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  1. I'm wishing to have someone play the role of an older sister to a character I made not so long ago.

    Rachel is 27, highly successful in her line of work, and while her parents went through a divorce five years previous, she's going stronger than ever. She is protective and loving of her little sister, but, is left in the dark as to how her life is going. Rachel misses Tem, in short. Rachel also has a boyfriend by the name of Walter, and though the two seem like they have a good relationship, they're indeed on dire straits.
    Artemis, or Tem, is 16. She is Rachel's younger sister, and she is a lot more of an opposite to her sister than anything. She is fairly depressed, and plays the harp brilliantly - though she is indeed very quirky and tends to be not only alone, but also isolated from a lot of the world around her.
    Rachel has long moved out, but still lives in the same city as Tem and her parents. Their parents are back together, thanks to Tem and the courage it took to tell them both to their faces what they were doing would get their youngest daughter killed, but things are still on dire straits.

    I will be taking the role of Tem, and you, Rachel. I want this to be very dark, and hold themes which will truly grip one's heart and soul. I added a few of the tags on there as some of the possible things which can happen, though I'd like the sisters to have a romance, even if Rachel is with someone already. This will effectively cause Tem to be kicked out of her own home and left in the hands of Rachel, whose love life will take a drastic turn and her boyfriend will leave her. What happens next, is to our discretion.

    The following is Tem's character sheet. If you wish to take part in this RP, it may be wise to make one for Rachel as well, I'm leaving that open to you so it isn't all on myself to do everything. Feel free to add your input and all, but the main points are, for the bio and all: Parents divorce, get back together, little sister becomes depressed, Rachel gets a boyfriend.

    Tem Gravis (open)

    [Pictured: Tem, and Rachel.]
    Name|| Artemis Gravis
    Nickname|| Tem, Arty
    Age|| 16
    Orientation|| Gay

    Personality|| Tem can be seen as a complete and total shut in to most, rarely speaking unless she is spoken to. Her mannerisms show her inability to meet social standards, and while she is fairly docile, she is known to have a temper above a certain point. Regardless of this, she is a respectful individual who looks out for others, if only indirectly, to make sure they keep on track.

    Short Bio|| Tem was born to parents who eventually had a falling out, and their divorce was blamed totally and utterly on her very existence. This caused her to be reasonably depressed, and often she'd cry and cry-- until she managed to take a grip of the situation and made the parents see just what they were doing to the poor girl.
    Her parents got back together after almost five years, but the damage had been done. Tem was now someone who needed help, desperately, and her grades utterly slipped as a result. Though, there was one thing she was good at, one thing which rose above all of the madness, and that was the way she was able to play the harp.
    Her delicate fingers were enough to entice many a person, though such people were only those within her music class. She can often be found, playing this instrument and entertaining herself for hours and hours. This was the sole reason why she did not try to commit suicide during her depressive years. She has gotten better, but she has a long way to go.

    Likes|| Solidarity, her Harp, music, nighttime in general (and a secret to herself, intimacy)
    Dislikes|| Daytime, pressure, stress, off tune music, daytime in general

    Other|| Tem is a petite girl, standing at a mere 5'4, but she is blessed to have the hips of her mother, not that it would attract a mate to her rather lithe form. She has never had a bad experience with a man to cause her to be gay; rather, she simply was that way when she was aware of herself. Tem has an older, successful sister by the name of Rachel, who's 27 now and was deeply saddened by the situation with her parents, but alas, she found herself to be content with the outcome, and is proud of her little sister.

    Thank you for reading.

    POSTING EXPECTATIONS: Two to however many paragraphs you wish. I'm usually able to mirror, perhaps add some more, so the length will depend on you, largely.
    FREQUENCY OF POSTS: Once every two days is fine, three or four days at most. If more happen within a day, then by all means, we'll do many posts a day.
  2. This sound interesting and I'd love to Role Play with you, I've never done one like this but would ask to drop Rachel's age from 27 to somewhere from 21 to 24.
  3. Can it be 25? I like round numbers.
  4. I can settle at the median of 24, but I don't mind Role Playing at that age.
  5. Okay! So, would you like to make Rachel's CS like I've done Tem's?
  6. Yes, though it might take me a while, I'm on my phone.
  7. Before I work on profile, what is all the themed content you had in mind for this role play?
  8. I thought I outlined that in the initial post.

