Don'cha just LOVE Customer Service?

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  1. Food Service, Retail, hospitality, Other Professions, if you're dealing with the general public on a day-to-day basis, here's your vent thread.

    Tell us about that jerk who put the change down on the counter instead of in your open hand like they were too good to risk touching your palm

    Keep a running tally of all the times that "it didn't scan - it must be free!"

    Regale us with the sheer idiocy

    Go ahead

    Let loose

    It's cathartic.
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  2. Do banks count? I'm gonna go ahead and say banks count in this case.

    So about two months ago, I went to go close my RESP because I knew I wasn't ever going to go to post-secondary and I could put that money to better use instead of just having it sit there (side note, moving is expensive af). To do this, I had to go talk to someone about closing it and transferring the money to my chequing account. Anyway, we go into the man's office and he starts talking to my friend, but then looks surprised when we both tell him that I'm the one the account belongs too. He does this several times throughout the meeting, even asking my friend the questions when it's clear my friend has no idea what to do or say, and always looks shocked when a) my friend redirects them to me and b) I answer the questions fine and ask several of my own.


    Because I was in my wheelchair and I've noticed that most people are very used to talking over people in chairs, especially if there's someone able-bodied with them. I'm pretty used to this to be honest (hell, even my parents do it) but there was just something about it this time that made it extra infuriating.
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  3. I work as a graveyard shift security guard in an office building downtown. Mostly this consists of sitting at a desk in the lobby, particularly after 5 AM when the building officially opens. I get roughly 100 people coming through the lobby each morning, almost all of them heading to their offices or going to do business of some kind with those people. I get a few random other types, but it's almost all well to do office workers and such. Once the building is open, my job is to sit there and just be present in case of a fire or some such, and also to greet people entering the building.

    The inane office small talk is slowly driving me insane.

    It feels like I'm living in a shitty office humor comic, the kind you see one lame desk calendars. Y'know, stuff that isn't good enough to get into newspapers, which says a lot considering the boring nonsense in there. Every Monday, without fail, I get at least a dozen people making an "ugh, I hate Mondays" type comment. Every Friday, without fail, I get at least a dozen people making comments like "thank god it's Friday." Every day it rains heavily, without fail, I get at least a dozen comments like "oh wow it's raining cats and dogs out there." Every day that the weather forecast says it'll be very hot, without fail, I get at least a dozen "it's gonna be a scorcher" level comments. Every morning after <insert one of the local sports team> has a game, without fail, I get at least a dozen people asking if I watched the game.

    If I ever disappear from Iwaku without any warning, there's a good chance that I snapped and killed someone after hearing "Mondays are the worst" for the billionth time.
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  4. "No, sir/miss/mrs., we aren't allowed to give plastic bags for free anymore."

    "No, sir/miss/mrs., that doesn't mean that you get [insert article] for free either."

    "No, sir/miss/mrs., that [insert article] wasn't free to begin with."

    "No, you won't get it for free either even if you beg, scream, or demand the manager for it."

    "In fact, even if I got the manager for you, you would hear the same story. Probably from me again, because she doesn't want to deal with you."

    "I don't have any influence over what other places do and what not, we aren't that place either."

    //mumbles something like a curse

    Just some standard sentences that I repeat everyday. Customer service feels like kindergarten, except the students are all half the age older than I'm. That, and I actually want them to run out crying, sometimes.

    Funny thing is, the more vocal a customer is, trying to get their way, the less they seem to understand the situation at all while claiming they do. Point proven when I had to explain what exceptions there were under the 'no free bags'-rule and why we didn't fit into that category of exceptions.

    Funniest complaint I got today from a customer: "I suppose we should exit the EU as well, then?"
  5. Oh boy >> I could go on FOR DAYS. But I'll just rant them as they happen rather then listing every little thing I have to deal with working at Mcd's in a ghetto where 60% of the people don't speak English well, but still for some stupid fucking reason have it in their brain to us the drive thru -_______- Luckily I was in kitchen today, so no customer interaction! Yay!
  6. There is something about the concept of paid parking that makes people stupid. Or just brings out the stupid in people. Or just makes stupid people more likely to open their goddamn mouths. The main contention between me (representing the hospital I work at) and the visitors is fucking paid parking. Every hospital in the city has paid parking. Yes, even though we're a 'nursing home,' we're still a goddamn hospital. Compared to the rest of the hospitals, our parking fees are a pittance. It's $1 an hour, to a max of $4 for the day. It's not a complicated thing, but by the way some people react to it, it's like you've asked them to do university level calculus or murder a puppy.

    "Miss, I got a parking ticket. *huff* I didn't know there was paid parking. This is unacceptable."

