Donate for Iwaku's "Christmas Present"!

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Isabella and I are saving up monies to get Iwaku's special Christmas Present at the end of December! It's going to be a really fun little toy that people can play with when they're waiting for roleplay posts. A few snoopy people might have even heard me cackling about it here and there. >:3

Since a few people have mentioned that they only want to donate if they know their money is going to something really special, this is your opportunity to be an Iwaku Benefactor! The Present is going to cost a good 100+ bucks (we don't know what the final price is going to be by the end December. t__t), so everyone that donates now until the day we make the purchase will be praised for their contribution in the Iwaku blog. <3

If you can't afford to make monetary contributions to Iwaku, remember that there is no better thing you can do than ROLEPLAY FOREVER! :D So get to posting.

Did you want a HINT of what the present might be? Well here is a vague and horribly done clue.
Well seeing as I can't do much recently in writing I might as well donate. I'll see what I can do for the Iwaku.
Hate to double post but the Pirogeth now has given the Iwaku 5$.
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