Don't Make Me Choose.

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  1. Siren was woken up early in the morning by her grandmother, speaking to her.
    "Wake up, Siren. Say your prayers, bathe, and join me at breakfast."
    She left the room, and Siren sat up in bed, yawning.
    Five in the morning.
    Siren slipped out of bed, in her pink silk nightgown. It clung to her body with sweat,
    in this hot weather, it really wasn't the right thing to wear.
    The dress went down to her ankles, and up her neck like a turtleneck sweater.
    She got on her knees and prayed silently.
    A few moments later, she made her way to the bathroom, and took a luke warm shower.
    Her grandmother said that hot water was for sinners, and cold for the damned.
    Siren towled off her body and hair, brushing it and braiding it down her back.
    Her panties and bra were a set, but they were nothing fancy.
    Simple white cotton.
    Her outfit of the day was a pale pink t-shirt and a pair of pale blue capri's.
    On her feet she wore a pair of white slip on shoes.
    Making her way downstairs, she sighed.
    This was not the life she'd wanted to live.
    Breakfast was the usual, whole wheat toast, eggs, and jam.
    After saying Grace, she quietly began to eat, finishing slowly.
    By the time she was done, it was six thirty.
    "Bye." She told her grandmother as she made her way to school.

    June woke up about twenty minutes before school was to start.
    Sighing, she got out of bed and took a quick shower, putting on a pair of matching black lace panties
    and a bra.
    Her outfit today was a leather skirt with fishnet stockings and a ripped t-shirt, along with a leather jacket.
    Her shaggy black hair was everywhere, but she placed two clips in it, and smeared on some eyeliner.
    "Bye mom!" She called out as she jogged out the front door.
    It was ten minutes to starting, and she was hoping to not be late today.
  2. Valshe gasped as a nightmare woke her up from her dreams, bathed in cold sweat. 4:50. Guess there was no point in going back to sleep. She got up and brushed her fingers through her soft blonde hair, while she walked on slow steps to the bathroom to take a shower. She chose cold water and it felt nice on her warm yet cold body, and after a few minutes she got out with her bathing robe on, looking around in her closet. Out she took a pair of pants with holes ripped in them and chains hanging along the holes for belts. She had gotten permission (from her rich parents that didn't care at all) to get an operation in Germany removing most of her cleavage, making her close-to flat. She didn't know what she truly wanted, just that she wanted to have a flat chest. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be a guy. She sighed and took a patterned button shirt and a vest with badges attached to finish the outfit. She went back into the bathroom and rummages through her drawers, picking out rings, necklaces and earrings to match the outfit. Looking up she saw herself in the mirror. Back at her stared a person she'd manage to become in such a short amount of time. She still remembered her long-haired self. A cute girl with long, blonde ponytails. Wondered, where that girl had gone.

    Julia got up at exactly 6:00 am and let out a delighted yawn as she stood up. She loved the mornings. Her green hair whipped around her face as she stood up in one energetic move and stepped on light feet towards the bathroom. She took a warm and nice shower and her makeup of the day was a mascara making the tips of her lashes green and a crystal heart just under her left eye. The outfit would be a shirt in white and orange with detached sleeves and a dark green skirt, white leg warmers with orange ribbons attached and her usual green sneakers. She put a bit of her green hair into a side ponytail and looked at herself in the mirror with a look of victory.

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  3. Siren arrived at school with time to spare.
    She went straight to the library to study up for her test in English.
    Usually, she'd go to the lunch room and meet up with June, her girlfriend, but today she didn't feel like it.
    So, sitting in the library, she studied quietly.

    June arrived at school just as the first bell rang, meaning she had five minutes to get to class.
    Luckily, her first class was Math, which was right near the front doors.
    Her girlfriend, Siren, was in this class, and sure enough, there she was, sitting in the back quietly,
  4. Valshe arrived at the school 20 minutes early and walked into the library to look around. She was having math as her first class today and the only person in the library was a girl, Valshe didn't know her well, was pretty sure her name was Siren or something of the like. She sat down behind Siren and pulled out a drawing pad, sketching doodles of angels, especially with focus on the beautiful wings they had on their backs. She didn't like most of them and dropped sketch after sketch, moving on in the book with paper with a sigh. When it was time she walked to class.

