INTEREST CHECK Dollhouse or other RP?



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Has anyone seen Dollhouse, the TV show? I'm thinking of starting and RP on it... If not, I'm open to OneXOne and Romance RPs...Any ideas would be welcome!!!
Whedon! Oh yeah. What kind were you thinking?
Yes, Whedon! (I've noticed, he does a lot of TV shows centered around a kick-ass girl)

At this point, I don't know. I suppose it would fall in Sci-Fi, what with the magic chair :)
Probably. We should probably have a couple more people though because we'll need Dolls, Agents, a Topher character(love him), etc
Topher is freaking awesome!!!! And I was surprised by how well Alan Tudyk (Wash, in Serenity, another one of Whedon's TV shows) played the crazy role...

I agree, we would definitely need more people.
Alan should have been the Joker instead of Heath Ledger. Also, Summer. Fucking. Glau.
Definetly true. Alan can do creepy VERY well, which makes it kind of weird to see him in other movies...did you see him in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil? FREAKIN' AWESOME. I never thought of Alan as a hillbilly....
I didn't. I probably should. Have you seen him in A Knight's Tale?
YOU MUST. Straight up Wash, so it's hilarious!