Don't Rest Your Head: A tale in two cities.

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Welcome to A tale in two cities, the moment you stopped sleeping, exhaustion, madness, discipline and pain took over your life and now if you fall asleep, you're better off dead.

In order to survive in the mad city you need to ask yourself the critical questions.

Whats been keeping me awake?

What just happened to me?

Whats on the surface?

What lies beneath?

What is me path?

Once you have answered these you might stand a chance, just remember: Don't rest your head.


Character Sheet

My name is:
And I am:
Whats been keeping you awake?
The reason you haven't been able to sleep, money troubles, mafia hitmen, cops, or just too much caffeine.
What just happened to you?
Your immediate history, keep the details down as this will also be your first post. Did get run over only to get up and walk away or witness your wife's head being reduced to chunky salsa the the loan shark you failed to pay?
Whats on the surface?
If a stranger spent 5 minuets in a room with you what impression would they get? This is your outer personality.
what lies beneath?
You lives with someone your whole life (or they held you out over the volcano's edge), what would they have to say about you. This is your inner personality.
What is your path?
If the GM broke his neck on someone's boot, what you do? This is your goal, this is what drives you. This is why you keep going then other men would have fallen to the madness. Did your wife or child disappear? Or are you just trying to change your life and leave all the lies behind? I will be basing a lot of the plot on your goals

Discipline:( )( )( )
Permanent Madness:( )( )( )
Current Exhaustion:( )( )( )

Current Responses:
Fight: ( )( )( )
Flight: ( )( )( )

Exhaustion Talent:
Should fit with your character's history.
Madness Talent:



My name is: Mathew Chase
And I am: An unemployed shadow of a man whose turned to drugs.
Whats been keeping you awake?
The debt was due yesterday, but its been keeping me awake for weeks. These are not the kind of guys you keep waiting.
What just happened to you?
They came for the debt, or my blood.
Whats on the surface?
A wreck. The shadow of a man that never even was in the middle of an involuntary purge as he can't scrape together enough to fuel his addiction.
what lies beneath?
The man that could have been is still trying to be along with the cheerful kid who once walked the high school not 3 blocks away.
What is your path?
I know I could be that better person if I tried, to get that girl I fancied in school, get a job and to not have to beg to get a hit.

Discipline:( )( )( )
Permanent Madness:( )( )( )
Current Exhaustion:( )( )( )

Current Responses:
Fight: ( )
Flight: ( )( )

Exhaustion Talent:
Always been a fast talker when hes been under threat and would able to talk his way out of Alcatraz if charges weren't easier to avoid.
Madness Talent:
Able to control the consistency of his own body.
Minor: Making himself soft enough to squeeze through a gap or hard enough to take a bat to the head without falling over.
Major: Bouncy rubber or hard diamond.
Its been said but I'll say it again: YOUR GOALS WILL DECIDE A LOT OF THE PLOT. That why I've said very little here.

If you need help I'll be more than happy to walk you through making a sheet, Grumpy and Alarice are familiar with character creation too.


Brianna Montague (Alarice)
Andrew Webbing (Grumpy)
Mick Parker (WMD)



Despair: 0
Hope: 0
*Wicked grin* Now we're talking!

My name is: Brianna Montague

And I am: A quiet, dedicated librarian living a dull, boring life ...

Whats been keeping you awake?
The restless feeling that there is something missing in her life, that she is trapped and isolated. She is so lucky to have what she has: a job in this economy, a loving family, a boyfriend even ... But she wants something more! She just ... doesn't know what that "something" is and it's eating her up inside.

What just happened to you?
She's always suffered from insomnia. She's just never had it so bad. When she should be asleep, she's restless, full of energy. Like when you know an exam is scheduled for school or you're about to be in a talent show. Except ... there is no exam, no school, and certainly no talent show. It's weird. Really, really weird. And then it happened. She had to work late. Catch the train. Just a shame the train didn't wind up to the place it was scheduled to go ...

Whats on the surface?
A quiet, well-mannered girl. Conservative and old fashioned. "Such a nice girl from a good family, respectful and honest." She strives to please everyone, although she realizes that's impossible, and is willing to agree just so she won't make anyone mad. She's a doormat, submissive, and polite to a fault. Even in moments when she should be raging mad, she buries it down inside and continues on with her life.

what lies beneath?
She's tired. Tired of being nice, of taking care of everyone's needs but her own, of taking everyone's shit and not being able to deal back her own. She wants to let loose, have fun, take life by the horns and make it bow down before her for a change. Brianna is not content with the life she has and is willing to make a change. For better or for worst ...

