Domain of the Delphi

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    • Tartarus has held monsters, Gods, and Titans. Throughout all five ages, the Pit has been used as a prison and a jailer for them all. But we all know evil lies at the bottom. Things that the Gods still fear. Now something is rising from the depths of the Pit, and it is stirring every monster into a frenzy. The minotaur chases after anyone that goes out of camp, the Gorgon sisters can be heard shrieking in the night, and skeletons and zombies are almost always attacking the camp borders. The Gods are quiet on Olympus and won't speak the name of their foe. Darkness is rising will—Olympus still shine bright in the night?

      We are a beginner, intermediate, and advanced RP with a word count minimum of 200 words. Don't confuse our newness with inactivity—we're just getting started!

      Characters currently allowed are demigods, deminymphs, and pure nymphs (nature spirits). Come to camp. We hope to see you there in the near future...[/align]