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What will you donate to see Gibs RP?

Poll closed Apr 10, 2013.
  1. $5

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  2. $10

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  3. $20

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  4. $50

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  5. First born to be eaten by Diana (must be 3 or younger)

    4 vote(s)
  6. My favorite things. (Silver white winters that melt into spring must be verified first)

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  7. Something totally awesome. (Post below why its awesome and why Gibs would want it)

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. How much is it worth to see one of Iwaku's most creative minds RP once more. Gibs has been on hiatus from role playing for far too long, and it is in the mind of the assembled that he should participate in Grumpy's London Vampire game. He needs some encouragement though, so that's there you come in.

    Iwaku what are you willing to donate?
  2. If gibs RPs, I will completely rewrite How the grinch stole christmas, framing asmo as the grinch and giving it an Iwaku spin.

    Technically I've already done this and it was supposed to show for the Radio show last month. SO INSTEAD I'LL USE IT FOR THIS and post it on the site as an independent piece of awesome.
  3. This poll is silly! Everyone knows Gibs is just going to take the prizes and run!
  4. Not if I hold the prizes until the game concludes naturally.
  5. I would bring guns and we would shoot them all especially the glorious Mosin Nagant and feel the pure power that is manliness rush through us as vodka began to spring up from the earth as if it was oil. Without knowing where they came from we would be wearing flags as capes and fighting the proletariat scum with bayonets affixed to pierce our enemies and them unload 7.62x54r into their chest so we can gain their power. We would be all that is man as the vodka turned to vapor and we became drunk from it all and continued to fight off hordes of undead.

    Guns are fun.
  6. Scat, Pan is the vodka drinker, not Gibs. You'd be getting drunk with Isabellas!
  7. It isn't a matter of whether or not you want to be drunk. You are getting drunk even if it is against your will, Ocha. I'm not even a big drinker.
  8. I fixed the poll.
  9. Abuse of admin powers! ABUSE!
  10. The point is Moot. Gibs isn't good enough to RP and he knows it so he never will.
  11. How much is he paying you to do this?
  12. I'd rather he waste time playing video games with me and Peter instead. Sorry guyz.
  13. You assume I can be bought. I am very disspoint Ocha.

  14. I would suggest something that Gibs would actually want, which is...

    I dunno. Swords and shit?
  15. I will forge with mine own hands a weapon to slay all pumpkins.
  16. ...something totally awesome... like... um... like... a CSI kit with lab coat? -shrugs-
  17. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  18. Lol khat haz gibzes?
  19. I'd give Octo's right chesticle, to see Gibs partake in rp.