What is your path?
The path of an adventurer, a soul who yearns to be free. There is something out there for her and she wants to find it. Risk? She'll take it. You only live once. She's been sheltered for far too long and it's time she actually "lived" her life.

Discipline:( )( )( )
Permanent Madness:( )( )( )
Current Exhaustion:(X)( )( )

Current Responses:
Fight: (X)
Flight: (X)( )


Exhaustion Talent: Quick Learning - Ability to learn things quickly whether through reading, watching, or listening. In school, Brianna was known for having excellent grades.

Madness Talent: U is for Underground ... The trains run everywhere and all subways are the same subway. I control where the trains run, when they run, if they run at all. I can take you to where you need to go, get on in New York City, step off in Tokyo or I can leave your ass scorching in hell. I can summon a train to crash through a wall and make you eat tons of steel and leather. It's a hard, dirty job ... but someone has to enjoy it.


My name is:
Andrew Webbing

And I am:
A former athlete turned drug mule for a bunch of rather unpleasent individuals.

What's Been Keeping You Awake?
Putting it simply, I killed a police officer last week.

He cornered me in an alleyway about three miles from my drop-point and demanded to know what I was doing. I tried to talk my way out of it, but he wasn't having any of it. Finally, when he went to arrest me, I drew on him and fired twice.

Can still hear those gunshots ringing through my head now, refusing to let me sleep.

What Just Happened to You?
Turns out the man I killed was something of a hero cop, and so the police are out on force to get me. My bosses basically abandoned me, and so I've been lying low at a friend's house. Only just a minute ago, I heard the sirens approaching, surrounding the house, and the sound of voices calling for everyone to exit the building.

They've found me. I've gotta get out of here.

Whats on the Surface?
A lithe, athletic individual. Not heavily muscled, but with a wiry strength. People often ask me what I compete in, to which I reply I haven't in a long time. There's a harried, stressed look to my face, however, suggesting that not all is well.

What Lies Beneath?
I hate what I've become. I hate the people I work for and I hate what they've made me do. Self-loathing is the name of the game, in short.

What is your Path?
I want my life back. I need to get shot of those fucking dealers who've abandoned me and get back on the straight and narrow. I need to evade capture by the police and find a way out of the mess I've made. And most of all, I need to atone for the murder of that cop.

Permanent Madness:(X)(X)(X)
Current Exhaustion:(X)(X)(X)

Current Responses:
Fight: (X)
Flight: (X)(X)

Exhaustion Talent:

Madness Talent:
Juggernaut - When I start moving, there's just about nothing in the Mad City that can stop me when I hit them. I'm able to charge through walls and buildings, knock aside people and other obstacles as if they weren't even there.

(1 – 2 dice) Start moving, and and knock aside a group of people or reasonably sized objects like cars and flimsy walls. This will last for only a minute or two, however.
(3 – 4 dice) Start moving, and be able to smash through fortifications, walls, even a tank or even a large crowd of people. Make like Jesus and run across water, or even across lava without hurting yourself or sinking in. You can keep this up for up to five minutes.
(5 – 6 dice) Start moving, and literally nothing can get in your way. Smash through whole city blocks, a convoy of armoured vehicles and tanks, or really fuck with the stasis-quo and charge into other dimensions; knock a way into Heaven or Hell, the Dreamlands or any number of other dimensions before bursting out into this dimension hundreds of miles away. Just be careful what you bring back with you.

Welcome to the awake Alarice and grumpy! Why don't you take a nice nap while we wait for more people to leave the city slumbering behind.

Van run with just the two of you but I'll try to kidnap more.
I've found that DRyH works best with a few players. Protagonists tend to hog the spot-light a lot and it gets bloody confusing when there's four of them trying to do so.