    There are signs literally everywhere telling you it's paid parking. The parking meter is in plain view. I don't buy this excuse -- try again.

    "I had a parking permit, but I left it at home/in my other car/my dog ate it."

    Not my problem.

    "I was just inside for five minutes. This is ludicrous."

    There's 15 minute pick-up/drop-off parking right in front of the building.

    "I didn't want to park there."


    "I refuse to pay. This is outrageous."

    You can park on the street. That's free parking.

    "I don't want to walk that far."

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    "I want a free parking pass."

    Are you a volunteer? Entertainer? Contractor? Staff who accidentally left their pass at home? No? No free parking for you.

    "I'm visiting my dying family member! I was just running in something! I'm going to the news! I know I didn't pay and got a parking ticket because of it, but surely the news will make this a huge story!"

    I mean, like, I really sympathize with the whole 'I'm going to visit my dying family member' thing. I understand that in these situations, no one is really thinking clearly. If it were up to me, you wouldn't have to pay for parking -- but it's not up to me. Don't yell at me. There is literally nothing I can do for you. Threatening me is not going to make me any more sympathetic to your plight.

    "I refuse to leave until I talk to someone about this. I need someone to waive this right here. I'm going to swear at you and get increasingly aggressive until I get what I want. I'm a big fat dog turd."

    Sure, I'll get you my superior, but she's just going to tell you the same damn thing that I did. We can't waive it here, because we don't even own the parking lot anymore, but no matter how many times this is repeated to you, you still think someone here can just make the fine go away. Thank you very much, big aggressive middle aged man who is twice my size, for getting right up in my face about something that you had complete control over. That's real swell of you. If you don't stop, I'm going to call the fucking police.

  7. I had a trainee job as a receptionist a little while back (isn't there anymore) and I got some that were just annoying -_-' Either cause they came up so much or because it was one person doing it all the time. Almost glad being away from there just cause of that, but on the other hand, now I get no moneyz D:

    "Does it cost that much per night? That's very expensive." - Lots of people

    Yes, living at a hotel is expensive. It's not an apartment meant to be lived in for years, it's a comfortable place to rest for a few nights while you travel. We do lower our prizes if you're staying for a month or longer, but even then it's expensive as fuck compared to an apartment.

    "Could we lower the prize to xxx for one night?" - Lots of people

    Half the people asks that, and no, we can't. If you're not gonna stay for a month, we won't lower the prize. We have bills to pay and we are one of the cheapest hotels in the city, so deal with it.

    "How can you not have windows on the rooms? It's not even possible to breath in there." - 1 guest who complained for a whole week during a month long stay living there on the states money.

    We don't have windows because the rooms are in the middle of a freaking building, non which has any walls facing to the outside. Do you really want a window that stares out to another door inside a building? Considering everyone else have been able to survive our horrible windowless rooms without complaints, I think you can make it.

    "We're gonna call the police and the social if we don't get a room with a window." - Husband to the person complaining about the window

    Okay... Go to the police then. It's not like we have done any crime. If you say your child can't breath and is getting sick because of our rooms, a problem no other child have had before in this hotel to our knowledge, YOU need to talk to the social and ask THEM to put you somewhere else. We can't give you a room we don't fucking have! For most normal people, there is no problem staying in those rooms for days, weeks, months or even years, as many families, children and single people have done. If it's not an environment your child can take, that's not on us, that's on you and the social to take care of. WHICH WE'VE EXPLAINED NOW FOR THE FIFTYELEVENTH TIME! It's summer for fucks sake, sleep at the bench outside if it bothers you so much when you're living here for free while the state pays for you. (Seriously though, I had sympathy for them for around two days cause their baby got sick, but when they never did anything about it even though we told them who they should contact about it, THEY STILL DIDN'T DO ANYTHING and just continued complaining to us... What was we supposed to do? We could have thrown them out and that's about it. No more windowless rooms if they're not living here.)

    And the classic "I want to talk to your boss."

    It did not matter what it was about, sometimes they came in with CVs cause they needed a job, which is an understandable reason why they'd want to talk to him, and other times they came in and wanted to talk to the boss cause... They wanted to book a room? Yeeeaaah... What do you think he hired me for? Just sitting here looking good all day? Sure I can do that, but while I do that, I can also take your booking. But no, sometimes they needed to talk with the boss about it cause they needed to ask about the hotel, not even thinking to ask me whatever it was they wanted to ask first to see if I knew about it. I would have understood it if they were people who knew my boss and knew that I was new at the job, but they didn't even know that he rarely was there during the day nor did they know his name so obviously they weren't familiar with the hotel. (He works at other places during day time, so no one living there meets him during those hours which they generally understands if they have been there for a few days.) Seriously, ask me first and if I don't know I can tell you 'You know what, I'll just call my boss about it and ask.' Why does everyone believe the boss will be at the workplace anyways? Usually when I went to look for work I noticed fast that the boss only were there during certain days and usually went around to other places checking on other stores. Stop being surprised by the boss not working at that specific location whenever you need him.

