Don't Blame Me For What I Didn't Do

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  1. For the moment, it was dark and Michiko couldn't see anything. Her hands were cuffed and she was calm, that was until a swift kick to the face shook her out of her daze and the lights flickered back on.
    "Oy! You couldn't have woken me up in a much calmer way." Michiko said spitting blood out of her mouth onto the floor.
    "World Class Criminals like you don't get a sweet treatment sorry." Michiko's sister responded.
    Michiko's sister had an afro and wore sunglasses. Her trench coat outlining her body perfectly and she looked as though she was someone who could see right into the darkest crevices of your mind. Her name was Maria. And Maria was furious. She had spent the last two hours interrogating Michiko and getting no leads what so ever. It was nerve wracking.
    Michiko just made a grunting noise and looked in a different direction.
    "That's enough for the day, take her back to the cell." Maria said waving Michiko off.
    Michiko was sore and bruised from the brutal interrogation. Laws were different here, but today, she was escaping. She had a fool proof plan and it would be executed tonight when the guards with the big guns passed her cell.

    In the mean time, Michiko was allowed to watch T.V... it was a tape of the day she was arrested for her ex boyfriend's murder. She gritted her teeth at the memory, the bitter taste of blood from that day still haunted. Everyone knew she didn't do it. But her sister had been so damn sure that it hurt Michiko to prove her wrong, so she plead guilty even though she could have been found innocent. She waited in her cell for night fall before she would finally break out of her cage.
  2. The sky was beautiful that night, the starry sky looked from above, the sin of humans as they lived their lives, not wanting to care about anyone else than themselves. That thought made Bobby sad. Well, Bob or Bobby, it didn't mattered. After all, he had nobody to call him anything. He was lonely, in all his few years alive, he had never found that other person who gave him meaning, to have a purpose to live for. Bobby had been alone for almost all his life, and that wasn't easy, not economically, neither espiritually. But there he was, leaning on his old car, in a park near the police station. Looking at the stars, like if he could find an answer in them. But no, there was no answer for him, at least not in this city.

    Maybe one day I have enough courage to grab my things and leave my shitty job and grimy apartment, and just leave. Drive for as long as I can and when the car runs out of fuel... Then, there will be where my next life starts, thought him. But that was all in vain, deep inside of him he knew he wasn't going to do anything of that. Staring to the ground, Bobby took the keys of the car out of his pocket and looked at them. I think I better go home...
  3. Now that it was evening, Michiko elbowed the guard with the big guns in the face. She giggled with glee.
    "An AK47... man they really have beefed up security."
    It wasn't long before gun shots were fired and Michiko was running by cells with her new stolen AK. She could hear them chasing after her, but she knew her sister wasn't running. In fact, Maria was thinking there was no way she would escape. Michiko had tried escaping several times before and all of them had ended in failure. However, this time was different, at least from Michiko's point of view.
    Maria was watching from the monitors, "What's she doing? Oh shit."
    She realized what was happening and that was that her younger sister was escaping. There was no way of getting to her now at least not with where she was.

    Michiko's dark complexion glowed in the moonlight as she looked around for something to get into. Michiko spotted a man getting into his car and she instantly thought it was her lucky day.
    "Please give me a ride and hurry..." Though it hadn't really been a question Michiko had asked nicely with her gun in hand and police after her... but the police weren't visible, yet...
  4. Bobby gave a small leap as he was suddenly harassed by that imposing woman. But he got scared once he saw she had a weapon, and it was a big one. "Y... Yes. Yes." Muttered him, getting into the car, his hands starting to tremble. "P.. Please, don' hurt me... I... I." Stammered Bobby as he put the keys on the contact, for his surprise, at the first try, started the engine and hit the pedal, driving out of there, slightly more fast than he used to. Driving towards nowere, he looked at the woman, but didn't dared to look her too many neither. Who knows what could she do to him. "I... I don't have any money... Y.. You can keep the car... If you want... All yours... B... But please... Please don't hurt me..." Begged him. Well, that was a bad ending for his day.
  5. "Thanks for that," Michiko said, putting her feet up on the dash board, "I don't really want the car. I just wanted to get out of there. Look, I just need a place to live for a while and then I'll be out of your hair. Besides, I can always, " Michiko brought the man's face close to hers, "Do small favors."

