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Don't post at night

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. dont post at night
    I know you're looking at that page
    And you're feelin kinda brave
    Walk away don't start a fight
    Don't post at night
    You know it's probably trollbait
    You'll see it clearer in the day-ay
    Oh woah oh
    Don't post at night

    Remember last time I
    Tried to post at night
    I walked
    In the trap

    Thought I sounded great
    But I sealed my fate
    When I
    Hit send

    Don't post at night

    (A parody of Last Friday Night inspired by another parody of last Friday Night)

    I often have to remind myself not to post in certain situations when I'm tired. It's hard enough for me to tell when someone's trolling when I'm functioning like a human >.>'​
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  2. Don't post at night.
    Less chance of depression that way.

    The end.
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  3. don'tt post at night
    more sleeps that way
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  4. Latenight posting, the drunk text of the internet.
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  5. .___. *scurries away because she's a suspect of late night posting after bed*
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  6. ALWAYS REMEMBER: If you are posting to correct or yell at someone in a random dumb topic, it's probably a waste of energy! O__O

    I always avoid getting involved in things during period week. .____.; that always leads to trouble. Stuff I normally just shrug off and ignore will irritate the fuck out of me, and then I want to verbally crush people for being stupid. And then their responses just make me MORE angry and it becomes this cycle of stupid.
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  7. It's too bad you didn't parody the MLP parody of the Minecraft parody.

    There can never be too many layers.
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  8. That's why L Change the World (the novel) is one of my favourite things. It's a light novel inspired by the livea ction Death Note movies which were spin offs of the anime adaptation of the manga. So it's a spinoff of a spinoff of an adaptation.
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  9. But my caffeine-fueled all-nigher posts are some of the most entertaining to look back on...
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  10. What else will I do at night then?!?!
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  11. I propose we post only at night instead.
    More interesting that way.
  12. Nothing good happens after 1:00am.
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  13. That's when the party gets started.
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