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    Yuui silently packed his bags for the camping trip.
    He wished he had some company, but he couldn't naturally make friends.
    It didn't exactly bother him, but he just wished he could have someone to vent out too or to go out for coffee or something.
    As he finished packing, he let out a sigh of relief. "Thank heavens.. That was a waste of an hour. But, it's better pack what you need than to pack what you don't need." He muttered before draping the back over his shoulder, letting out a soft grunt as it hit his back. He then walked out of his dorm, going down to his car and stepping in, setting his bag down next to him as he starts his car.

    Finally after about three hours, he finally reaches the forest.
    He smiles triumphantly before walking down the trail, looking for a nice place to set down camp.
    He finally sees a nice small clearing right next to the trail, so he starts to set up his stuff. It was almost nightfall, so he had to hurry and make a fire.

    "Phew~" He wiped his forehead once everything was finished, he had his tent set up and a fire burning.​
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  2. Deivyn Zeseran wandered quietly down the path, his ears flat against his head and his tail wrapped around his waist. He wore his usual outfit of a torn grey shirt and a black flannel jacket with black jeans, no shoes. He paused, noticing a new fire at a previously empty campground. He tilted his head curiously, slipping behind a few trees to observe the new person. He watched curiously for a few moments before a small explosion went off at another campground. Unknown to Deivyn, they had fireworks. To him, however, it was just a lot of loud noise. With a slight whimper he took off, quickly returning to the lake up the trail. He swam, or well, paddled, across and climbed behind the waterfall. Curling up in his cave, he hid his face behind his tail, shivering a little from the cold water and whining softly, the sound having made his ears ring a little.
  3. Yuui heard a loud boom and he looked up, noticing that it was some Fireworks.
    He smiled a bit and chuckled before hearing a branch snap, leading his attention to behind the bushes. "Hello?" He asks, walking over.
    He looks behind the bush, seeing as no one was there which makes him sigh. "Well then." He shrugs a bit before walking back over to the trail, he knew it led to somewhere near a lake and he wanted to see it himself, since he'd heard it was beautiful.
    Finally after a few minutes he'd finally reached the lake, making him raise an eyebrow "Wow, you are very beautiful." He stated calmly before walking around, noticing the waterfall. He then began to wonder if it was a hidden cave or something, like the movies.
    He walked over to the waterfall and slowly walked - Or rather, swam under the falling cold water. Now he was in the cave, staring at the young lass. He blinked for merely a second before kneeling down beside him "'Ey, are you alright?" He asks softly.​
  4. Deivyn looked up, golden eyes wide, strands of black hair covering his face. He growled weakly, scared. His ears rested flat against his head. Was this another one of those hunters? After a moment of two, he relaxed a little. That was the new camper! Deivyn looked down, whining softly. "S-sorry.." he said quietly. His English wasn't the best, but he was fairly proud, having taught himself based off of watching the campers. He felt embarrassed and nervous. Why was this guy here? Who was he? Was he dangerous?
  5. Yuui noticed the ears and the tail, which made him tilt his head to the side.
    "Hey, don't apologize. I don't see a point." He smiles a bit before slipping his shirt off, handing it to the smaller male "Here, put that on. You look cold." He mumbles softly before patting the boys head softly, chuckling a bit. "What's your name? Where do you live? I could always take you home. Or if you don't have one, you can come to my place. It's not the best place in the world but I enjoy it." He rambled a bit, only stopping so he could breath.
    He had never seen anyone like the other male, so it was… Indeed different, but the male was very cute. Hopefully he had a home, or else Yuui would feel very bad and take him in instantly.​
  6. "I..I am Deivyn..." He said quietly as he looked up. He hesitantly took the shirt, taking his jacket off and pulling the shirt over his other before putting his jacket on over it all. His ears perked up a little as the other continued to speak. "I.." He paused, looking a little confused, then knew how to say it. "This... my home." He motioned around him. He wondered why the other male was so... nice? That felt like the right word. " your...title?" He asked curiously.
  7. "You can't live here, you could possibly die!." Yuui said quickly before coughing a bit.
