Don't Feed Me Coke

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  1. [​IMG]

    just don't tempt me.

    also, new favorite site, thanks to Lion Man showing it to me last night.
    I'll never have time to get things done now. 8D


    *outragous cough, cough, cough*

    This is EPIC!!!!!
  3. Coke?

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  4. Or cocaine.
    Tomato Tomahhto. <3
  5. [video=youtube;weMpv14cW9U][/video][video=youtube;wowy-EdU4Eg][/video]
  6. I'm sorry, Staci, but I must disagree. I imagine you as this.


    And I want you on so much cocaine.

    SO MUCH.
  7. ​^ thefuck.
  8. it's a ladyboy licking a normal boy.
  9. ​o wo I wonder if he tastes like... candycorn..
  10. I asked myself that one time, Staci.

    No. He did not taste like candy corn.
  11. So lies do not taste like candy corn? Well there goes that theory...
  12. you were licking the wrong spot
  13. GMK is an expert on where to lick boys, it would seem.
  14. Damn, Kari.

  15. I only know what I've been told,

    My collarbone tastes like french onion soup.
  16. I just imagined GMK reaching down to his collarbone with his own tongue to lick it.

    . . .
    Cannot be unseen in my mind. ._.