Hmm. Then I may as well have made this private as I've had Ala hooked since you told me about DRYH. Ill see if one other player wants to join though.
My name is: Mick Parker
And I am: An ever Drinking Drunkard
Whats been keeping you awake? I barely escaped this monster like thing with my life. alcohol numbs the fear but i cant even pass out
What just happened to you?One night whilst drinking with newfound mates, Mick and his freinds were preyed upon by a foul, hellish monster, it tore his friends to ribbons and only fled when drenched in alcohol, that alcohol set alight and after it was knocked from the sixth story of a construction site.
Whats on the surface? Drunk, but coherent in a way, though he focuses on simple things and with no real goals or
what lies beneath?
Inside, I carry the scars of being a sole survivor, i carry the fear that the creature will return and above all else, i carry a burning hate for the word around me, and an overwhelming desire to tear it all down
What is your path?
Destruction: myself, or of the evil in Mad City, one has to go.
Righteousness: do not bend, do not break, glory will be yours.

Permanent Madness:(*)(*)(*)
Current Exhaustion:(*)(*)(*)()

Current Responses:
Fight: (*)()()
Flight: (*)()()

Exhaustion Talent: Gimme Fuel Gimme Fire, gimme that which i desire
When Mick wants something, nothing will stop him, be it man, nightmare or God itself.

His talent in this respect is his increased strength, which comes in handy when using melee weapons, your fists or lifting/moving objects (or even using the strength of his grip to hold onto a ledge)

Madness Talent: Monster Within
change painfully wracks your body, but you become, stronger, harder faster, able to fight better, but each time you change, the chance that you wont come back grows and grows, until you're constantly changing forms, in bits and peices, unable to remain in any one form.
in short, you become the Everchanging.

1-2 dice: minor change, like chest only, or arms only, or hands and feet only, etc.
3-4 dice: major change: limbs and torso, or torso and head, etc.
5-6 dice: total change: Micks entire body changes.

Mick has a few forms, take these as the 'basics' if an insanity power could be called that



(look at for a better idea of what the last dude is)

Scars a great big fuckoff scar that crosses his neck from the left almost to the right, but descends down to his chest.
Ok WMD Characterization looks good. Though you may want to re-thing your madness talent as there are no hit points in HRYH. Madness talent are also meant to be completely impossible in the real world, the more batshit crazy the better. The Don't lose your mind book has prime examples.
WMD, fast forwarding you a few days just how many is up to you, we can cover anything that needs to happen in those days later, pick yourself a fun spot, a bar, your apartment, you're going to get visitors.

Grumpy, love where you are, I'll be posting soon.

Ok Grumpy, these are your average swat grunts, at 3 pain dice each they're as good as awake humans get, They also work well together, but the rear guy does not have a show and has yet to react to your flight so he only ads 1 die.

Thats 4 pain dice. What say what you're rolling for here and do so. Then I'll roll the pain. I will allow a minor use of your madness talent to bowl them over.
I'll let you set the scene WDM. The sort of place would frequent/afford.
You doing all the rolling yourself, Vay, or am I rolling them myself?

I'll be rolling the 3 Disipline as per usual, and I think I'll amp up my Exhaustion by 1 as well. And chuck 2 Madness in there, too, to justify the Juggernauting of these fellas.
You roll, just label what each throw and use the [roll] 1d6 [ /roll] syntax
Ok WMD, Need you to do two rolls. First will be a fight with the muggers, 5 men, their leader counting for 2 pain die the rest adding 1 each, that 6 pain dice heading your way. Second you'll roll no matter how the first roll goes at 4 pain.

Minor use of your madness power is allowed for the first roll.
Ok WMD, Need you to do two rolls. First will be a fight with the muggers, 5 men, their leader counting for 2 pain die the rest adding 1 each, that 6 pain dice heading your way. Second you'll roll no matter how the first roll goes at 4 pain.

Minor use of your madness power is allowed for the first roll.

right so say i wanna roll one exhaustion dice with gimme fuel gimme fire and one madness dice on the hands of the chaos warrior (big and steel plated) though he isnt summoning it on purpose. that'd be one madness dice, one exhaustion dice and how many other dice?
[roll]1d6[/roll] = Discipline 1
[roll]1d6[/roll] = discipline 2
[roll]1d6[/roll] = discipline 3
[roll]1d6[/roll] = Exhaustion 1
[roll]1d6[/roll] = Madness (hands transforming into chaos warrior hands) 1

EDIT: its not working......