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  1. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=#00ffff][BCOLOR=#00ffff]SIGN UP[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    Breaking News!

    Have you ever wanted you own human sized doll? Look no further, here at Doll House we are able to create such fictional ideas and bring them to life into our modern era. Dolls are now open for public uses and are not specific for military purposes. By having a personal doll you are capable of reaping the benefits of having your very own protectors, friend, and assist us with our quickly expanding research on artificial life. As the handlers of these magnificent dolls you will be able to choose from three classifications: Our mighty and strong Alphas, the gentle and submissive Omega, or our rarest Betas. Doll Houses will be set up around the world, so keep an eye out for our facilities in your countries. Our main purpose is to relieve the stresses on human society and insure the development of research that will create a brighter future.

    Dr. Nina Faye
    Head of Doll House{/td}
    Plot (open)
    Welcome to Doll House, were we strive to make the perfect soldier to meet your every need. If you are choosing to be a Handler, you can chose from a variety of country based classes to use for your own personal protection, dueling, as well as help Doll House research artificial life. Further your doll’s training by aiding Doll House against the Rogue who strive to bring an end to our facility. If you chose to be a doll, you may chose a country of origin and be placed in any of our three mighty classifications: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Your goal will be to serve your handler and Doll house, but don’t let them take you for granted or you could turn dangerous.

    Rules (open)
    1. All rules put forth by Iwaku will be applied and enforced.
    2. No godmodding
    3. We are allowed to curse, but please do not personally attack someones religion or personal sexual orientation.
    4. All sexual orientations are welcomed to take a role.
    5. Put the name of your favorite Hetalia character upon requesting a role as proof that you read the rules.
    6. Please attempt to stay within the category that your character is in.
    7. Sexual themes are allowed, but please fade to black.
    8. You will be given 3 warning before you get kicked out.
    9. Not fading to black will result in automatic banned from the RP.
    10. A minimum of 1 paragraph and a maximum of 4 paragraphs.
    11. If you are going to be gone for a long time let me know so that I can pass on the role.
    12. Please be conscious of your grammar, it does not need to be perfect. But don't destroy every paragraph.
    . I reserve the right to change, delete, or add anything in this RP.
    . Lydia Blake is partner in this RP and has the same powers as I do.

    • I will be implementing time changes (Day, Afternoon, Night), meant for all RPers. I will give a 5 minute warning before I do so.
    • News Reports on social events available

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  2. Nina lifted a small hand held recorder to her lips, she slowly made her way around the laboratory. The cooled colors of the walls and the soft tapping of her shoes on the linoleum, gave the room a chilled almost distant feeling. Unlike the warm birth rooms of human babies, this room would be the place where the dolls will be "born".

    She pushed the record button and spoke as she made her way towards some of the inactive dolls.

    Date: 11/10/14
    Time: 23:00
    Location: Doll House Head Quarters, Doll Laboratory.

    This is Dr. Nina Faye speaking, I am currently checking the vitals for two of the dolls. Both are in prime conditions, both body mass and internal functions have equalized. Bodies epidermis' are clean with zero signs of infection. Dolls code names Italy and Canada are ready for activation. I will be placing notifications of these available dolls up on the Handlers lists. I have set up the sanitary area in the laboratory according to code. This is where I will allow the dolls to full boot up once active. With that I will begin the process.

    I have imputed the activation code, and the process has started. All vital signs are cleared, both dolls have stabilized. Activation for dolls code names Italy and Canada is complete. I will now allow both dolls to boot up properly, this completes this record. Closing Dr. Nina Faye....

    Time: 00:00{/td}
    Nina tucked the recorder into her lab coat pocket, and made her way towards the exit. She picked up some files on her way out, leaving the two now active dolls to boot up and become aware on their own. She impute the introduction code into a pad by the door and allowed a introduction video to play for the dolls, she then closed the laboratory door behind her.
  3. It took some time, but the first signs of life showed in the one named Canada.

    Canada as the limbs slowly lift and move, a hand moves to it's eyes rubbing them childishly.

    Canada suddenly has a terrified expression as the doll realizes that they haven't a clue as to where they are.

    Cowering slightly the doll says in a barely audible voice "Hello?"
  4. I could feel myself come to consciousness, but my eyes still felt so body felt so heavy and it was so cold. I could feel the beginning sensation of movement throughout my body, first my fingers began to flex following by my arms. Slowly I curled them around myself. Slowly my eyes began to open and through unfocused eyes I could see there was someone else in the room with me. I could hear a whispered breath of 'Hello' that surely came from the other that was in the room.

    Italy felt curiosity at the frightened looking one.

