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  1. Hello fellow community members! As you can probably guess I am new to this site, but not new to the world of roleplaying. I have been going on and off roleplaying for a couple years and was on hiatus due to the combination of college and work. Fortunately, I graduated with a BSW and now have to time to continue one of my favourite hobbies. Can't wait to meet everyone and go on amazing adventures with you guys!! ​
  2. Well hi there and welcome to the site, Kincade! ^o^
  3. Whalecome furriend
  4. Hi, Kincade, and welcome to Iwaku! <3
  5. Thank you, everyone!! I'm excited to be here.
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  6. Hi there and welcome to the site!
    I'm going to assume that BSW is a Bachelors of Sarcastic Warmongering (but it's probably social work, I guess?).

    We're happy to have you and all your creative energies romping about and I hope that you find lots of fun roleplays here!
    If you find pesky problems instead, or can't find anything at all, take a look at the Help Desk first (especially the nifty FAQ). If you need more/different help, the staff are also easy to locate with our shiny red names.

    Happy exploring!
  7. WELCOME TO IWAKU!!! ♥♥♥​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.