    "I just want to stay until this evening."

    Sorry sir, but I am not allowed to let anyone stay only over the day. You can only book the room if you are going to have it over the night. (We have these rules cause people have come just to have sex and then left which my boss doesn't like.) "But I will still pay for the night even if I don't stay that long." Sorry, but my boss don't want that. "He doesn't need to know." .... We have security cameras that are checked regularly. My Co-Workers would probably tell. I hate lying. It's against the rules. And most important, I AM THE ONE WHO WILL GET INTO TROUBLE IF THEY GET TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Not you, I! I'm not gonna let you in when I could get fired for bending a rule I know exists for a reason! Gosh!

    There were the ones I remembered the most. Hopefully I can get a new job soon where I will get lots of time to rage at idiots in my head. :D
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  8. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
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  9. You actually have no idea hows brain numbing it is to say as it to hear.

    Like, no joke, computer help desks are a nine to five Poe's Law.
  10. In my case it's tech support for satellite TV stuff... so yeah, a lot of repeating the same thing when I was on the phone.
  11. To be fair, even if an error message shows clear cut instructions (or refers to a manual with 'em) a lotta people still call the help desk instead of following said instructions. You have to assume everyone is a useless numbskull, because of those (not so) few.

    At the very least, I hope they didn't ask you to call back after it was rebooted ;p Some customer service desks have target call durations, whether the problem is fixed or not.
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  12. I think my school custom service is a piece of shit to be honest with everyone. They've spelt my name wrong on multiple occassions, made me change my entire paperwork an hour before it was time for closing, got mad at me because as a disable student I get priority registration (oh more paperwork bohoo), and they tried to remove my registration date so I don't get any classes and loose the money I earn every school year. My sister gets off the hook though.
  13. The most annoying thing in the world, well one of them is when something doesn't scan a customer says. "Oh I guess it's free then," yes because that gets funnier the thousandth time I heard it.
  14. Them: 'Can you not have water on right now?'
    Me: 'It's water day.'
    Them: 'Yeah, but my kids will have to play in tap water? Do you know how many chemicals is in tap water?! I'm calling the health department!'

    I'm just sitting there like:

  15. Oh I have toooons of stories from work being a hostess at a popular restaurant in my town...

    Let me tell y'all being a yes man gets old fast when you CAN'T swear at asshole customers. I've had everything like a guy and his girlfriend walked out because I told him breakfast all day excludes pancakes, waffles and french toast. ( We server breakfast, lunch and dinner and it is a health food violation if we don't stop stop serving them at 5 minutes to 4pm.) to Native asshat groups of 10 - 17 people expecting to be Priority when the DIDN'T do a reservation. I HATE THE IGNORANCE OF ASSHOLES!!!!!!
  16. I'm a busser. I wear a black shirt and the waitresses wear white shirts with black aprons and are running around taking orders and standing by the counter, while the bussers stand off to the side. I don't have a note pad or a pen and clearly am not a waitress. But I'll go up to tables to set them up (my job entails giving people silver ware, cleaning dirty tables, giving people extra menus (we only leave one on each table, it's a seat-yourself place), bringing up stock and cleaning up at the end of the day), and they'll start to rattle off their order as I'm saying hello. I mean, it's just rude in the first place, but I am not a waitress.

    And people will ask me questions about the food and I'm just.. "Does it say we have it on the menu?" "No." "Then we don't have it."

    "Can I substitute the pancakes in this meal for waffles?" "Does it say you can have waffles with it?" "No." "Then you can't. You have to order a side."

    We also have a refill limit on coffee. We ignore this rule for almost everybody, because if you want a third refill that's fine, we aren't going to bother adding it onto your check/the waitress hasn't noticed a busser has refilled your coffee. But there are people (regulars) that sit around ALL DAY and sometimes don't even order anything, and just keep drinking coffee. So the bussers just ignore them and the waitresses (who run the place and are annoyed that this asshole is taking up a table somebody else could be sitting at and ordering food at) will add all the extra refills onto their check... And then the customer freaks out wondering why they've got $20 worth of coffee on their check.

    People will look at me while I'm bussing tables and demand that I take their order because their waitress hasn't gotten to them. Usually it's either REALLY SUPER BUSY and the person in question was the sixth person in a long line to walk in and sit down, or they've moved their fucking seat. It's a seat yourself, but people will literally sit down in one section, that waitress will prepare water for them, and then they'll get up and move somewhere else. And so their new waitress hasn't noticed they have a customer and they get upset that it took so long...