    It'll involve a broken family life which then breaks down even further, the two sisters being together in a forbidden fashion, and there'll also be the case of Rachel's boyfriend, but that'll be later on.
    There'll be a lot of bad, negative things going on, including abuse of physical and mental kinds.
  9. I was wondering on the fulle Role Play themes: Broken Family, Love, Passion, Hate, Pain, Forbidden, Dark, Romance, Yuri and Straight. Is what can be pulled out from your idea, but are there any other element themes?
  10. Not that I can think of.
  11. What about these: BDSM, Bondage, Mistress/slave, Punishment/reward, Soul Searching, Lust, Envy, Fate, Strife?
  12. Also in about ten, fifteen minutes I can start the profile. It will be easier and faster for me on my laptop.
  13. Uhhhh, none of that.

    Take your time, there's no rush.
  14. K, I was wondering, it helps when knowing the theme parameters to an RP when making a character
  15. Name: Rachel Gravis

    Nickname: Ray

    Age: 45 almost 25

    Orientation: Thought straight but in truth Bisexual

    Personality: Rachel is strong willed and independent. She very straightforward with work and any tasks, yet easy going and knows how to flow. Rachel is disturbed by her family mainly her parents and worries about her little sister. Rachel has a very soft spot when it comes to Artemis. Rachel being a busy body and of strong work ethic, knows how to have fun and laugh, She also knows and believes she truly understands love.

    Short Bio: Rachel moved out of her parents house about the time she turned 18 when she first went to college. Graduating with a Master's degree by her 22nd birthday. Rachel always had a knack for school and was strict about her grades, she even kept her little sister Tem, in check with her grades as well, as she knew their parents while expecting good grades didn't give time of day or proper punishment for bad grades while she was living at their home. Rachel wasn't surprised much when her parents divorced but was more worried about her sister. Rachel during her morning routine to a local coffee café met Walter. Thing were going good. When Rachel's parents came back together Rachel got more worried as things seemed to go worse for her sister. She also found her relationship getting shaky.

    Likes: Her sister, classical and Christian music, nature, plants, art, reading, her job, star gazing

    Dislikes: The fighting and abuse her Parents do and give, attitude with disrespect, bad grades witch for Rachel was and is any grade from C or below, the sun (Mainly because Rachel even from a young age has a minor sun allergy which Tam used to tease her about back when Rachel used to call Tem, Temmy)

    Other: Rachel is not petit but neither overweight. She's moderately build and highly attractive. Rachel is slightly taller for girls and women, she stands at 5'10". Rachel owns her own home fully paid off and vehicle. She's very successful and is skilled at not only making money, but growing money and always having enough to get what she wants and needs with plenty left over. Rachel frequently comes over ever Friday to stay the night at her parents just to spend time with Tem and make sure she's doing good. Rachel, doesn't want to but has the social services number saved in her phone though has not yet called her parents to report them. Rachel is frequently hoping they can get their act together for both their sakes and Tem's and her sake.
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  16. Just a few things:
    It's Tem, not Tam.
    Age has a typo.

    Other than that, this is good and well! I like it!

    As you may see, the IC thread is already there to be replied to, so when you feel you're ready, go ahead and do so! There's no time limit, at all. So no need to rush or anything.
  17. "But I don't understand why you have to go over there every damn Friday and stay the night." Walter blasted over the phone in to Rachel's ear as she pulled the phone annoyed away. "Walter, I told you before, I shouldn't have to explain every week or have this brought up. Look I'll make it up with you tomorrow." Rachel said as she looked at the time. "With sex?" Walter blustered out. "Walter, do I need to tell you I will not do that unless there is a ring on my finger and we're married." Rachel said before continuing. "Look, I got to go I'll see you tomorrow." Rachel said as she quickly hung up. Sighing Rachel grabbed her bag of spare clothes, her check book, purse, and few other odds and ends,. cutting most of the lights our and setting the security timer feature. Rachel locked her house and got in her SUV.

    Pulling out Rachel decided to go faster and take the toll roads which she mostly choose to avoid. Pulling up and making a few turn here and there Rachel took out a five dollar bill and paid the ridicules fee. Checking her time Rachel drove pushing the limit as she wanted to beat her sister home who was supposed to come home on bus 413. Rachel continued her drive around the city, normally she drive through the city but with a wreck on news on the road she uses Rachel decided to skirt around, she also knew this would help her make up time for leaving late thanks to her unexpected phone call from Walter.
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