    Julia came energetically stumbling in the door to the school just when the bell rang, bumping into June. "Ahaha I'm sorry, I'm late --" she laughed and set off to the math classroom, making it a few minutes before the bell rang, June following in after her. Her eyes scooted over the people and she took a seat at the window, her green hair shining in the bright sunlight.
  5. Siren watched the girl drop her sketches, all of which she thought were beautiful.
    When she was in class, the girl sat next to her, and Siren smiled shyly.
    "Hi, are you new? I've never seen you before. I'm Siren."
    She blushed and looked up at the girl- surprisingly, she was really pretty.
    June came into the room, and Siren put her head down, embarrassed to be seen blushing over another girl.

    June noticed Siren blushing, and when she saw her, she lowered her head.
    Thinking nothing of it, June sat down next to a girl with green hair.
    "Yo! Wicked hair!" She said, smiling brightly.
    "I've never seen you here before, have I?" She asked.
  6. Valshe blushed and smiled.
    "I'm Valshe. Yeah, I'm new..."
    She retorted from saying anything else as the girl looked down and went back to her sketchbook, not feeling all that inspired.
    She needed to do a project for her comic and the main character was going to be an angel. She had no idea what the character should look like and turned her head to Siren, immediately beginning to sketch a character looking similar to her.
    After a little she blushed and just turned to a new page. She wasn't going to think in that direction.

    Julia smiled and leaned back, looking at June. "Thanks, you ain't lookin' bad yourself there. Yeah I'm new, transferred from the most boring town to this place. Quite a nice change."
    She smiled and inspected a lock of her hair, her half green, half black lashes casting shadows over her cheekbones when she closed her eyes for a brief second.
    Her old home town hadn't been that bad, but it had been boring. Moving to a bigger town proved much more interesting.
  7. Siren smiled.
    "Nice to meet you." She whispered quietly, and looked back down at her worksheet.
    "S-So, you like to draw?" She asked, even though that was obvious.

    June smiled and winked at her.
    "Well, I'm sure we got at least one cooler person here.. Me!" She laughed and
    pulled out a piece of paper.
    "Here's my number, if you ever need to hang out, or have someone show you around."
    June was flirting, but Siren didn't notice
  8. Valshe nodded, thinking of the sketches earlier. Had she been looking at them? She blushed very slightly and smiled softly.
    "Yeah, I do. I'm not that talented but it's fun..."
    She chuckled slightly; she'd never had feedback from anywhere else than the Internet on her drawings.
    Looking closer, Siren was really cute. That kind of omg-so-cute-touch kind of cute. The kind of cute where you just wanted to cling onto her and tell her a million times to stop being so adorable.
    That kind of cute.

    Julia took the number and winked at June as she put it in her pocket, leaning forward so the shirt deliberately gave June a nice and good view of the goods down her shirt.
    She smiled again.
    "Perhaps so."
    She smirked and looked June over. She was attractive, actually very much so.
    She had this thing for tomboys that still kind of wore girl clothes now and then.
    But then again this girl could be straight. Trying to attract the boys by looking like that. She probably didn't stand a chance.
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  9. Siren nodded.
    "I draw too, but I don't think I'm nearly as good as you."
    She smiled.
    Siren studied Valshe, noticing how beautiful her hair was and how pretty she was, in general.
    Feeling a pang of guilt, she looked over at June, who was flirting with the new girl.
    Sighing, Siren put her stuff away.

    June liked the look down her shirt, and smiled, crossing her legs, so that a bit of thigh showed.
    She was deff. getting a girl loving vibe from this girl.
    She put her hand on the seat next to her legs, to draw more attention to them.
  10. Valshe smiled and put a hand on Siren's shoulder.
    "I'm sure that's not true, I bet you're great! It'd take a bit to be as bad as me.."
    She chuckled and proceeded to study Siren again.
    Valshe found her extremely pretty and cute, and she smiled again at her, moving a little bit of a leave out of her hair.
    "You had this in your hair..."

    Julia smiled seeing herself being checked out and moved to look at those, damn those thighs.
    She smiled and looked at June's face.
    "Well, we're having class now. Talk later?"
    She asked and winked once at June.

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  11. Siren blushed deeply and looked down, smiling slightly.
    "Thank you- I didn't realize that I had it in my hair."
    She giggled a bit.

    June smiled and nodded, then turned back to her notebook.
    She didn't care much about class, but she'd deff. like to talk to Julia later.

