Don't Ever Walk In My House

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  1. [​IMG]- Hope

    Hope was walking down the dark street, She was in black short shorts, and a cute corset . Hope fixed her necklace walking down the street her blonde hair swayed as she walked in her cute heels , She had heard her sister, Angel. Who was a year older than her walking too. As they finally got to the place they walked in. Hope had the bag. She pulled out two nice flashlights and when they finally began walking around Hope turned on her light.
    While Angel walked the other way. She heard something she walked into the kitchen she looked around and wondered, " hello?" she asked. She didnt know what to do. She gulped. She said, " who's there?" Looking around.


    ( Can you add the pic of the house :3 )
  2. View attachment 10421 The house, built in 1810, and formerly known as Charleston Manner, was the home to several generations of counts, lords and barons. Now, In the year 2012, it was all but forgotten sitting in a very forgettable lot at the end of a dark street.

    Over the course of 200 years the house had passed hands, from owner to the bank then back again. No matter how many times it was resold the owners could never manage to occupy it for more than a few weeks before leaving. It had a bad essence, people who spent too long there began to feel as if they would never be happy again.

    So finally it was left unoccupied......

    Unoccupied, but not entirely vacant. A vampire known as Seth lived there during the daytime hours. Sleeping beneath the floor boards in the basement, he had thick black curtains over all the windows to protect against the deadly light. While his number one concern was having a place to call home, he had grown fond of Charleston manor over the years. The dark essence that scared it's living occupancy away was warm and inviting to him, lie a crackling fire on a cord winter night. The fact that most humans stayed away from it was all the more reason for him to call it home.

    Until tonight....

    View attachment 10423 Seth sat atop his cherry-wood coffin. A guitar lay across his lap as he played an intricate song. The notes reverberated off the walls of the basement in such a way that amplified the notes he picked. He was hungry, and needed to feed, but for the moment he was content in playing guitar. It was one of the few thing she enjoyed all the years he had been alive.


    The vampires eye's became razor thin as he stopped playing and shot across the room to the foot of the staircase that led to the upper floors of the house. He could hear someone above him.

    "Hello" they called

    Seth made his way upstairs with the speed of a air born jet and the silence of a light breeze. He wasn't sure who was here, but he could smell something sweet in the house. Something that made his mouth water with an insatiable urge. A young girl's blood. The creme de la creme in the Vampire's world. Seth was a vicious killer, but he was also curious and playful. What do they want here? He thought. Most humans avoid this place like the plague.

    Seth watched and waited.
  3. Hope heard Angel, " Angel, we just need to get the clues about the rumors nothing more" She sighed and then bit her lower lip walking behind a
    wall, She touched the books one by one. Old stuff. She frowned, " all i have over here is books.." with a sigh. She gulped and then said, " An-gel" as she heard nothing. She was freaking out, honestly she was scared for her. She then gulped.She didn't know what to do, as she was about to go and find her..

    She heard a noise

    Angel couldnt hear her sister, she then did for some odd reason. She tripped over something in the middle of the way. She gasped and then said," I'm alright!!" she giggled softly. She got up and dusted herself off. She shook her head. She didn't know what to do. She was confused..
    About how this was dark.Why.. She then wondered. she giggled as she thought about her best friend and herself getting together.
    It was late though. she wanted to go to bed, She had yawned and wondered. She then said, " Hope when are we going home, its like way late on a Saturday , i want to go home!"

    Hope as she came to a door feeling across it. She smiled. She was really fascinated by this. But hearing Angel she groaned as she rolled her eyes, " Well go chicken out, Ill just tell everyone that you were afraid to do this, the only person i ask to do this chickened out on me!" Turning around to yell that at her sister. Smiling, knowing she wouldn't go since her sister didn't want to be called shrimp at school.

    Angel had her shorts. She gasped. She held onto them tightly in her fists, " FINE!! I'll stay!" she crossed her arms and then went to study the rest of the house. As she felt a gust a wind she turned around confused. What was that? Her heart started to race. She was only fifteen!!! But Hope was Seventeen...

  4. View attachment 10427 As the girl's heart started to race, Seth could tell. Because the faster the blood pumped through her body, the stronger his thirst became. It was smelling a pizza in the oven, so good and so close. If he could just….

    It would have been too easy. Snap the little bitches neck and be done with it, but he could;t do that. Not here, not at his home. Seth was in a dilemma now. He could;t risk exposure. He loved it here., but if two girls disappeared he would be screwed. The authorities would hunt him down and kill him, either that or chase him out of town. So he decided to play it cool, even though he was nearly drooling from the delicious smell of the fresh blood.

    he walked up behind the girl who had just yelled, and spun her around, his hands clamped on her shoulder.

