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  1. In the year 2037 medical teams around the country began researching a new gene modifying drug that once introduced into the body would be able to isolate and modify genetic sequences, and by extension enhance a person’s body to combat all illnesses. Soon after this ‘miracle drug’ was announced the military stepped in and confiscated all research and data related to the drug. They had hoped to engineer their own version of the drug that could be given to soldiers; they wanted the drug to focus solely on enhancing the body physique. They hoped that by doing this they could create their own super soldier, which would be able to outperform any and all enemy forces. But when the medical trials began they found that not only was the drug ineffective in most cases the cost needed to synthesize the drug was exceedingly expensive.

    With the budget blown to hell and a success rate of less than 5% the project was eventually shelved and all personnel rotated to new assignments. As the years ticked by word of the miracle drug eventually faded into memory before being forgotten completely. In 2043 however a new PMC company known as Colossus made their big debut in a private weapons convention where they announced their new weapon the “Dogs of War” a super soldier prototype designed by the company’s own research teams. Although they are still an incomplete version of what the military had originally wanted the results were more than enough to turn heads. It wasn’t long before the company skyrocketed to the top making rivals along the way.

    Years later Colombia is in shambles, President Moreno is accused of rigging the presidency campaign after the poll results were televised relieving a margin too close to be considered coincidence. Rioters took to the streets demanding the Moreno step down from office, when he refused all hell broke loose. Soon after military leaders begin to stand against the President leading to an all-out war between the President and his own people; split in two the country is unable to stop the growing crime rate. Drug Lords begin to invade the country’s rural areas. The U.S. watches in horror as the country and former ally is torn apart from the inside out. With their own forces spread thin the U.S. petitions the UN to send forces to re-establish peace in Columbia, when their forces arrive they are overwhelmed by rioters and cartel, within weeks they were driven out of the country. With no other options the UN begrudgingly drafts a contract with Colossus to restore order in Colombia.

    Tasked with assassinating the Colombian President Colossus troops are to infiltrate the country through the border of Panama. From there they are to make their way to Quibdo where they will meet up with a local guerilla group. In exchange for safe passage to Salento Colossus has agreed to supply the guerillas with state of the art fire arms and an additional two millions in funds. From there the group is to make the rest of the trek on their own until they reach the Capital of Bogotá avoiding both the Cartels and the Colombian Military in the process.<O:p></O:p>