Don't judge a book by its TV show

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  1. Name: Allen Wolfe

    Age: 22

    Biography: Allen didn’t come from money, he had to find a way through loans and scholarships to pay for his education for a degree in literature. And when that money ran out, only two years into his university life, he decided to publish some of the romance books he had been writing as a source of extra cash. It turns out that the books could more than pay for his education because they were a huge best-seller by the time he was 21. After he had gotten his Bachelor’s at 22, he had been contacted by a famous producer who wanted to turn his still-ongoing series into a tv show. Though reluctant at first, he eventually agreed to the idea and decided to do the show while he pursued his Master’s. It turns out that he’s doing a lot more on the show than he thought, being the scriptwriter of the show, continuing to write the best-selling series, and still going to school at the same time.

    Personality: Allen's last name isn’t Wolfe for no reason. He can be vicious when it comes to getting things done. He’s a perfectionist in every sense of the word and will put 100% effort into everything. He can be bossy and rude if things aren’t going the way they are supposed according to his well-thought out plans. Though he is organized in his work environment and keeps track of everything, because of all of the things he has to do, he can be a bit of a mess at home and in trying to find time to get everything done, he can often forget doing the simplest of things such as getting enough sleep or even eating. Allen can be even more irritable if he hasn’t slept in a while and he can be very snappy. He doesn’t care for money or material things, much more enjoying his work and his studies. He can often work himself into a hole and can get extremely stressed out or high strung if he has taken on more than he can handle. On the other hand, he can be very witty to be around and extremely entertaining when in a pleasant mood. Though preferring to bury himself in work, he can socialize well and can get on the good side of anyone if he tries hard enough.

  2. Name: Keir Hayes

    Age: (he keeps it secret from the public, but he recently turned twenty)

    Biography: he's known as one of the most promising up-and-coming young actors in both Hollywood and more independent movies and TV shows. However, he comes from a well-to-do family, with a deceased mother and a father who's the CEO of a contracting service, expected to take over. Not wanting this, he committed herself to his studies so he could choose the life he wanted. he originally played piano for his high school's drama club, but found himself joining in the play and really enjoying himself. He started attending auditions and finally got the role of a side character in a big movie and her career extended from there.

    Personality: Keir has a very calculated onscreen personality, one much more charismatic and charming than he actually is. In reality, he shies away from too much contact with other people and can get a bit awkward in face-to-face interviews with no one else. He usually gets very into her current roles and sometimes emulates them after filming. he likes to get snippy and make sarcastic comments and can generally be a bit rude, and still has trouble making significant connections with others, due to the fac he never really did it growing up. Oh, and he's horrible at housework.

    Appearance: (I shall draw a picture later) Shaggy black hair, pale skin, and dark blue eyes. A little below average height, willowy. Has only really landed two or three "sexy" roles.