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Don't mind me while I sneak back in here...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Soldato, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Hello folks. Soldato here and back after a long semester of hard school work that had me all up in the ceiling with work. I figured now that I have a less hectic semester I figured that I could make a potential comeback to the crazy world of Iwaku. I'll wait to see what all is going on before I jump on the train again.
    **hordes him away in the cupboards**
  4. *locks homeworld memorabilia away*


    Nothing to steel here.
  5. *An ACH-47J Combat Chinook enters the airspace and peppers both Vay and Soldato with 25mm APHEI-T from the chin mounted GAU-25, 2.75 inch rockets, and with a curtain of 7.62X51 from six internally mounted M-134 miniguns. The gunship egresses immediately afterward.*

    What did you do to piss off the Air Force?
  6. *Leaking mechanical fluids out of his bullet riddled and asploded body*

    I believe there was a bet going between them and the Army down here in Benning...and I did something involving Vodka, an M1 Abrams Tank, And a C5-Galaxy. Everything after that just got fuzzy.
  7. Welcome back and enjoy yourself. We're all the same type of crazy as always.

    On a sidenote that will probably involve a lot of words I'd like to ask Ryker something.

    What's the statistical difference between an ACH-47J and an AC-130? ...just wondering.
  8. Welcome back Sol! <3
  9. The ACH-47 Combat Chinook/Guns-a-go-go is basically a CH-47 type helicopter outfitted as a gunship with a chin mounted GAU-25 Vulcan, wing pylons for rocket pods, pintle mounts in firing ports for machine guns like the M-240 or the M-134 minigun, and a stereo system for PSYWAROPS.

    Pilots have a tendency to play Ride of the Valkyrie however CW01 has a plan for two other songs next chance he gets.

    As for the AC-130, that machine comes in two types:

    AC-130H Specter

    AC-130U Spooky

    The Specter has two GAU-25 25mm Vulcans, two Bofors 40mm cannons, and an M-102 105mm howitzer as it's primary weapons.

    The Spooky is armed with two Bushmaster II 30mm cannons, Bofors 40mm guns, and a breech loading 120mm mortar.

    Now how in the hell did you manage to mistake a tandem rotor gunship for a fixed wing gunship?
  10. *walks out from where he had taken cover behind sol*

    Why don't you ever use infantry, or at least armour? its always arty/airstrikes
  11. YOU!

    HEY, YOU!
  12. *Pliskin slits Vay's throat from behind.*

    Ask and ye shall recieve.

    *Pliskin disappears from view.*
  13. Hey Soldato...nice to have you back mate. Where have you been keepin yourself?

    New semester looks easier eh?