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  1. guessing no takers
  2. I'm gonna make a CS soon, I've just gotta get an idea for it o-o
  3. There! Done! o-o Decided to go future punk for this one...
  4. didn't think this would go, its why dom's elsewhere but hey ho lets do this
  5. XD I'm glad did some "lost and found" digging in the jump in roleplay section *is excited for this*
  6. your just following me really lol
  7. I'm not! *hides all the stalker evidence* XD
  8. You gonna post a response? (You don't have to :P no pressure)
  9. I will do but Im not every minute usally once a day or its on in the background at work
  10. Hey york not feeling right today and busy tomororrow but ill post up soon as if thats ok
  11. Sure, I don't mind o-o
  12. Thanks. my heads just not with it at the mo and i have got a lot of info to put in the next post and i want to do it right.
  13. Riu, because how the story works are your other people, made from the book or were they real people once.
  14. They were real people once I just had dem in a book to protect dem XD
  15. Hmm, so that book is kinda like your own personal pocket dimension thing? o.o
  16. cool, well we might them all out when we jump limbo, so this will be intresting???? if you have any more hidden chacters get them ready... this will be fun XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.