the precinct for a week. He was on mandatory leave for shooting a criminal. He had no mental instabilities. The man was a racist and an Identified rapist. When he confronted the man about raping elf women he drew a gun, thankfully Marcus was faster. He shot the man down, with eight bullets. 7 to the heart, and one to the throat. It may have been overkill but he still deserved it. Marcus Scowled to himself As he looked at his police badge sitting on the dash of his car. It pissed him off knowing he couldn't do what he liked most for two weeks. What would he do in that time. He could always work on his car.
  2. Illyia had just gotten out school. She was pretty happy with how things were going, to be honest. Sure, there were bullies, but at least she got to go to school. As she walked home, Illiya whistled a nice little tune, kicking a rock along the side-walk as she went along. Yes, things were going quite well. She even had some friends. She didn't feel alone whenever the human students would taunt. It was a shame she had to walk home alone though, she always got dirty looks.
  3. As Marcus drove down the street he flicked his head lights on finaly as it got dark. Just as his light's flickered on he drove past a group of boys walking a couple yards behind a young elven girl. As he drove by the boys waved at him but he ignored them keeping his eyes focused on the girl. It wasn't safe for a elf her age to walk alone. No matter how equal we say they are, most people didn't see it that way. As he finally passed her he thought to himself how it would feel to be an elf like some of the other guys and girls he worked with. It couldn't be easy in this world. About a mile down the road Marcus stopped and turned around. He could at least offer the girl a ride home, especially seeing how it was dark out.
  4. Only when the car passed did Illyia realize there were people walking behind her. She heard them call a quick greeting to the man in the car. She turned to see a few boys from school following her. Illyia quickened her pace now, feeling uneasy. In response, the boys quickened their pace as well. "Where ya going, elf?" one called out, spitting the word 'elf' out with virulence.

    She ignored him and kept walking, no longer whistling. Didn't they harass her enough at school? Now they were following her home? Though she was walking pretty fast now, she soon felt their presence close behind. Turning slightly, she saw that they were now only a few feet behind, giving her malevolent smirks.
  5. As Marcus Began driving back down the road he flipped his music off the silence of the night filling the air. But that silence was quickly washed away by a single solitary scream, from the direction he was now headed. Pressing his foot down on the petal harder he gunned it down the road reaching into his glove box and pulling out a Smith and Wesson 44. caliber revolver. His own pistol he used while serving on the force. As he drew near the location of the young elf from before that's when he saw her being dragged into a back alley by the boys from before. Screaching to a halt he shoved the door open and ran to the alley in time to see the boys fighting to get the girls clothes off of her as she kicked and fought to get away.

    In an instant a blind rage washed over him as he stepped foreward, Gripping one of the boys tightly by his hair and jolted his head backwords with a quick and hard jerk. The boy screamed out in pain causing the others to stop for a moment in there tracks. Marcuse glared down at the boy before throwing him to the ground bringing his gun to face the second boy as he said angrilly "Let the girl go, or I'll kill you in self defense." The boy stared down the barrell for a moment before releasing the now crying girl and stepping back against the wall along with the other boy. He had almost wanted more of a fight. But when he didn't get one he was releaved, he didn't want to add killing a high schooler in self defense to his resume. Glaring at the boys he slowly Holstered his gun and Leaned down picking up the young elf girl in his arms. Marcus smiled down at the young elf before saying "Don't worry I got you."

    He took one last look at the boys before carrying her to his car. Opening the passenger door he set her gently down on the leather apolstry. He closed the door and the sound of it shutting echoed throughout the street and was quickly acomponied by the sound of his door shutting as well. Marcus shifted the car back into gear before turning the car around driving back the way he was origenally headed before saying calmly "Where do you live kid?" He was going to take her home and explain to who ever was her guardian that she needed to have a ride to and from school or at least some one to walk with her.
  6. When she felt one of them grab her wrist, she tried to tug away. "Hey, let go!" she told him. As the others joined in, each grabbing at her and dragging her off, Illyia knew they weren't just going to tease her. She screamed as loudly as she possibly could, now struggling against them, trying to get out of their grip. What if no one comes? She wondered. After all, no one really seemed to care about what happens to elves. Tears started streaming down her cheeks as one of the sleeves of her t-shirt was torn and the other boys went to work on her pants.

    Just then, one of the boys was jerked back. She covered her head as she saw a gun being pulled out, wondering what was going on. Illyia was far too scared to look up, even if the man who was yelling at the boys just saved her. She let herself be carried off, still shaking and sobbing quietly. Illyia looked at the man once he was in the car, wiping tears away. "Just... A few blocks that way," she said, pointing in the direction she'd been walking. "Who... Are you?" she asked nervously. "I can walk," she told him quickly, feeling nervous. "Humans aren't exactly the people I want to be stuck in a car in," Illyia admitted. "Thank you though."
  7. Marcus turned to look at the girl for a moment before bringing his eyes back to the road saying "The Name's Marcus. Officer Marcus Castle. So don't be afraid of me. I'm one of the good guys." As he drove down the street he stayed Silent for a moment until the girl pointed out her house. It wasn't a very large house, but what could he expect from an elf family. They weren't the first pick for good jobs. As He pulled into the driveway he turned the engine off and pulled the keys out saying "I Have to talk to your parents for a moment if you don't mind. As He climbed out of his car he waited for her and followed behind her as she stepped up to her house. As she rang the doorbell Marcus stayed back a little. He wasn't the most comfortable when confronting people for the first time, and he figured it best for her to explain the situation.
  8. Illyia nodded a little, sighing with relief. She pointed out her house and waited as he parked the car, nodding to him, she got out. She was a little nervous, her father wouldn't be too happy to hear about this ordeal. After she'd begged him to let her go to school and convinced him it was just a little teasing, nothing serious. "You only have to deal with my dad," she told Marcus as she rang the doorbell.

    Her father, a tall, scruffy kind of elf with a mustache came out. Before he could jump to any conclusions about his daughter's torn t-shirt and a large man, Illyia explained everything. She stepped aside to let her father and Marcus talk. "Thank you for helping my daughter, sir," her father said, nodding his head respectfully.