Donating Plasma: Have You Ever?

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Have you ever donated plasma?

  1. Yes: It was a good experience.

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  2. Yes: It was a bad experience.

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  3. Yes: It was alright.

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  4. No, but I have thought about it.

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  5. No, and I'm not particularly interested.

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  1. A friend recently asked me if I would like to go with her to donate plasma. I know you get paid for it (which is a nice incentive given what I am about to say, haha), but I have also heard that it can be relatively painful. I am the type of person who gives blood every time that I am eligible, so I am used to that process. Plasma donation, on the other hand, I have no experience with.

    So, have you ever donated plasma? If so, can you describe your experience?
    If not, have you ever considered it? Will you ever consider it?

    Here's a bit of info for you, if you're interested in learning about it. I've read a lot about it, but I want to hear some first-hand experiences! Thanks! :)
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  2. Well I didn't get paid for it, I was just doing it for good karma. It wasn't painful per se, but it was odd. They take out your blood put it through a centrifuge and return the red blood cells with some saline (or something to make up the volume lost from the plasma taken). It was the return of the blood that was where things got weird. There was a sting when it started to pump back in, like the pressure made needle jump but it continued since it was forcing the liquid back into you. Also the returning fluid was colder than I was so I got chilled, but cold from the inside out. My lips were cold, but from the inside and there was something like an ice cream-headache going on in my skull. They usually have blankets and stuff but that is of limited help. I recall a sour taste in my mouth too. I did it a few times so it obviously wasn't unbearable and it is so helpful that it was worth it to me.

    Hope that is of some help to you.
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  3. Well, this is news to me.

    I'd happily do it, but health problems and medication kind of all but ensure that's a no go.

    The Covenant, however, are all about donating their plasma to all of humanity. They're swell like that.
  4. Where's the "No, I never thought about/considered it before" option?
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  5. already have. it was fine.
  6. You don't get one.
  7. Now that you have found out about it, you can either select one of the other "No" options that now apply, or go donate right away and select one of the "Yes" options.
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  8. Quite a few times I'd wished I could donate plasma. Blood, too. I don't have a fear of needles because I'm used to them stabbing me. (My veins are spindly. All phlebotomists have to fail at least twice before they can successfully draw from me. It humors me.) I also just think the process is super cool. I'd be enthused about them taking my plasma. I dunno, I'm weird.

    Buuuuut... I always got rejected for one reason or another. That's fine, though. I didn't want to share my people juice anyway. >:[
  9. The only Canadian location that site shows is in Manitoba D8 so it looks like this British columbian won't be able to anytime soon

    I will continue (attempting) to donate blood though!
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  10. Never heard of it.
  11. Not myself, but I had a friend who did it before. He said it "burned cold", but was otherwise fine. Maybe he's just a special case.
  12. I have a few times in my past, not recently though. It wasn't too bad. *shrugs*
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