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  12. "It's okay, I took a while to see it, too." She smiled and sat back in her seat as class started.
    Most of what the teacher was talking about was old news to her, nothing new for the old number one in the old class.
    She took some notes anyway and wrote down as the teacher gave them homework. She'd make it later, it wasn't like she had anything to do.
    Unless... she glanced over at Siren for a moment but quickly pushed away the idea.
    She didn't look like a lesbian or bi. She was probably a straight girl, living at home and helping with dinner and all the good stuff.
    Unlike Valshe she probably didn't want to stand out of the crowd. Not that this "standing out" was intentional at all.
    She had just decided to dress like this and that, and if that made her different that was it.
    She did get accused for being lesbian often because of this, she didn't exactly need to say anything at all.

    Julia smiled and began sketching cute hearts and other weird things on her notebook as the class proceeded, also taking down a few notes, but only the ones relevant for their homework.
    She glanced over at June every now and then, up and down her body when she weren't looking. She smirked softly and looked back at the blackboard, her long, green lashes fluttering.
    She was going to have so much fun with June.
  13. Siren sighed, bored. She knew her grandmother wouldn't expect her home for at least two hours after school. Usually, Siren hung out with June, but June seemed to be busy.
    "E-Excuse me.. Um, I was wondering... Do you have anything to do after school?"
    She asked Valshe, blushing.

    June yawned and tipped back in her chair, letting her skirt fall back.
    "Hey, wanna hang after school?
    She asked Julia, smirking.
  14. Valshe looked at her half in surprise, half in happiness.
    No, she wasn't busy. She was never busy. She wasn't really the type of person who had a lot of things to do.
    She shook her head and looked at Siren with a smile.
    "No, I'm free today. We could hang out if you want?"
    She smiled a bit, her face probably matching the red shade of Siren's.

    Julia smiled and licked her lips, a seemingly just natural motion as she draped one leg over the other, her skirt also drawing a bit back intentionally.
    She replied, smirking back at June. She was getting this clear vibe from June.
    Hopefully she was into girls.
  15. Siren was pleased to hear that Valshe was free.
    "Yes, i'd like that. We could get coffee or something if you like."
    She was blushing with happiness, and looking over at June she noticed
    That June seemed to be setting up a date too.
    She decided she didn't care.

    June smiled. It was a good sign that she said yes.
    "Where do you wanna go?" She asked, letting her eyes wander to Julia's
    Breasts slightly, then back to her face.
  16. "I know a good place in town."
    Valshe replied and then smiled again at Siren.
    Already now she felt attracted to her, but she was aware that there was only a very small chance that she was interested in girls.
    She didn't really look like it or give any hints of it.
    Siren probably just wanted to be friends.
    Valshe's heart sunk a bit in her chest at the thought.
    She continued smiling at Siren despite it, though.

    Julia smirked while she followed the path of June's eyes and then looked into her eyes as June's eyes tore away from her chest.
    "Hmm... we could go shopping... maybe out to watch a movie... are you the type who parties?"
    She decided to ask this before making too wild plans out of nowhere.
  17. Siren smiled.
    'Okay, sounds great!" She replied, eyes glowing.

    June laughed. "I love to party."
    She winked.
    June regularly went to raves.
  18. Valshe sent her a smile and mentally noted it down.
    From the corner of her eye, she observed Siren.
    Far away, close up. It didn't matter. She was really pretty.
    She felt her cheeks heat up at the thought and looked away slightly in embarrassment.

    Julia smirked and looked at June.
    "Then what about we go a cafè and have some coffee, and then go to change for a night out? I know a great place downtown and they're hosting a party tonight!"
    She winked, her green lashes complimenting her pale skin and sparkling eyes.
  19. Siren smiled at Valshe. Her cheeks were red- it was quite cute.
    She couldn't wait until later.

    June nodded, smirking.
  20. Valshe looked over and smiled back slightly, before going back to her sketchbook.
    She started again with a sketch of something she couldn't really make out which ended as a creature similar to a mermaid, with catlike eyes and green, scaled skin.
    Her hair was long and white, with fish swimming in it as if it was made of water.
    Around the creature she drew the outline of a bottle and some bubbles to suggest water in the bottle.

    Julia smirked back and took a hair lock between her fingers, playing thoughtfully with it.
    "The bartender told me that the party's going to be wild. I can't wait!"