    "Hey, what the hell are you doing in my house!?" Seth didn't show his fangs, nor did he do anything that would give away the fact he was a vampire, although he wanted to lay her down on the floor and sink his teeth in her neck, he controlled himself.

    "This is private property, you know?"
  5. [​IMG]

    Hope felt herself being turned by a force as she touched the wood curves in the wood of the door. She looked at the guy, she was surprised someone actually lived here... She blinked faster by the minute. But then when she heard him , She was confused, " I-i thought this wasn't owned by anyone.." she lied but it was believable .. if you were a human like herself. Or maybe not..She wasn't human she was a witch. She sighed and shook her head and said, " I- i didnt know " she was now scared. She took his arms off her then she said, " Angel!! Please get out the door we need to leave!"

    Hope started to walk maybe she needed to just get out of the house so nothing major happens, " I promise it won't happen again!" she hollared o the hot guy as for some reason when Hope and her sister got to the door to leave it wouldnt open. they both looked at each other..​
  6. View attachment 10442 Seth ignored the girl as she spoke, telling her friend that they needed to leave. He simply watched them, fascinated they turned to run. His steel gray eyes gave no indication of amusement, but the smallest of hairline smiles was playing at the corners of his mouth. The house had a way of it's own, it was not of this earth anymore, but of a darker world. One where the laws of science and logic did not apply, they had checked out with the previous occupants. Seth wasn't at all surprised when the door didn't open, in stead he was curious and walked towards the two young girls. His foot steps barley making a noise as he came with into 5 feet of them, their backs against the wall. Two feet, one foot, 6 inches. He could smell the mixture of fear and blood on them, he always smelt blood, but there was fear too.

    Seth leaned forward, taking a lock of the girl's hair and bringing it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, his moth watering and his eye's closed.

    "You can't leave here unless the house let's you." He let the girls hair fall from his hand then added in a I-could-care-less- tone "It looks like you might be trapped here forever."
  7. [​IMG]

    Hope had hoped that she was going to survive what ever this is.. she gulped and when the door still wouldn't budge.. She kept on trying. It was freaking her out, her heart started to race. Unsure what to do. She leaned against the wall next to her sister. As she was about to slid against the wall to sit down the guy was right in front of her. She gulped. She didn't know if she would survive. What if she dies or something. She was really,really scared. she then felt her hair grabbed, her eyes had widened. What the hell was he doing? She closed her eyes tightly. Scared. She breathed in and out pretty shakily. It was unsteady breathing. She bit her lower lip as he dropped her soft hair she let out a sigh of relief. She then said, " What the hell were you doing to my hair." As she opened her eyes once again. She was still really scared but she was trying not to show it, that wasn't really working out though. But her sister is worse at it..

    Angel had heard the guy she sighed, She didn't know what to do. Well she never really knows what to do, since she was the 'stupid blonde.' But Hope hasn't admitted that she had blonde moments too. Like bad blonde moments. BUt then as her sister spoke she shook her head she stayed against the wall, she was so scared. Unsure of what to do. She bit her lower lip. She held her sister's hand. To him maybe it might look like they were a couple but truly they were sisters. Good sisters, Not the ones who yell at each other. But the one's who are always there for one and another, She turned her head to the side cause she was scared and she didn't want to look at him. Since he would be like all smelling her sister's hair,,, ​
  8. View attachment 10523 “Why on earth would you come into my home without invitation?” He countered question with question.
    Seth’s near invisible grin turned into an all out malicious smile, his white teeth and sharp fangs standing out in the dim light of the dark house. He wondered if he could resist sucking them dry then breaking their little necks. He had too, can’t risk exposure.

    “Well then.” He mused, his voice becoming melodic, embedded with evil “Look at you two, just a couple scared girls lost at night. Did you come here to play? Well I am afraid that you picked the wrong house for a midnight escapade in the moonlight.

    He stepped closer, still baring his teeth. His pupils like two pieces of chiseled obsidian in the narrow slits of his face. He reached out again, this time to take hold of each of their hands.

    "Come up stairs with me, the view from the observatory is most exquisite at night."
  9. [​IMG]

    Hope had sighed and when he asked something she moved her head to the side too. her chin touching her left shoulder but then,She turned to look at him as Angel screamed. She seen.. Fangs.. she blinked rubbed her eyes she was scared she reached her hand to open the door it didn't budge. She frowned. She then said, " play?" she asked... she wondered what that had meant. She didn't know what it had meant. She bit her lower lip. She gulped and then seen the smile she didn't know what to do.

