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  1. So...if I were to donate, is it possible to do so without having my name displayed in green with the "Donating Member" ribbon?
  2. @Diana is the only one who can really answer this, I think. She handles the donator ribbon things.
  3. EDIT: I found this on the page you access scrolling down to the goal bar on the forum main page:

    *** Note! This goal tally does NOT reflect donations made through Account Upgrades. Donations made through this portal will also not automatically list you as a donator. You will have to contact Diana to have that done manually if you would like the Upgrade perks.

    There you go! No name and no banner if you go there. Let me know if you need me to point you to where to find that!
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  4. Well, just to put this to rest-- yes, it automatically adds the ribbon to your name, even from that link. ._.
  5. You can always contact Diana and tell her that you don't want the upgrades nor the ribbon. She should be able to take them away without problem.
  6. Eh, I wanted the upgrades, just not the ribbon. It's not a big deal or anything-- I'm just afraid of looking pretentious. Or something. ._.

    I'll deal. Thanks, though.
  7. Well, you can always message Diana and ask her if she can just take away the ribbon but keep the upgrades. In worst case, it's not possible, and in best case, it is.

    No one (or at least few) will think you're pretentious or anything like that though. Everyone that donates gets one, and most people are just happy that there are people willing to donate so that iwaku can continue to exist and develop.
  8. Hm, she must have updated that at some point. I'm so sorry! Maybe someone should update that page so it doesn't say that on it anymore >_>"
  9. Someone got something backwards somewhere. O_O

    If donating through Account Upgrades: YES. It automatically adds you to the donators group.

    If donating through the Donation Counter: NO. It won't add you to the group. You have to send me a PM! (Or NOT send if you wanna donate anonymously!)
  10. The goal bar is the Donation Counter, isn't it? XD
  11. Correct!
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  12. To be fair, there is nothing pretentious about donating to a community that you enjoy, spend time with, and want to support!

    It's what you DO with the ribbon that determines whether or not you're pretentious! If you act as if you would without it, and humbly accept thanks if/when people thank you for it (thank you for donating, by the way!), then you're fine ^^

    It's only when you start getting snooty about being a donator that it comes off badly ^^ don't worry about it! Thanks again for donating!
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  13. I have to repeat what others have said.
    I fail to see how giving your own personal money to help something you care about could be seen as snooty.
  14. I don't see any problem with donating, nor see it as pretentious. I don't even care about the ribbon or whatever. Its about keeping a community afloat and ensuring it will be around to enjoy for months and years to come.
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