Domen and Zalia Private RP.

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It was a rainy day in the city, and Pandora scurried about under her light pink umbrella running errands.
She had permed her hair to make it wavy, and it fell down her back. Black hair with face framing bangs, brown skin, green eyes and she always wore pink, and a flower in her hair.
It was going to be her brothers birthday in not too long, and she had no idea what to get him.
She stopped under a street light, looking for a guy walking around so she could ask him what to get. She was a complete girly girl and had no idea what guys liked, especially since she had only just met her brother.
I walked forwaord playing with the fire in my palm. I saw someone out the window and quickly put the fire out. I hadnt let anyone see my ability in a long time. I didnt plan on doing it anytime soon either. I looked outside and tried finding my car out of all of them. I saw it and put on my coat then quickly ran to it. I couldnt unlock it then realized i went to the wrong one. I saw mine and ran to it. I got in and started the car. I waited for it to warm up then left for my job. I first picked up Tony then we went. He owns the diner and i jsut work there. We got there and went inside. I quickly got started.
(please RP in third person, using He-she-it-they-him-her-them-or names, also past tense. It's easier.)
(We also need to establish a connection between our OCs, so we can talk with each other and not just by ourselves, to ourselves. So, I'm going to make one of my OCs a worker in the diner.)
Pandora continued to flit down the street, thinking that her friend at the diner maybe could help her out.
Noel was the substitute at his bosses diner. He was tall, nearly six foot five, but a sweet server and had been working loyally and without problems for nearly two years. When they got there in the morning he had already started opening, and was freezing the water for ice, and was putting the dishes away out of the dishwasher-something that was the closer's job, but it never happened. He smiled and waved at the two when they entered. "Almost done opening, fellas." he nodded dutifully.He didn't really talk more than he needed to, but the consumers really liked him-especially the ladies.
(Oh OK sorry)

Scarny- looked up and gave a slight wave to the other workers as she prepared for the morning rush. She wasn't having a good morning so she wasn't in a good mood. She kinda wished her best friend would cheer her up. She didn't count on it though so she just pull all her stuff in her pouches and put it on. She was fumbling with the straps and couldn't get it so she just dropped it and walked to the back of the diner and sat down. Liam sighed but kept cleaning tables and setting them up. He wandered what was going on. He just kept working though. Not wanting to inter fear and get hit.
"Good morning Scarny." Nöel offered her. She'd been working alongside him for nearly an hour, and hadn't said 'hi.'
"Is everything okay?" He asked pushing the glasses into the cupboard. "It's not me, is it?" Nöel asked a bit put dwn by her avoidence.
She looked up at him and gave a weak smile "Its not you just having a rough time. My dad died last night and i wasn't there. They said he kept asking for me." She managed to weakly say. She was about to burst into tears. She avoided it though she didn't want to cry in front of everyone. She had to be strong for her dad
Nöel's eyes widened when she dropped the news on him- he was expecting something worlds less serious like loosing a ring or having a bad hair day. He didn't know her too well, so he didn't know what to say to help. 'Oh-' and walking away sounded uncaring. "Um, very sorry that had to happen to you...would you wanna go out for frozen yogurt after work?" He asked. "Cold sweets are like an ice pack for hurt feelings..."
He came up with that on the spot. He didn't know if she had other family to cater to or a boyfriend who wuldn't wan him to treat her- but not trying to help cheer her up would keep him awake at night.
Pandora looked inside the glass diner window. The 'closed' sign was still facing her, but no where did it say when the place opened.
She knocked on the door lightly for answers.
She looked at him and gave a weak smile. "Sure" She looked over at the door and went to it. She opened it. "Yes, may i help you." She questioned. Wandering why this person was knocking on the door. LIam poked his head around the corner to see what was going on. HE saw the person a the door and was about to give his employs a stern talking to for letting people in ten minutes before they opened.
"Sorry." Nöel apologized, even though he didn't do anything. Pandora was made to wait outside in the cold rain, though luckily there was at least a shallow overhang. She rested head on the outside wall exasperated a bit- she really wanted to talk to Nöel.
Nöel blushed a bit, upset that he indirectly got everyone in trouble.
"The next time Liam comes out of his office I'll ask him if we can have our lunches together.
When aother 10 or so minutes passed, Nöel opened the door for Pandora, and she gave him a quick hug, only coming up to hips.
"How's it going?" She asked sweetly, freezing to the touch.
"Eh, its going alright.." he smiled kindy. "Whats-"
"I dunno what to get Daa for his birthday, it's driving me bonkers-"
"Daa told artemis who told me he wants an ebow."
"An ebow!"
"Though, that's what she'll getting him."
"...oh..." she sat, saddened. "Menu, please."
"Oh, you're eating?"
"Might as well." She sighed. Nöel got her one, andwent back to prep the kitchen.
While looking through the menu, she looked up to Scarny. She pulled a pink square of paper from her purse and quickly folded up an origami flower. She stood and set it on the counter or her. "I hope you feel better, hon" she gave her a hopeful smile, and sat back down at the table.
Scarny- gave a smile thankful for the flour. She quickly came over and pulled out her pad and pencil. "What would you like?" She asked smiling. It was a fake smile but it was good enough.

Liam- walked out of the back room and hung up a sign that read 'Help Wanted' he looked around then headed in the kitchen. Know about his sisters ability when he couldn't get the stove to work he kept trying then watched Scarny waiting for her to finish ordering.

A small dog padded to the door and looked in. He wanted in to get some food.
At first look Pandora didn't see a menu.
"Um- uh-" she looked around and saw it at teh end of teh table. The took it quickly and opened it pointing to the first picture that looked realtively okay- not having any time to look. "This breakfast please." he asked.
"Morning Liam." Noel nodded. "Can Scarny and me have our brakes at the same time? She's having a bad day and I wanna get her ice cream." he asked. He hoped he'd say yes, he was a very hard worker and he never asked for anything.
Liam- looked at the bored then erased and rewrote some things than nodded. "G ahead i can cover then thats after the rush hour."
Scarny wrote it down and looked back up. "What would you like to drink." She said ready to write it down.
"Thanks man, I owe ya one." Noel waved over the counter at Pandora who beamed and waved back energetically.
"Please, a strawberry smoothie." She nodded.
"On it." Noel said from over the counter, hearing her order. He pulled fresh fruits from the fridge, and plopped the best looking berries into the blender with milk and ice cream. "Th-thank you ma'am." Pandora nodded. "I need to speak quickly with Noel- do you know when he's gonna be free to answer a quick question?" she asked her.
Scarny she shook her head and put her pad away. "ill go ask him to come out for you." She walked into the kitchen and nodded towards the girl. "She wants to talk to you." She quickly enveloped herself in her work. Liam nodded and walked out side to look around. He was trying to get customers to come in the restaurant. He started handing out fliers and people started piling inside.
Nöel nodded and left, then quickly made his way back. "Heh, she's so adorable." He told Scarny, then got to work also.
Pandara gently tugged the sleeve of Liam and gave him a smile. "Hey I was kinda looking for a job. Was it just waiting tables and taking orders or-" she notced that he didn't wear a nametag, and she had no idea what him name was to call him by anything official while inquiring. "I could being back a resume...if need be. How old do you need to be?" She asked.