    "is that the bathroom?" "Well, it says bathroom.."

    People whose toddlers and infants chuck scrambled eggs and toast all over the goddamn floor.

    People who spill syrup on their table and I have to clean up the giant puddle.

    People who let their kids stomp all over the booths with their dirty ass shoes.

    People who sneeze all over the counter.

    "Can I get change for a 1? I need parking quart--" "No, we don't make change for nonpaying customers." "But it's just four quarters, I just need to fill the parking meter." "Sorry, but we don't make change for nonpaying customers, you can go to the gas station or something across the street." "But they don't make change either!" Not our problem...

    "Can I get a bag for my take out?" "That'll be 10 cents." "What? It's just a bag." "It's the law."

    "We are also serving lunch right now, would you like a lunch menu to look at?" "Uh.. are you still serving breakfast?" Noooo, I gave you a breakfast menu just because.


    "Hi I clogged the toilet."

    "Do you have hash today?" "No." "Oh.. well can you ask them to make some hash?" "No."

    "It's too cold in here, can you turn off the AC?" "No, the kitchen is about ninety degrees right now." "Oh, but it's really really cold." "No, we can't turn off the AC."

    People who ask for extra napkins and are only satisfied when you give them a stack of like, 20 napkins that they aren't going to use.


    People who fucking let their child run wild in the restaurant, or whose kids just start SCREAMING and they just sit there and keep eating their meal.

    "Hi, my table is dirty..." You sat down at a table that hasn't been cleaned. The sign at the front says "please sit at a cleaned table only". It's pretty obvious that it's dirty, there are plenty of other clean tables...

    Or people who hover around the table you're cleaning because they don't want anybody else to get the table. This is acceptable when it's busy, but when it's not, I either tell people to back off, or I take my time cleaning it.

    People who are talking on their phone while the waitress takes their order.

    We don't let groups of five+ sit at certain booths because there just isn't space. Some waitresses will let you pull a table and chair up to the booth, but in certain spaces it just creates a massive traffic jam and the waitress can't get by, the food doesn't fit on the table, etc. But people will sit here and complain and give you nasty looks when you tell them otherwise. And it's always my job to deal with it, because we let people seat themselves instead of having a hostess. "Unfortunately the tables over here can't seat five people, we'll have to move you over there and push two tables together..." "We can't sit here? We fit--look, we fit just fine." "Yes, but the plates can't all fit on the table and it makes it difficult for the waitress to serve you." "But we really wanted to sit here... *exchanging looks*" "We'll push these tables together." "But there's so much space between the seats." "Not my problem."

    "My chair is rickety." Uh, talk to the owners? I'm not going to build you a new chair.

    I'm so glad I'm leaving this job in a month to get a job on campus doing even more customer service.. This time, college student style.
  17. oooooh man. Reading that title gave me PTSD flashbacks to when i worked at Walmart as a cashier. *claps hands together*

    So it was like any other day. A scruffy lanky dude walks up and unloads his card. I did my greeting and he huffed a hello back. Alright, attitude but i still kept a smile on my face and talked to him like i am supposed to as i checked him out.Towards the end he hands me 3 walmart gift cards $25, $25, $50 and he said it was to cover it all and hurry up.

    Okay one, i am the fastest, efficient checker and bagger so excuse your mouth. I do not appriciate your attitude but i said okay and finished up. I did what you were supposed to and told him how much was left after the cards were used. With quite the attitude but he didnt pick up on it thank god....

    He blew up and started to scream at me.
    "there was supposed to be enough to cover it all!"
    "My sick wife is in the car and waited long enough"
    He calls his wife as im trying to explain to him whats going on.
    I printed out the recepit that shows how much was on the cards...
    "F*** walmart. We didnt touch the cards. it should be 25 25 and 50. You did something wrong. Now i have to go get my sick wife. This is Bulls***"

    I was on the verge of tears as this man left in a pissy storm to get his wife. The customer behind him was pissed at him and was apologizing for the mans actions. I print out his receipt and call a csm to take him.
    I dont what was of him after that but frag man.... I never cried so hard while i just kept working.

    Didnt help that i was robbed twice while working there..
    Safe to say im done working for them for awhile.
  18. People that pump their gas, dont pay attention causing gas to overflow. Then come inside and complain that the pumps messed up.

    "Realllly sir? Three gallons of gas poured onto the ground and you didn't try at all to I don't know lower the lever to shut it off?"

    The only ones that get off on this are the ones that spill like six drops, and still tell us about it.
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