    Angel had screamed cause she seen his fangs her heart started to race, but then her wrist was grabbed she wanted to fight him so bad. She frowned and then looked down. She looked down but hearing her sister, she acted cool but she didn't. She glared but then she spun and trying to yank to get out of the hot man's grip. She said, " I dont wanna, i wanna leave!!" she glared. She hated this. ​
  10. The old stairs creaked as Seth half walked half dragged the two girls to the top story of the house. Every so often, in the reflection of the old windows, or in a dark corner on a stair platform, shadows would dance and twist in the darkness. It was as if the house was alive, and didn;t want them there. Even Seth got this feeling from time to time and he was about as evil as they came.

    They stopped at a large oak double door and Seth turned to the girls, leaning in close, only two inches from the one the other had called Angel.

    "Here we are. Watch your step this is my lunar observatory!" Seth pushed the first girl, Angel, into the room, by placing a hand on the small of her back. Then he walked the other one in, her in front, him behind.

    "Well? What do you think?" Said Seth admiringly.
  11. As Hope was being half dragged down the stairs. she heard the creaking. She was scared. Then there was the shadows. Her heart started to race. she then seen the guy close to her sisters face. She gulped. She then bit her lower lip and then wondered. She soon. seen her sister pushed in. She was about to go all ninja on him. But still she cant get out.. Maybe she can outsmart the house. She jumped as she felt her pushed in too. She looked at her sister which they both locked hands as they looked around. She wouldn't speak. Not ever.. Be mute for ever..

    Angel looked at the guy in the eyes as he had leaned in she gulped, she then felt her touched she closed her eyes tightly. She didn't want to. She bi her lower lip. she then almost stumbled as she was brought in. as Her sister went to her she hugged her then held her hands. One of them has to speak... She said, " It's okay.." she sighed looking down then looking at Hope who was glaring oh.. the plan.She now.. wouldn't talk..
  12. "Ok?" Seth's eye lids shot up comically, black eye's shinning in the pale lamplight of the observatory. "Just Ok!?" He moved over towards the door with the speed of a cheetah, pulling a metal handle that was attached to the wall. In effect, wooden pannels slid back, exposing a large window over the tops of their heads. The roof was of a dome shape, so it gave the three a complete view of the sky and the bright, full moon that hung low in the sky.

    Seth walked over to where the two girls stood, their hands interlocked.

    "How about now? Isn't it beautiful?" His arms found their way around the waists of his young prisoners, although they were not in fact his prisoners rather houses, and he pulled them close. "Now, maybe we can talk about what you are really doing here?" His grip tightened, again he was being tempted by the sweet smell of blood that flowed inside their bodies.
  13. Hope and Angel both jumped and squealed as they heard a click. then Hope looked up seeing the night being revealed. It was an absolutely beautiful sight to see. She smiled softly and wondered. She didn't know what to do. She gulped and wondered. She shrugged.She bit her lower lip and looked over as she felt an arm around her, She gulped and wondered. Once again, she was really scared. She was nervous.

    Angel of course was jumpy, so she jumped as an arm was around her. She then looked at him ut then the grip tightened she frowned and then looked down and said, " I think it is.. " she sighed slightly but then her sister had butted it..

    Hope heard Angel and said, " It's amazing.. " she knew that this wasnt good. She looked down, biting her lip and then wondered. She then looked at the guy. Then her sister. Smiling. Biting her lower lip.
  14. Seth released the girls after hearing his observatory called amazing. It would do, although it wasn't entirely satisfying his need at the moment. After a long pause he turned to face them.

    "It seems to me that we are all three prisoners here."
    A glint of humor in his eye "I, unable to break this curse that infects my body, and you." His eyes traveled over their bodies "Two young, blossoming girls stuck in this cursed house, this dark death trap."

    Seth clasped his hands in front of his chest and again approached them, however this time he stopped with in arms length and extended a hand.

    "I am Seth, forget the formalities, but we should at least be on a first name basis? Don't you think?"

    It was indeed a strange move for the vampire. He hadn't totally forsaken the idea of sucking their blood, even if just a little, but at the same time he was a lonely man.
  15. Hope and Angel both watched him very closely. Even though they were witches they had to keep an eye on them.

    Angel thought, he is sexy. Weird thought but it was true. She scanned him up and down. she then seen his hand. She gasped. She backed and grasped her sister's hand but then looked up at Seth's eyes. " I don't recall me and myself blossoming.. since we shall not grow any taller. " She then looked at his hand again. Her soft and small hand was extended out. Grabbing his, " I am Angel" She smiled then looking down, Then shaking it before dropping her arm down and releasing the grip.

