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romance, horror
haneul was taken from her family at a young age, and forced into this... system. She was to wear the same thing every day, a blue dress. It was doll-like, just as the rest of her was. She was taught from several people that run the system, how to act, and obey her future master. She didn't listen at times, out of sheer rebellion, but still she's stuck in the facility she's been in since she turned 5.

Now she's reached the age where her master/owner comes to pick her out.

When her master comes to pick her up and bring her home, he/she/they tell her of the rules once they reach home.

1. (they) are her master, she is to call (them) that.
2. haneul is not to leave or do anything without permission, otherwise punishments will be served.
(Punishments can serve as anything, be it sexual, physical, gore, emotional, etc.)
3. haneul is a dolly, she must obey like one.

Breaking any of the rules, results in punishment for haneul.

Her master owns her! (they) can play games with her! And if she loses, any sort of punishment can be in store, (an example of this could be, they play hide and seek. if she loses, she has to hurt herself, stuff like this, be creative!)

Any requests, or changes, please let me know!

|| i got this idea from a story i had read, and i really wanted to see how it played out! ||
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