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  1. "It was a lot better then I thought, had an interesting ending." Aeleosir collected their trash and tossed it away. He returned to Anya and smiled, "Will you be heading home now?" he asked kindly.
  2. UN: We Get Shit Done.
  3. im on the grey team

  4. What if I want to take a third option?
  5. Well you see, Crunchy took a third option...
  6. Hmm...I wont to be posting tonight, but I will make sure I post tomorrow. Hopefully several posts. Although, I guess that depends on if your busy with that moving stuff. Hmm...what kind of moving you doing? Like rearranging the living room? Or you getting a new apartment/room?

    Errr! And school is near starting. >.<
  7. You like it more than your old one?
  8. "At least he doesn't sleep with her."
  9. Sorry I didn't mean to insult your abilities in any way, I was just curious. We occasionally have totally inexperienced people join this RP but we still let them in.
  10. @★Under The Stars★ It doesn't don't depends on the number of fights/attacks they withstand. It more about the amount of Power they use. If they are constantly using their power and abilities over and over again without stopping to purify their gems, they're in risk of getting corrupted.

    I have explained this before in the open-world version of this roleplay, but I put that aside thinking that it won't be necessary for this new version. I guess I was wrong. So, you guys want me to make a new roleplayer guide with all that information? I still have it.
  11. Cool. Can't wait. >w<
  12. Actually, the anime is based on the game (game existed for a few years, I believe). Haven't been motivated to get/play the game since I walk the streets of "Akiba" every couple week or so, but actually did catch the first episode of the anime. It's on my watch list now.