    Hope looked at them two bond. She shall say her name too. And as she heard the joke from her sister. She giggled and then bit her lower lip. She then grabbed his hand. " I'm Hope" She then smiled softly. Her hand was so smooth. She then looked at him then her sister she let go of his hand. " i think last names are just so stupid."
  16. "Angle and hope, how charming. Two things that are quite beautiful, both of which have been absent from my life for hundreds of years."

    "Last names...Almost a forgotten ritual, used only in absolute formalities.... "
    Seth trailed off, his eyes seeming to stare through where the girls stood.

    "There was a time, well before you two were born, when people addressed elders by only their last names. Mr. So and So and Mrs. So and So. Kids today, no respect."

    View attachment 10930 He was beginning to get hungry, and with every breath he took a his stomach churned like a broken windmill. He again what the hell two girls were doing in his house and if they couldn't leave, he might have to kill them both. He didn't want to, but given the choice of his life or theirs, the answer was very simple.

    "If you cannot leave, you must understand that I am a vampire. I need blood to live, and I will not hesitate to feed on you if you stay here."
    He realized that the house was dark and menacing and didn't want people to leave, he was not that evil. If they could be spared that would be best.
  17. Angel and Hope were both really confused. But then when he spoke more, " Hundreds?" Hope asked. Then looking at her sister. Biting her lower lip. But then turning back towards him.

    Angel had shrugged, not caring. But then said, " What do you mean by 'kids'?" She asked. Then she finally spoke, " Teens are very well some have respect others don't!" she exclaimed. Putting her hands on her hips and tilting her head sideways.

    The girls both in the same pose in front of the who thought to be young man. But wasn't.. Hope and Angel spoke at the very same time which was weird, " At least your not the only one hiding secrets." Before looking at each other weirdly.

    Hope had bit her lower lip she was starting to get nervous a vampire huh? Well ain't that peachy.. She sighed and ran to the door quickly and tried to open it but she couldn't. She sighed and said, " Damn this house and the owner" she had mumbled.

    Angel heard her sister she turned, acting like she wasn't afraid, ' This isn't a great way to end things.. " She walked to her. The two began whispering about how there was no way to escape from.. this place.
  18. View attachment 10939 Seth smiled, baring a set of vicious looking fangs. The way Angel explained to him about teens, and then the way she posed made him laugh. It also made him hungry, for some odd reason. His mind again wandered to their necks, and the soft flesh that covered the carotid artery, where the delicious blood was. He drooled a little, but wiped it away before the young girls noticed.

    He sat in a brown leather sofa across the room, never taking his eye's off them. His ears perked up when he heard them talk of secrets.

    "Secrets? What secrets could a couple highscool girls possibly have that would interest me?" He tapped a finder impatiently against the edge of the leather. He was curious, but mostly he wanted something, anything, to occupy his mind and take it off the two walking sacks of blood that were deliciously prancing around the dark house. His palms were sweaty and his vision slightly blurred.

    "You better tell me, or I might forget that I can't kill you and suck you dry!"
    He laughed, although it really wasn't a joke, but at the same time he couldn't kill them and risk exposure.
  19. The girls looked at him but they kept on talking. Whispering. But the guy spoke. They were scared ad mouth were shut, Hope of course being a chicken said, " fine! You don't need to threat us! " she exclaimed.. She sighed and then looked at her sister who glared.

    Angel glared at Hope as her sister spoken, she rolled her eyes and looked at the guy. " you know you drive me nuts" she sighed and then said, " well we're witches you know the whole rare blood and power ideal!" she smiled looking at him but the at her sister!

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  20. View attachment 11015 Seth felt queasy for a split second before regaining his composure and smiling again. It is said that once you turn, there is no worldly pain or sickness, and while this is true, it only applies to vampires that have had enough blood. Seth had not.

    "Witches? Well it seems this town holds more secrets than just a dark house with a Vampire living in it. I had you both pegged for brainless high school girls, maybe cheerleaders or worse."

    He shrugged, looking as if he could care less.

    "So you say you are both witches, well? Prove it!"

    He undid the buttons of his shirt down to just above his navel. His skin was pale, but his muscles well formed. He pulled the shirt open, taunting them.

    "If you are a witch, cast a spell on me!"

    If they really were Witches he wouldn't need worry about nosy parents or neighbors trying to find them. Witches were hated by humans almost as much as vampires. At the very least, he could get a small taste of the blood he had been smelling since they came to the house, without killing them.

    A malicious smile played at the corners of his mouth, his eyes alive with curiosity and fascination.

    "Prove it."