    She let him go only to lean back further in the seat. If he didn't want give her a place to stay, she would probably be out of luck. Michiko listened for the sound of sirens and didn't hear any. It was strange but she definitely wasn't complaining. She had escaped and that had been the most important part.

    "I won't hurt you." Michiko said. She was completely serious, but it wasn't like he believed her. Besides, she was holding a very big gun. She wouldn't trust her either.
  6. Bobby kept driving, hearing to her words, and skipping a red light when she got all coquette with her. Once she had stated her demmands, he remained silent, thinking about accepting her to come to his appartment... Did I even thinking about it? Look at her! Weapon! Thought him, and in the process, he skipped another red light. He noticed that last one, and then he slowed down, taking a deep breath to calm himself down a little bit. But that weapon was making him nervous.

    "I..." He couldn't believed what he was about to say. "I have a p.. Place... Is... Is not far from here...." Muttered him. Maybe it was because of her obscene proposal, maybe because she was a brown Goddess of infinite curves and unimaginable pleasure... It wasn't sure, the thing was that Bobby, between stammers, managed to say those words and invite her to his place. Still, that gun made him uncomfortable. "I... D... Do you have... Have to keep that?" Said him, but trying not to keep to much eye contact with her.
  7. Michiko laughed. "It's empty!" She said shaking the gun, "I'm not going to keep it. Probably making you a bit nervous huh?"

    "When we get to your place I'm just going to hang it up. It represents something important to me. I have no thoughts of using it in case you're wondering. And it's not really my toy either." Michiko said with a smile.

    She seemed to be unaware of the fact that she had called a gun a toy. Perhaps she simply just didn't mind. She put her feet up on the dash board and searched around in her pockets for something. Eventually she pulled out something that would be useful for picking a lock like the one on her handcuffs.

    "Don't be such a stiff alright. As long as you're with me, you'll be safer than military assigned protection." She said to him not looking up at him still picking the lock of her handcuffs. She was going to need some new clothes. Perhaps she could rob a bank and do just that tomorrow.
  8. "Alright... Alright..." Muttered him, trying to calm down, but alsi trying to understand how could it be he just invited someone with a weapon to his place. THey got there pretty quick, and still trembling a little bit he parked the car next to the entrance of the appartment building he was living on. "A... It's here." Said Bobby as he turned the engine off. Then he got out of the car and made sure he closed it after the woman and the weapon were out of the car. "Over here." Muttered him looking at her for an instant and then looking to the ground as he lead her to his place. A couple of doors after they reached his place; a small and dusty place with a poor lighting andm, probably, rats. I... It's not a hotel room, but... Wel, it's all I have." Said Bobby.
  9. "It's perfect!" Michiko said, a smile playing on her face.

    After one year of being locked up in a prison, a broken down apartment room was like a luxury hotel in her eyes. She could leave and no one would chase after her with a gun in their hands. It was all just too perfect for words. Michiko stretched out and looked at the man.

    "Sorry, I suppose I should tell you my name. The name's Michiko Malandro... You've probably heard it, but then again probably not. If you've heard my name before, you'd know that there's absolutely nothing to worry about now that I'm here.
  10. Bobby looked at her and nodded. "I'm glad you liked it... And I'm Bob... Or Bobby... Well, any one of those two will do." Said him with a chuckle. Then he scratched his head. "I... Well, I think a never heard of you before... But hey, is nice to hear I no longer have to worry." Said him jokingly as he walked to the kitchen. "THe bedroom is over there, and the bathroom is there." Said him pointing her to those places. "W... Would you like something to drink? I don't have much... But I'm sure I can find a couple of beers." Offered him with a smile.
  11. A beer was just what Michiko needed. She smiled at Bobby, "If you can find a beer, that would be great."

    Michiko relaxed and placed the gun up on the wall. Now she was unarmed, but still in need of some different clothes. Plus she realized that she couldn't go out in public in these clothes. Someone would surely call the cops.

    "Hey bob, tomorrow can you go shopping for me. I need some new clothes... and I can't go out in public looking like this." Michiko said with a yawn, then suddenly she started stripping, not caring that he was there.

