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  1. Hello residents of Iwaku, it's a pleasure to meet you all..
    I'm just getting used to feel of this place.. but please, after reading this I want to know more about those reading it, don't just stop to read but leave a message right behind it. Now, for one i'm not very animated, and sometimes my some characters could appear as unlively at first, but in depth you may come across a very monstrous truth.

    In most roleplays i'm used to playing an antagonist or a person who is dominantly evil, cold, and quiet. But for this new project "Yuu" he will be very neutral. I enjoy all types of Roleplays.. the odder and the more strange they are, the more I enjoy them. I love the oddball type things in life, Horror, Thriller, Mystery and even stranger fetishes. But I can generally get into most types of roleplaying most containing fiction or fantasy within' it. I will leave some of my tags at the bottom to give an idea of what kind of roleplay I normally am into.

    I'm usually a comfortable person, very spontaneous and have a willingness to try new interesting things, and the subjects I talk about can make the other embarrassed being shameless at times. I like being asked questions and I normally like to discuss roleplay before engaging in one.. and NO, i'm not 14 <- That was a mistake i'm currently trying to fix

    Rp Info:
    Length - 2 paragraphs (Any other length is comfortable too)
    Genre - Any, Including Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Etc
    About Yuu - An asura who's going to be one stubborn and hell of a hardheaded savage.

    Tags: Torture, Chains, Hanging, Crave, Battle, Feast, BDSM, Food, Monster, Savage, Indigenous, Dark, Twisted, Drama, Conflict, Creativity & many more!
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  2. Hey there, Yuu! Welcome to Iwaku! Interesting intro you've got there, I'm positive there are quite a few awesome people who would love to RP with you, and also quite a few RPs that you might be interested in yourself! Have fun, and if you've got any questions - don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Thank you, I'm glad to hear.. right now i'm just figuring out how to set this profile up.. I just now figured out how to change my picture.
  4. Heyla again, Yuumajii! I'm glad you posted up an Introduction to the community! I'm sorry to hear about the age mishap and I'm sure one of the Staffies will help you as fast as possible. I've already said welcome to Iwaku. :P But welcome again and may the Muse be with you! Hope to see you in some games. It looks like we've got a bit in common! I adore monsters more than I should!

    Remember to fill out your Roleplay Resume on your Profile page so people have an easy peasy way to find out about the things you like.
  5. Yes i've been figuring that out, and a few things ins common? We've much to catch up on.
  6. Fighting! Conflict! Food! Darkness! Cravings! I like about two paragraphs of length, myself. All the things. I like so many things, it's kinda hilarious. Anyway! Hope to see you around once you've got your age thing fixed. ^.^

    Oh! And you can edit your post instead of deleting them.
  7. Howdy Yuu! 8D Welcome to the community! If you haven't already sent a message to one of the other admins, if you pass me a Convo message with your fixed birthdate I can get that fixed for you.
  8. Welcome to the community! I'm Minibit, and you can PM me anytime you're lost or bored! You can usually find me in the Content Boards, where we practice writing skills and complete challenges that test our creativity; you should check it out!