Don't Fall Asleep [OOC/Interest Check]

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    Don't fall asleep, he is coming for you.

    The nightmare on Elm Street began it all, but he has long gone.

    Mr. Sandman is a big difference. In fairy tales, he was a being that helped people fall asleep during the night to get a peaceful rest. Those tales were very wrong about him. After the death of Freddy, he will rise to haunt the minds of a group of six. One by one, he will try to murder them in their sleep, as he already killed one of their friends.

    No one knows what he looks like, all they can see is a cloud of shimmery gold. He will use their worst fear against them, and those fears will haunt them in their sleep until their dream self begs for death. Then that is when the Sandman strikes.

    Will they survive the torment?
    Will they survive their dreams?

    That is for their fate to be determined.

    1. Please keep the post lengths to at least one paragraph of six to eight sentences. Keep in mind grammar and spelling.
    2. Be mindful to the other players.
    3. When your character is sleeping, you may have the control of the Sandman.
    4. Our characters will work together to figure out the mystery, and how to defeat the Sandman. People can and will die in the process.
    5. Let's make this scary.

    1. Reserved for @princessyuna

    Character Sheet:


    Age: (18-24)

    Appearance: (description, or picture, no anime)

    Fear: (can be more than one)


    Background: (make it brief)