Dogs Poo Northwards!

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  1. That's right folks. It's not just lame roleplay characters who instinctively know which way is north.

    Use this in roleplays, my friends.
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  2. Now my want of a dog has intensified as if it wasn't bad enough already. thanks for sharing that.
  3. Lol xD good advice indeed. I don't need a map then. To bad I got no dog in my RP's .. Could've been useful.:)
  4. Therefore dogs poo south. ;D
  5. I thought lame roleplay characters instinctively know which direction the nearest interesting character in the game is.

    Goes to show.
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  6. I will use this for my role-play! My characters are lost!!
  7. Great. Now that our dog finally has some amount of usefulness, we're less likely to kill and eat him during a time of starvation when the apocalypse arrives. Only slightly less likely, anyway...
  8. YOU poo south! >:[
  9. Indeed I do. Indeed. *strokes woman beard*
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  10. Woman bread? o_o
  11. That's what auto correct does. :|
  12. *takes all the woman bread and locks it in his pantry*

    Mwha! >8]
  13. I am disappointed by the lack of replies to my fecal revelations.
  14. There's lack of replies because it's old news on the internet.
  15. -__-

    *stops posting in General too*
  16. @Kura You learn something every day!
  17. No, dogs poo @Dawn

    Haha, get it?
  18. Everybody poops, sometimes shit is useful.
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