    "Hello..." I responded back to the blond across from him and waited for a response.
  5. Canada, still clumsy with movement turns and looks around hearing the new voice he sits up taller "Who's there?" He calls softly. He hoped that whomever he was speaking to was friendly and not mean, he held hopes that they could be friends.
  6. Blinking furiously in hopes of focusing his eyes, the doll wobbles a bit as he mimics the blond and tries to sit up to look at the frightened blond. "I think my name is Italy... do you remember yours?" Italy looked around and saw no one else that looked like them. "I think we're the only ones here..." Italy gave the other doll a warm wide smile. Italy tries to stand up but with legs still not used to movement he quickly flopped to the floor.
  7. Canada gives a soft smile "I'm Canada, it's a pleasure to meet you Italy."

    Canada blinked again, he confused as to why everything appeared fuzzy and unfocused but he shrugged it off not wanting to seem rude by asking Italy if everything seemed fuzzy. Plus, Canada felt like little things that wasn't that important, what was important was that life was easy and friendly.
  8. "Ouch!" Italy rubbed his backside and tried again to stand up on his wobbly legs trying to keep his balance. He looked over to the doll next to him and smiled again. He tried taking more steps trying to get used to being up and walking. Looking around he didn't see much to look at except a door. Directing his attention again to the doll next to him he tilted his head.
    "Do you know what we're supposed to do? Should we go explore....umm... I'm sorry but what is your name?"
    Suddenly his stomach made a loud grumbling sound and Italy patted his belly a bit looking quite alarmed.
  9. Seeing Italy fall and hurting himself hurt Canada, the mention of exploration seemed fun actually but his thoughts were cut short when asked what his name was, figuring that the other hadn't heard him the first time he says in a happy yet soft tone "I'm Canada."

    Little did the Canadian doll know, this was just the start of others forgetting he was there.
  10. Italy made his way to the door and jumped back a bit when the door opened on its own. Poking his head out and looking around he saw an empty hallway and opportunity to leave the room to explore. "Shall we go see what we can find Canada? I think I can smell something yummy if we go that way." Italy pointed to the right and waited for the other doll to join him. Italy was very much intrigued by the new smell that he had found and it made his stomach lurch even louder. "Come on let's go see what we can find...ummm do you know why we're here?"
  11. Italy walked cautiously through the corridors, following the tantalizing smell in the air. Looking around he came to a large room and hurried inside hoping to find something new and fun. "Come on Canada, there's more things over here.!"
  12. Nina leaned back, sinking into the cushy arm chair. Her eyes settling on one of the many monitors, she watched as subjects Italy and Canada began to make their own ventures. She was pleased to see that these two subjects were able to stabilize with the current environment. These dolls were moving, speaking, and functioning in the manner the research team had predicted.

    She stood up, pushing the chair back. "I think it's about time we activate another doll."

    Nina made her way to the door, before her was a hallway full of staff and other researchers. She made her way over to one of other white coats.

    "Doctor, please set up a team in the activation room. I have concluded that the first two dolls were a success. Be sure to keep check on their vitals before activating any of the dolls. We are a code green, lets start waking them up." she said to the Doctor sounding every bit like the head of the doll house. The Doctor simply nodded and began to shout out orders to some of the other white coats in the area. As the Doctor began to make his way towards the activation laboratory. Nina reached out and grabbed his arm, " And do so gently, they cost us a lot of money and must be handled with care. Understood?". The Doctor responded with a meek yes, and left with a whole team of white coats.

    Nina began to walk her way towards the training room when something caught her eye, well more like someone. She stopped in front of a open door, looking in she spotted Doll code name Italy, he looked lost and confused. She was about to enter into the room when her wrist began to beep loudly, stopping her at the doorway. A blue screen popped up from her wrist.

    Dr. Faye, we have an update from the Activation Laboratory. After checking all its vitals and functions. Doll code name: Japan is being activated. The doll will soon be fully functional and we will be sending him out and about when we have verified he is completely capable and stabled. We will give you any updates on any important issues.............

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  13. Waking up was a bit slow, but once his eyes opened fully, Japan could see that he had come to in a strange room. The atmosphere was quite...chilly. Everything from the paint on the walls to the organization of the space made this place almost seem like it wasn't meant for much human presence. Which led the doll to wonder somewhat as to his reason for being there.

    After glancing around the area for a bit, he tried to sit up to get a better idea of where he was. As he rose slowly to a sitting position, he noted that his frame was a bit stiff, particularly in his lower back. It felt as if he had been stationary for quite some time. The still shaky movements of his arms as he attempted to reposition himself seemed to agree with this particular assessment, as if they were moving for the first time.

    ...Although, this actually was the first time that he could currently remember moving. Hmm...

    Placing that thought aside for the moment, the doll flexed his fingers and moved his arms a bit, getting used to the feeling before attempting to stand. One hand on his previous resting place for support, he took a moment to figure out the best way to balance himself before letting go to take a few steps. Satisfied, he began to walk around the room.
  14. Nina was about to once again walk into the room where she now took notice that dolls code names Italy and Canada were in there. But once again her wrist beeped and a blue screen appeared.

