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  1. How does one deal with harassing texts from an unknown number? I'm not that easily hurt but I'm a little worried that if I ignore this kind of cyberbullying it would just get worse.

    I have people to back me up so I'm not alone. I told my mom and my best friend just in case. Thing is the texts seem to be targeting my bestfriend as well, in a really backhanded way... as if to try and drive a rift between us...

    And I only give my number to close friends and family. Lately I had to give it to some groupmates for class projects but I doubt it's them. Who could have gotten my number?
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  2. Heh I meant 'bestfriend' where predictive typing put in bedtime lol
  3. Huh... You're the second case I've been alerted of... Sorry to pry, but, what exactly were the texts about? To get an idea if it's the same person?
    As for acquiring the number; I would guess, if you're sure no-one you know would give that sorta thing out, it would be the same way telemarketers acquire the number; from the internet somewhere...
    This is just speculation mind you :S

    You'll have to search for your specific phone and provider though!

    But I would definitely just ignore it. When it's just casual bullies, they get bored of using tools for harassment after awhile when they find out they're ineffective. o___o If it ESCALATES (threats and violence), I would a police report and let them assholes know you don't play around when it concerns your safety and peace of mind.
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  5. Yo, just block them. Nothing pisses assholes off more than shouting at deaf ears.
  6. One of the Facebook communities I'm in has a sub-division where they sometimes resort to that level of trolling/harassment.

    I don't take part in it mind you, I personallt find that sub-division rather barbaric. But I've seen how they operate cause they keep coming back and talking about it to all of us who didn't go along.

    And in those cases? Blocking them adds to the fire, it let's them know that you're being affected by this and are hurt.
    It will drive them to work around the block (which people can, very easily) and do it again with bigger force.
    Ignoring it is the best method to have them wander off and leave you alone.
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  7. It's about the nature of me and my bestfriend's friendship, if we're really 'best friends'? The sender also seemed to have some hatred towards me for being so close to her, I guess, from what I could glean from the texts. Something about me being something of a leech was implied.

    Hey. I know I can be clingy, but I'm learning not to be overly dependent on others. 'Sides, I only see my friend about once a week at best, so that's not even an option now?

    They also seemed to try and act familiarly with me, asking me how I was doing and if I was alright after that big fuck-up last year (they indirectly referenced something that I don't wish to talk about). The later part told me that this was probably someone who knew me, or at least knew enough about me from others.

    I don't get it. How can someone hate or dislike me enough to send me those messages? Unless they're doing it for the hell of it or just because they can :/ This is a new experience since I didn't really get bullied that much in high school as one of the fairly popular but not part of the 'cool kids' crowd. I don't go out of my way to hurt or snub other people. I'm shy in real life, talking to strangers and classmates isn't easy for me outside of classwork.

    Lol, I guess I feel more affected by what they said than I should be :/ Dealing with some insecurity issues, basically what was said in those texts kinda bothered those issues again.

    But I think I'll be ok. ^^; My bestfriend was actually more mad about the texts than I am. I never doubted our friendship for once though sometimes I still feel like I'm holding her back.
  8. Quoted for emphasis.

    As long as it's texts, you are the one empowering or dis-empowering them by how you choose to react. Their purpose is to provoke a reaction. That's all there is to it.

    As for the content reflecting on your person, consider who is sending it. You might not know who they are, but what you do know is that they're spending a good chunk of time trying to get under your skin. Yet, what kind of person feels compelled to hurt others to that extent? It's not someone who is happy with their selves, because if they were, why would they give a fuck about trying to make others feel bad? It's misdirected anger and sadness, more than anything. They're uncomfortable with their selves or an aspect of their lives. Else they would not need to express it. Honestly, most of it comes down to "I really need a hug."
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