~Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time~ Seeking Advanced/Prestige writers (Male characters desired)

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  1. Hey there! I'm Liz, and as this thread suggests, I am looking for some new roleplay partners. I am looking for someone who would enjoy playing a male character opposite a female of my own, and would prefer someone who wrote at Advanced/Prestige level.

    I'm going to mix things up a little. I have detailed plot ideas for each of the pictures below, but I've decided not to post them in this thread. I want to see what your initial thoughts are on the pictures and the 'blurbs' beneath them. If you're interested, please send me a Pm with the following.

    -A writing sample, or directions to where I can find one.
    -Your favorite song at the moment.
    -Your initial thoughts/inspiration on whatever idea caught your eye.

    A sample of my writing can be found below, beneath 'Red'. It's a little short compared to what I would post for an intro, but it should give you a good feel of my writing. If you'd like another sample, feel free to ask.

    Please note: I have more ideas and images than those listed below, but this thread is looking a little long. If nothing here catches your interest, feel free to come to me with your own ideas or a genre of interest!



    The world was frozen; silent at last in the amber glow of morning. She was certain time itself had paused in the midst of the sunrise, as though it had looked down upon the earth and realized it should have turned back. The red in the sky could not compete with the red of the earth, a shocking shade of scarlet that could only be achieved in death. Death stained the grass, the dirt, the small patches of heather that had been purple the evening prior. She had lost battles before, but the scene that stretched before her did not speak of defeat in war.

    This was slaughter.

    The pounding of her heart matched the slow thud of her boots as she made her way up the hill, stepping around the bodies of the fallen. Every footfall seemed heavier than the last, building with the crushing weight in her chest as her eyes scanned the faces of those who had been lost in the chaos. They were fixed in agony and fear, eyes empty as though they had seen there was nothing to fight for. As though they had seen the end of the world...And truly, it was the end.

    The instant she reached the top of the hill the air fled her lungs, leaving her breathless as she looked over the valley in which they come to their ruin. The scarlet stain of bodies stretched for miles, massacred like pieces of meat that had been thrown to the hounds. Without the chance to age and brown, the gore was still shining like the glint of armor in that bloody sunrise. This dawn, this new day, would be the end of her. Her kingdom had been brought to its knees; and then massacred, because bowing was no longer enough.

    She might have fallen herself, had a pair of strong hands not reached out to grip the armor at her waist. Every nerve in her body sang with alarm as those fingers found the place below her ribs, and squeezed with a force that was inhuman. The sharp sound of the metal met her ears as her armor bent inwards, pressing against her skin with threatening force. He was reminding her, in no uncertain terms, that he had every right to crush her. It would be a cruel death; perhaps a fitting one, after what she'd done to him. When she gave no acknowledgement of his presence he pulled her back a step, forcing her against his chest in a move that was all too familiar. There was no tenderness now, but a reminder of the vow she had broken to him.

    "I warned you."

    "I had to try."

    The grip at her waist tightened, causing a sharp pain to shoot through the lowest of her ribs. She would not give him the satisfaction of cringing; she would not flinch in the face of death. The cost of her betrayal had always been clear, but she had not expected that it would have no purpose. She had believed, with every fiber of her being, that this was a battle she could win. The sea of death before them was nothing but a reminder of how wrong she'd been. Her eyes burned with angry tears as he leaned forward, pressing his jaw against the curve of her cheek.

    "I told you that you would fail."

    "I couldn't have lived with myself..."

    "How convenient, that you won't have to."

    When she closed her eyes against sun, all she could see was red.

    ~The Fall~


    The clock struck twelve, his true love is dead, and the murderess swallowed the potion.


    "...and all this for Oregon...I am thinking as I write, 'Oh Oregon, you must be a wonderful country'" -Amelia Stewart Knight, June 1, 1853

    ~No Return~

    "Our lives are one masked ball."-Gaston Leroux

    What if home wasn't a place, but a person? What would it mean, if 'home' could leave you?

    ~A Touch~

    If death could stain a room so permanently that they had to tear up the floorboards, then what could it do to two hands?

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