    Incoming from Activation Laboratory. All standard procedures have been followed for the successful activation.
    Dolls code name: Romano and Hungry are being processed and activated. There were no complications, now waiting for full activation, to take note of reactions. We will be release them soon into the facilities upon full activation Dr. Faye. That is all to report, currently....


    Leah warched as the screen closed. "They are activating them rather quickly." She opened up one of the notebooks she was carrying and took notes on the activation times and results.
  15. Waking up he slowly opened his eyes but Romano's sight was fuzzy causing him to blink his eyes a few times.He wasn't sure why but he felt like he had been asleep for a long time.He managed to slowly reach his right hand up to cover his mouth then he yawned a little.Afterwards he shut his eyes and began gently rubbing them.The movements of his arm and hand were stiff so he began moving his arms and hands around.After a few moments his sight cleared and he sat up then turned his head to the left to look around.The movement of his neck was stiff as well,"What is this place and how did I get?"He curiously thought out loud.

    He began trying to remember when he was caught off guard by the growling of his stomach.He blushed for a few seconds then grabbed his stomach,"I'll figure that out later.Right now I need to get some food."He says.He stands up only to nearly end up face planting on the floor.Thankfully he only landed on his hands and knees,"Ow.Damn that hurt."He says complaining.After Romano rubbed knees he carefully stands back up and slowly takes a few unsteady steps.
  16. Hungary'so eyes snapped open the universe invaded of them staring out In a frightened expression. "He-hello where am I," she said her shaking voice slowly harcening as she stood up straight amd narrowed her eyes.she moved her leg slowly and it resisted not quite responding to her brain so instead she surveyed her enviroment it was hard for her though she could not feel the tempreture and for some reason she had no past experiences to draw on. She squinted and saw a male she sighed and walked towards him her head held high "Excuse me where am I? And Please let me out now? ," she talked quickly her lips pressed into a line her hair was repeatedly twirled in her finger as she spoke and when she spoke she spoke with authority
  17. Italy looked around the room and was excited to see delicious smelling food all around. A large table had been set up with plates and cutlery followed by a plethora of options.
    "Oh wow evening angels so good! .... but this smell it's not these here. ..."
    Italy continued to follow a particular smell that was far more alluring than the rest. Coming to the middle of the table he found the source of the mouth watering smell and slowly read the label.
    Italy took a platefull and took a small bite.
    "DIO MIO!!! This pasta is the best thing ever! !"
    Italy seemed to dance with joy at his new discovery and continues to indulge .
    • "Why are there so many more plates? I wonder if there are more of us around here. .." Italy began to pace around through corridors and doorways looking for any signs of future friends.
  18. Nina, observed as the doll Italy began to eat undisturbed by her presence. She carefully continued to take notice from afar, she took notes on his behavior, amount of food intake (which she found be quit a bit, even for a newly awaken doll). When she was done with her observation she began to make her way towards the training room once more. The room was rather large, with sections of the room catering for the training for each specific class. Towards the front of the building there were a rows of tables and chairs. To the right the tables were labeled Alphas, the left tables were labeled Omega, and in the center between the two were the tables labeled Beta.

    Upon entering the room Nina went to the front of all the rows of tables, she stood at a white desk and shifted through her papers. She prepared for the training orientation for the dolls. She then clicked on the device on her wrist, sending out a file that would be shown on all the screens through out the building.

  19. The moment Romano heard a voice he froze realizing someone else was in the room.The first thing he wondered was who it was and if they would try to attack him.He slowly turned to look behind him and to his surprise he saw a female approaching.He nearly blushes upon seeing her,"I'm not sure where we are...but don't worry I'll get us out of here.It'll be a piece of cake for someone like me."He says acting brave.While in the back of his mind he was worried about making himself look stupid in front of her.

    He smiles at the female,"I'm Romano by the way.What's your name?"He says proudly pointing to himself with his right thumb.Just when he thought he was looking cool his stomach loudly growled causing him to blush.Thankfully a message came up on the screen in the room grabbing his attention.He reads it,"Hm?Doll House?Eh...whatever."He says shrugging.Then he turns his attention back to the female,"Now we know where we are...well kind of.This Dr. Faye should be able to tell us more.We should go eat first though.Come on."He says and walks up to the door.It automatically opens surprising him and he looks out into the hall.
  20. "I'm Hungary and seriously aren't you a little bit self absorbed aren't you," she said rubbing his head and talking to him like you would a dog she then flashed him a smile and strode past him into the eating hall smirking she quickly saw a plethora of food her mouth widened into a grin and she took a china plate loading food onto it she was drawn to the healthy stews and casseroles and turned her nose down at anything else. After she was done she looked at the table and surveyed the figure at it she slid next to him and gestured to Romano to join her "Um hello I'm Hungary and this is Romano are you Dr.fay," she asked
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