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  2. Ooh I'd love to do an Aoba/Mink or Aoba/Noiz pairing!

    Just get back to me whenever or I can pm you so that we can discuss
  3. PM me, maybe?
  4. I'd love to roleplay with you. However I'm not much of a fan of roleplaying animes or anything like that I'm more for the OC Kind of roleplay. Are you still willing? Pm me. I'm very fond of dark fantasy roleplays.
  5. I don't do OCs too much.. Unless listed, I don't want to work with OCs! Sorry!
  6. Still looking!

  7. [[ hello hello! I am not the most active fellow but I can at the least assure that I will reply weekly--most likely bi-daily aside from the weekends due to some restrictions. I type a few paragraphs per reply, generally, but due to said restrictions I will probably reply with less, and I'm looking for something more casual as far as post length and quality goes, so I am down for whatever in that department, not too picky at all! As far as the pairings you've listed above, I would love to do Sans/Grillby, however I will admit that I played Undertale back in September and never knew there was a big fandom until recently, that said, I may need a small debriefing of a few things here and there, and I'd love to know your expectations of me? Ah, yeah, that's all, though! So if you'd be willing to deal with my dead weight, I'd love to join you. Otherwise, no sweat, and good luck in your search! ]]
  8. Dude, I'm really slow at replying as well, so hey no worries! PM me and we can talk more! I'd be glad to do Sans/Grillby!
  9. Still looking!
  10. *sees the Zoro and Luffy pairing* OH MY GOOOOOD! Must. Have. Will. Die!
  11. PM me! I would die for some Zoro/Luffy!
  12. Still looking!

  13. Ohhhh man! I would love to do a Mettaton/Papyrus rp! If you'd be open to doing that, I'd probably love you forever.
  14. Yeah! Just PM me!
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