    "Do you mean my name? Well, it's Yuui. You could call me Yuu if you'd like though. Honestly I don't mind." He smiled a bit.
    "Oh!. Come with me, I'm not going to hurt you I promise. I'm just going to take you back to my home so you can take a shower and get into some nice warm clothes." He stated quickly before grabbing Delvyn's hand, pulling him off of the ground and out of the cave.
    He runs to his car, still holding Devlyn's hand and he gets inside, instantly driving to his house. He smiles once they reach the university, and he steps out of his car, grabbing Devlyn's hand once more, pulling him up to his dorm. "Alright this is my home." He chuckles softly before pulling Devlyn into his bathroom "This is the bathroom, and that's the shower. I'm not sure if you know how to use it or not. If you don't just ask and I'll help you." He states happily.​
  8. Deivyn said nothing the entire time, his ears pressed flat against his head again. He looked around the bathroom, thoroughly confused and lost. He sat down in the floor, then looked down at the tiles, tilting his head. "Cold?" He questioned, touching the tile with his finger. He looked up at Yuui. " you home?" He asked, blinking a little. He made a soft whining sound, afraid. He didn't like being lost, and confused, let alone with someone he just met and didn't know other than his name.
    Well, the man was nice to him. He let his whines fade. It was warmer in this place, and more comfortable.
  9. "This is my home. Don't worry, I'll take you back to yours when you're finished. Don't worry, I'm not going to forcefully keep you here." Yuui said calmly before turning the shower on "Alright. So I'll leave the room while you.. Well… Take off your clothes and take a shower. I'll give you some new clothes once you're done." He smiled a bit before walking out of the bathroom, - Since his bathroom leads to his bedroom - He walks ver to his closet and takes out a shirt, some boxers, and a pair of pants. He then sets them down in front of the bathroom door before laying down on his bed. He stared up at the ceiling, not sure what to do now.​
  10. Deivyn tilted his head. As Yuui left, he moved closer to the running water. He blinked, staring at the faucet and the water coming out. He took his clothes off after remembering what Yuui had said, then he reached under the water. He made a soft noise of surprise, pulling away. It was warm?! He tilted his head a little, then stuck his hand back under. It felt kinda nice. He stepped into the shower, surprised that the bottom was slick as well. He stepped under the water, letting it wash over him. He sighed softly, relaxing a little. His eyes closed, he waited a moment before shaking his head and stepping out. He wasn't sure what to do now. He remembered at camp when people would use something called soap? It would make bubbles in the water. He wondered if that was something he should use. Was that part of a...shower? He sat down in the tub. Should he ask Yuui? Yeah, that would probably be good. "Yuu.." he said after a moment of trying to figure out how to say it. "Yuu?" He tilted his head, his knees up against his chest, the water splashing down on him. It felt nice.
  11. Yuui hadn't heard Devlyn call him the first time, but he had heard him the second time.
    "Yes Devlyn?" He asks curiously, getting off of his bed and stepping into the bathroom. He covered his eyes, wanting to keep Devlyn comfortable. "Do you need something?" He wonders allowed, slowly walking over to the tub. He slowly brought his - Free - hand out and felt around, touching the males ears first before moving to touching his face softly. He instantly pulled his hand back, now knowing where Devlyn was. "The shampoo is the Blue one while the conditioner is the Purple bottle. The soup bar is right beside you." He smiled a bit, still covering his eyes. He didn't feel weird or anything, since he was used to this. Plus, Devlyn was good-looking, so it didn't matter. He'd help him. Well, he'd help everyone. Looks never really mattered to him.​
  12. Deivyn's ears flicked at Yuui's hands. "Thanks..." He said softly as Yuui answered his question. He paused, then blinked. what was shampoo? " shampoo?" He asked, tilting his head a little. He was confused. He'd heard of soap, but this shampoo and conditioner thing was confusing. He picked up the soap bar, smelling it, the noticed it was making bubbles on his hands. He slid it across his arm and smiled. It felt funny. "And..what is...condensher?" He asked, mispronouncing the name.
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