Donation Drive!: For A Professional Mobile Suite App!

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Many, many, many members seem to be using mobile devices like their phones and ipads to access Iwaku and have requested a style/app to make their browsing easier. We have a mobile style now, but it IS a little buggy and no where near as user friendly as people would like.

We can get a -professional- mobile suite with our vbulletin! This will cost a total of $325!

And as much as the Sider household likes to spoil you members, we can't afford to dish that out right now. XD

So, we are currently running a donation drive to raise the money for our new Mobile Suite! Even if you can only give a dollar, every donation adds up!

You can donate a set amount through the Paid Subscriptions, using paypal or whatever. 8D AND it'll give you a shiny donators name for a month. OR you can use the Paypal button on the sidebar, located on the main page if you wanna remain secret. I can also take donations by mail. Just send me a PM and I'll give you our address.

Finally: Even if you can't give money to Iwaku - you can always give your time and content. 8D Post topics! Roleplay! Have fun. You activity makes Iwaku a more awesome place to be.
....I prefer using the non mobile site on my phone, but then againm im resistant to any form of change...
Well, obviously, members won't be FORCED to use a mobile style if they dun want/need to. XD We're trying to make sure there's still options to allow switching back and forth.
Yes! That takes care of the system and fancy tools I need.'s still might cost me 90 bucks a year to make it available in App Stores, but I might be able to find a way around that if we're lucky. ><
A bunch of nothing! t__t

But not unexpected. XD We're a community of teens and broke college people!
presently in between jobs! but i may be able to wrangle some cash once the new job kicks in in a month or so
I will pledge $100. I get paid this coming Friday, but I will be out of town so I might not get it in until the following Monday.
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