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  1. ~Welcome to Pinefeild~

    Pinefeild in a sense, is a very normal city, with normal people who seem to have everything,
    and then the families that seem to be underneath all of them are quite normal in deed. Some live so
    ordinary lives they find it boring, others just try to cover their horrible ones up so they don't
    face public shame. But even a perfect city has secrets.

    Now all families in this town have secrets, and I mean, all. Some secrets are bigger than other.
    Our story surrounds the families who's lives seem the greatest, which only means their
    secrets are the biggest. Everyone envies these families and their lives.
    And then there is the others, the ones who are so far down on
    the social scale they would love to trade lives,
    and those who are so normal they disappear in the background. Who will you be?​
    :~:Rich Families:~:
    The Rich Families all have a secret! When you reserve a character,
    I will PM you personally to tell you the secret.

    The Vinters are the definition of perfect. The father is a handsome business man, the mother a hardworking
    and beautiful housewife. They have a strait A older daughter, and a younger brother who is already on the varsity football team.

    Daughter-Taken by @IceQueen
    Brother-Reserved for @Shattered♦Secrets™

    A high class family, built from two business persons working together. They have an older and younger brother, with a
    middle daughter. The kids aren't seen too much aside from at school. The eldest son seems to be seen the most.

    Older Brother-Claimed by @Shattered♦Secrets™
    Middle Daughter-Claimed by @Little_Ghost98
    Younger Brother-OPEN

    A strict Pastor family, religiously Christian. They have one daughter who hasn't been seen recently, and
    a male who isn't seen much either.

    Daughter-Taken by @XWhySoSeriousX
    Son-Taken by @Little_Ghost98

    More like a middle class family, but still considered wealthy due to their connections to others.
    They have one daughter, who is entering high school and is really shy. The parents are only barely over 25.


    :~:Low Class:~:

    A verbally abusive father on the verge of becoming physically abusive, and a mother that works round the
    clock to put food on the table. Two adopted daughters and one son live here
    Older Twin Sister-Taken by @IceQueen
    Younger Twin Sister-OPEN
    Oldest brother-OPEN

    A shamed family because of their gay parents, their best friend is fostering their child, with
    two already adopted kids.
    Father 1-OPEN
    Father 2-OPEN
    Adopted Son-OPEN
    Adopted Daughter-OPEN
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