    "I'm going to take a shower, if you find a beer leave it somewhere for me to find and in the meantime, I'll wear your clothes to bed." She said as she walked away opening a few doors until she found the bathroom.
  12. Bob looked at her perfect body agape, how her unvelibeable skin hypnotized him, making him unable to say no to anything she may ask. "S... S... Sure...." Said him, still looking at her. In fact, he didn't stopped looking at her until she dissapeared inside the bathroom. With his mind clouded and his brains deep into the erect muscle between his pants, he grabbed a couple of beers and put them on a small table in fornt of the sofa. Trying to think straight, the only thing that came to his mind again and again was the small glimpse of Michiko body he had the chance to see. And that didn't helped him to get relaxed at all.
  13. Michiko was really happy to have had a shower. It was one of the first good showers she had had in years. There were not any girls there to stare her down as she cleaned herself and that was a luxury she had missed dearly. She let the warm water run down her back and she breathed deeply. The shower overall was rather brief, just in case her roommate wanted to use the bathroom. Michiko stepped out, hair and body wet. She started opening up doors to see which one was his.

    "Oi, which room is- nevermind, found it!" Michiko said cheerily as she went through his closet looking for something comfy to wear to bed.
  14. Bobby was starting to get his mind together again when Michiko appeared again, tossing to the floor all the order he had managed to put in his mind. Well, at least there was something that stood up high... Thought him as he crossed his legs and aimed at the door she seemed to be looking for. Taking a deep breath he tried to calm down his excitation and a little bit shaky he grabbed his beer ant took a sip. That was the most naked meat he had seen in... Well, his whole life.
  15. Michiko returned from his room wearing a giant t-shirt.

    She then looked at the beer and was nearly jumping for joy at the sight. She took a rather large sip and then took a deep breath before swallowing the rest. "That hit the spot." She said smiling. Michiko crushed the can and through it in the trash can from a distance. She smiled, obviously proud that she had made it from so far.

    "What's wrong with you, why are you sitting like that?" Michiko smiled playfully at him. It was a serious question, but one had to keep in mind that she had not seen a man in at least two years. So she was still trying to get used to being around one in the first place. Her hair was still wet and dripping onto the baggy t-shirt she was wearing.

    "Is there a store around here? I realized that I need to buy underwear and a pack of cigarettes." She asked him.
  16. "I... I... I..." Stammered Bobby. "I'm more comfortable like... This right now." Finally said him. He tryied to focus in another things that wasn't that beautiful wet skin dripping water, soaked iwht desire... His most primary instincts betrayed him again and he lost his ming in her eyes for a couple of seconds. "A... A shop? Oh yea! A shop! A shop... A shop..." Wondered him. "I don't think there is anything open... Well the gas station maybe... but there I don't think you can...." Then he realized why she had asked for underwear. She... Isn't... That thought only made him blush and fantasize with her body even more.
  17. "Well then we'll have to go tomorrow." Michiko said with a sigh, "I'll sleep without underwear then!"

    Michiko was suddenly cheery again and she looked back at Bobby. She smirked. His face was turning red.

    "Oi, you aren't thinking dirty thoughts are you Bobby?" Michiko said, a smile playing on her lips. She was beginning to realize that she had probably put this man into sexual frustration. She thought about her actions and she nearly laughed out loud. Michiko had tortured him without even knowing it. That was just something she had forgotten about after being around females for so long one didn't have to worry about changing in privacy.
  18. "N... N... No! Of course not... I... No, I do.. Don't..." Said him, blushing even more now that she had caught him. Still trying not to focus too much on the picture of Michiki sleeping naken on his bed he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Y... You can sleep... In my room. I don't mind staying here, in the sofa." Said Bobby crossing his legs even closer and opening his eyes.
  19. "I'm rude, but certainly not THAT rude. I'm sure there's room enough on the bed for both of us." Michiko said nonchalantly and smiling at him. Michiko wondered why Bobby was dealing with the discomfort. Or maybe he didn't mind suffocating his manhood. Either way, it was pretty humorous to watch and Michiko was thinking it would be easier to just let the world see, the world being her of course. Besides, it couldn't be that bad anyways.
  20. "Oh... I... W... I... S... I..." Bobby blushed a lot and stammered. "Yes... Well... I... I... Guess... I guess there... Ther is enough... Space... Mmmm... I gues..." Said him, giving up on fighting against his hardened muscle. "Well... I... I .... I.... I mean if... Well... If you don't mind... I... I mean... It's okay..." Said him, knowing that he was going nowhere talking like that. "I... I... I think I... I better shut up now..." Muttered him looking to the ceiling and taking a deep breath to calm himslef.